Mike Oldfield guides Music Power through Guitars...

July 12, 1999

Music Power, Evening Mail

Mike Oldfield plays a rare show at Birmingham NEC on July 14, showcasing his new album Guitars as well as other material from his career.

He guides Music Power through Guitars...

'Muse' - "A simple track played on two guitars that has an almost Elizabethan

'Cochise' - "This track is loosely based on the first two bars of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love ."

'Embers' - "The first track recorded for the album, using a custom made classical Spanish guitar. The instrument is one of my most treasured possessions."

'Summit Day' - "Inspired by John Krakauer's best-seller Into Thin Air which dealt with a climbing tragedy on Mount Everest. I wrote the song as a tribute and attempted to put the emotion of the final push to the summit into music."

'Out of Sight' - "A jazz, rocky riff marks an upturn in tempo for the album."

'B. Blues' - "A homage to the legendary B B King."

'Four Winds' - "Four individual pieces of music in one, named after the four winds with the music taking their characteristics."

'Enigmatism' - "I played my guitar through a synth without a delay, using a midi converter, allowing me to produce a mysterious, spooky sound."

'Out Of Mind' - "The penultimate track was borne out of my love of rock'n'roll. With the Rolling Stones' sound as a base, I set about recreating my own version of their style."

'From the Ashes' - "A reprise of Embers but with an added Celtic ending."

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