Symphony of Wood and Stone

September 19, 1996

Gala #39

The dream of a man: a home for harmony and notes. In addition the sun and the sea at the coast of Ibiza. Here's the place the famous pop musician Mike Oldfield wants to live and compose.

The Oldfield-touch: much wood, round edges and a breath of ancient world.

The fisherman of Ibiza believe that they can hear the sound of sirens and that there's a magical green light is shining up the depth of the ocean on full moon nights. According the legend, that's the place where Odysseus resisted the death bringing sirens...

Mike Oldfield is partial to these sirens - finally the leisure of all musicians - Mike Oldfield believes in myths because his architect found a valuable antique amphore with a century-old coin in it, while he was diving on the seabed infront of his new house in Ibiza.

Mike Oldfield didn't take care about pubs and party-people, while he was searching for this wonderful place at the south-west coast on the Balearen island. He wants to live a pleasent and relaxed life. He's well-off, after his successful album 'Tubular Bells' in 1973 and hit singles like 'Moonlight Shadow' and 'Shadow On The Wall'. Because of this success, today he's able to begin a new section of his life with sunshine and without any pressure of work just with his 43 years.

For him it was easy to say good bye to his previous life in England and Malibu, because of the climate with much sun and the romantic bays of Ibiza. Mike says: "The weather in England is just terrible and I was also disapointed about South-California. The pacific is so cold that nobody goes swimming there." Now he has found a place for his home, which is directely located at an ocean, where it's possible to go swimming a long summer time.

The new house, in its typical style of the island, was planed by himself using the computer. During the two years of building up, he was able to walk virtual through his house. Also the swimming pool with the pool for the children was created on the screen and his youngest son Noah Daniel helped him to complete this project.

Before the wishful thinking took shape, it was necessary to prepare the steep slope near Es Cubells. An expenditure which was worth the trouble. No neighbours in sight, a fantastic sight to the ocean and his private beach.

Driving along the street, it's almost impossible to see the house, because the house fits perfect in the surroundings of the island. Inside the house, Mike paid attention, that no sharp edges spoil the harmonic impression. All edges of the house, the windows, the furnitures and niches were rounded. A house of fine arts, imaginative like his songs.

Moreover Mike paid attention, that he used materials which are at least one hundred years old. The huge beams came from an Italien wine vault and the wooden doors are from a monastery in Spain.

Mike already lives here with his 26 year old girlfriend Miriam from Munich, but at the moment he's unable to compose, because most parts of his studio are still at his old house near London. His sister Sally Oldfield still used this studio to finish her new album. After a few weeks if the studio is ready, which will be built in stone, the rest of his old studio will be shipped from London to Ibiza.

At the moment he's not sure if he shall sell his old property in England and move to Ibiza forever. But to live forever in the cold drizzle rain of England, that's not the passion of a "voyager" like Mike Oldfield. He wants to see the ocean.

Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield