Guitars Review - Canberra Times

August 26, 1999
David Sibley
Canberra Times (Australia)

The reclusive and legendary composer of Tubular Bells has long been regarded by his fans as an absolute freak when it comes to playing all manner of instruments. Anyone who has listened and loved his incredibly layered and perfectly engineered compositions over the past 30 years knows that Oldfield leaves many modern musicians for dead in terms of sheer virtuosity technical skill, not only on the fretboard but the mixing desk as well.
This CD is what you call "extreme minimalist" in terms of information on the genesis of each track but what you do know is that Oldfield played every guitar, and produced and engineered every track.

Even the drum-like sounds are guitar samples because this is a celebration of Oldfield's unique composition and playing skills. The tonal colour is unmistakable, from the layering of sounds, the almost Celtic wailing and shrieking of riffs, the softer, folk-like melodies and the catchy rhythmic beat.

There's no need for words - just let this guitar god play. Its weakness is that it is not really accessible for people other than Mike Oldfield fans.

Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield