Mike Oldfield: I think that I've got bored with Tubular Bells

May 20, 1999

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The musician said that he's preparing an album about "the last two thousand years of music and the human being", and 70% of it is already made.

Mike Oldfield presented yesterday his new work, "Guitars", in which he shows the guitar evolution throughtout the History. The musician said, in reference to his projects, that he's preparing an album about "the last two thousand years and the human being", and he confessed that he is already "bored with Tubular Bells".

Mike Oldfield also commented that during their next European tour, which starts in 18th of june in Budapest, he'll play the themes "Embers" and "Summit Day" from the new album "Guitars", a good part from "Tubular Bells III", which "sounds very well live", a selection from "Songs from Distant Earth" and "Ommadawn", as well as new versions of "Family Man" and "Moonlight Shadow".

In the Spanish branch of his european tour, Oldfield willperform in San Sebastian (July, 1th), Valencia (2th), Murcia (3th), Ubeda (4th), Barcelona (6th), Palma de Mallorca (7th), Madrid (8th), Salamanca (9th), Santander (10th) and La Coruña (31th). All the concerts with "Luar Na Lubre" as support group.

"Guitars", which will be released next monday, is "simply a break that I've taken from computers. I needed to go back to basics and to simplicity, something that for me is represented in the guitar, which is the instrument I express my sentiments better with, and I wanted to use it as a singer do it with his/her voice. I sing very bad".

An album called "Millenium".

"It has been" - he added - "an easy album. But I needed to do something of this kind, to premiere it during the tour, and continuing with a project I'm into about the last two thousand years of music and the human being".

Oldfield, who since his "Tubular Bells" saw the light of the day in 1973 has sold 40 million records around the world, revealed that a new work, that could well be called "Millenium" "is already done in a 70%".

"It's a journey" - he said - "by the History, that starts with Christ, continues with the Incas, Excalibur and the King Arthur, the discovery of America, the slavity, classic romantic music, the II World War, the space travels, and finishes with the new millenium bells. In it there will be a clear mixture of styles, with a 50 musicians orchestra, pianos, african music, rap, all kind of things. Even some words from Churchill and from Ana Frank's diary".

Oldfield, who wore a t-shirt with Picasso's Quijote - he said that "I look for Picasso's work wherever I go" - considered himself a not very normal musician. "I can't compose over a pentagram; for me music is like something organic, that comes from the inside of me. When I compose it's like if I'd do a deep meditation".

"Your way of seeing music changes with the years. I do not try to make the best anymore, but to enjoy what I do, and to improvise the composing" commented a Mike Olfield that says that if he had to take only three things to a desert island (hmm, have you heard this anywhere alse? :) ) he'd take his guitar, the "Concierto de Aranjuez" from Joaquin Rodrigo and the "5th Symphony" of Sibelius.

The British musician, lover of all Spanish things - "here the guitar was born" - and with a house in Ibiza - "that I don't want to sell anymore" (so he didn't find any buyer? ;) )-, assures that with "Tubular Bells III" (1998) he put an end to the saga initiated 25 years ago (well, 26 next Tuesday :) ) with the first "Tubular Bells", the main theme of which were included in the film "The Exorcist" (they just couldn't pass the opportunity to say this :) ). "I think that the only bells that I will hear from now will be the ones heard when I'll die".

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