Bieito Romero Interview

January 14, 2002
Fernando Neira
La Voz de Galicia

An absolut protagonist of the "celtic world" in A Coruña, Bieito Romero is one of the most important bagpipe players of the galician music. At the front of Luar na Lubre, he has became a bestseller at Spain and he became popular the galician bagpipe at the folk festivals around the world. The day his future changed was 14th September, 1992, when he received a call that asked him to play in presence of the british musician Mike Oldfield. On monday 14th January, 2001, he answered to the questions of the visitors at

Aren't you fed up with the fact that everybody conect you with Mike Oldfield?

I'm very grateful to Mike Oldfield for all that he has made for me. I have a quite good relationship with him. I think that this kind of ralationships arre called "chemical". I will never be fed up with being conected wiht him, because as the proverb says "de ben nacidos é ser agradecidos" [sic] (well born people must be grateful).

In an interview that I heard on the radio you didn't seem very confortable talking about Mike Oldfield? Is a posible new concert / album together very far?

As I've said before, I never fell unconfortable talking about Mike Oldfield. The problem is how the interviewer makes the interview, that many times it makes you feel unconfortable, but never because of Oldfield. About the concert-album, it isn't very far...

Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield