Promotional blurb for 'Hibernaculum'


WEA Music Germany

After his WEA debut and mega success with 'Tubular Bells II' Mike Oldfield dives in completely new spheres. For the new album 'The Songs Of Distant Earth' he set the novel with the same name by science fiction cult writer Arthur C. Clarke ('2001 - A Space Odyssey') to music. Mike Oldfield composed, arranged and played the whole album not only completely himself, he also concerned the visual shaping.

'Hibernaculum' is the first foretaste to an album on which Mike Oldfield is presenting his musical ideas in a completely new context: "Here I am reaching totally new levels. I wanted to make a record which all generations like, up to the kids in the clubs." So 'Hibernaculum' includes on the one hand the elements that make Mike Oldfield's music since 20 years so unique (gentle dramatic structure, leisurely floating melody lines) - on the other hand Mike Oldfield ventures with his project to the technological future.

'The Songs Of Distant Earth' will be the first CD that will partly be readable as CD-ROM (provided that it will be played with the correct equipment), as remixer has William Orbit been booked. The first expert praise Mike Oldfield gathered already long before release. Arthur C. Clarke has participated himself at the conception of 'The Songs Of Distant Earth' and was enthusiastic: "Welcome back into space, Mike; there's still lots of room out here."

'The Songs Of Distant Earth' will be released at November 11th.

Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield