Interview for "Oldfield's Dream"

Inaki Barrio & Geroge Munnshe
Oldfield Dream (Spanish fanzine)

Did you family and friends approve of you choosing composing? Was your triumph in your musical activity easy or difficult?

My sister Sally (Natasha) was a big encouragement for my music. My success was difficult because people related to me as a famous person instead a human being.

Which is your opinion on the music by your brother Terry? And about the music by your sister Sally?

I like my brother's film and domentary music and my sister's records.

What musical-style would define your musical tastes?: Folk, pop, rock...?

All styles of music in a symphonic form with my own craft and interpretation.

Which is your favourite theme from all your music?

Introduction 'Tubular Bells I' and 'Tubular Bells II'.

How do you inspire yourself to compose? What is the process that you follow to compose?

My composition reflects my personal life, emotions and experiences and I love to travel.

What do you think about the syntesizers and other electronic instruments? The acoustic instruments are better than the electronic ones?

Synthesisers are part of the future of music but they will never replace accoustic instruments.

What are your future plans?

'Tubular Bells II' + world concert tour.

Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield