Oldfield To Turn Heads Again

July 10, 1998


LONDON (CNN) -- Almost a quarter century after the release of the ground-breaking "Tubular Bells" album, Mike Oldfield is to premiere "Tubular Bells III" at a concert in London's Horse Guards Parade on September 3 and 4, before an expected crowd of 7,000. Oldfield will also perform excerpts from "Tubular Bells I & II", "Ommadawn", "Voyager" and "Songs Of Distant Earth".

Among the 12 accompanying musicians are expected to be several who played at the "Tubular Bells II" premiere at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. The original "Tubular Bells," released in 1973, spent more than five years on the U.K. chart, and was instrumental in building Richard Branson's Virgin empire. A follow-up, "Tubular Bells II", was released in 1992, and enjoyed more modest success, spending a mere six months on the chart.

Mike Oldfield Tubular.net
Mike Oldfield Tubular.net