Thomas Gottschalk interviews Mike Oldfield

Thomas Gottschalk
Bavarian Studios, Munich, Germany

[After Mike's new single "Islands" has stopped :]

Thomas Gottschalk: Hmmmmmm. - Islands - Bonny Tyler - presented by Mike Oldfield on his new album. Mike - listening to your songs you've always got the feeling that's a kind of little hymn - the melody music - that's music to feel good with - would you say that that music is a part - a better part of life - because it is always sounding nice to me - so it's a good feeling - a lot of people do music to make people agressive - to affect something - what effect do you want to get from people?

Mike Oldfield: Well, yeah - a lot of people make music to make money to be a success - to be in fashion - you know I make music because I love it - I would still make it even if it wasn't a success. It's my big thing.

But you're lucky it is a success.

You should have played the compact disc - I've bought you one.

I have got a chance to play it here but I don't know how it works.

You can put it on the record player. Should I try?

I believe it won't work.

Won't it ?

We have a disc player here, but that's only something for the freaks - I always say - it's essentiell something comes out ... And with the music of Mike there always comes out something pleasing, something positive - he is one who get's everybody on the right foot. The other side (of the LP) is like ususal a - not instrumental but complex story of about 20 min - "The Wind Chimes". Is it a story about you can tell the wind chimes because this little sounds you get when wind goes through a kind of ...(whistleing)

Actually it was : Anita and I had a romantic holiday in Barbados.

Aaah, Anita... and then the wind came ?

You can just hear the wind chimes hanging outside the

hotel room


Every wind chime tells a story and that's the second part. So Mike I have to thank you very much for being here let's listen to "The Wind Chimes".

Schoen (german for nice) thank you.

Your sister by the way gives you the best wishes - she was here two weeks ago.

Does she ? Aah I see her on Christmas because skiing - she is a very bad skier.

But a good singer !?

A very good singer.

I asked her why doesn't she work with him - you will ask him - now I ask you ?

Why I don't work with her ?

he has a nice voice too.

Well it's better that she does her own thing.

That's what she told me too. Thank you Mike for being here.

That was a pleasure.

Thank you Anita.


Hope to see you again too - and nice memories for both of you with the wind chimes.

[Mike laughing.]

Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield