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Tubular Brass, a 28-piece brass band, will perform Sandy Smith's arrangement of Tubular Bells in St Peter's Church, Manchester, on May 28 at 7pm. Advance tickets are £16.50.

Tubular Brass will also perform the world premiere of the specially commissioned piece for brass band and synthesisers: Mary Casio by, and also featuring, Hannah Peel.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016 2 comments

Mercury Records has released the 2015 remasters of Discovery and The Killing Fields, as well as The Suite 1984:

1. To France
2. Poison Arrows
3. Crystal Gazing
4. Tricks of the Light
5. Discovery
6. Talk About Your Life
7. Saved by a Bell
8. The Lake
9. To France (Extended version) (bonus track)
10. In the Pool (bonus track)
11. Bones (bonus track)
12. Afghan (bonus track)
13. Tricks of the Light (Instrumental) (bonus track)

The Killing Fields
1. Pran's Theme
2. Requiem for a City
3. Evacuation
4. Pran's Theme 2
5. Capture
6. Execution
7. Bad News
8. Pran's Departure
9. Worksite
10. The Year Zero
11. Blood Sucking
12. The Year Zero 2
13. Pran's Escape / The Killing Fields
14. The Trek
15. The Boy's Burial / Pran Sees the Red Cross
16. Good News
17. Étude
18. Evacuation (Single Edit) (Bonus Track)
19. Étude (Single Edit) (Bonus Track)

The Suite 1984
1. To France
2. The Lake
3. The Killing Fields (Main Theme)
4. Étude
5. The Royal Mile (Re-discovered track)
6. Zombies (Halloween Special)
7. Discovery

Saturday, 30 January 2016 35 comments

Mike has released an humorous Halloween special of Poison Arrows called Zombie. You can watch the video clip on Vevo, stream it on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.

Saturday, 31 October 2015 38 comments

Mike posted on his Facebook group:

Hello everyone.
I am continuing to work on ideas for "A New Ommadawn" for the last week or so to see if the spark of the idea actually catches fire.
Working with a clockwork metronome as a click track and this alone give me a natural acoustic reference for timing
( So long as I wind it up ! )
Also playing live all the instruments.
So far Bodhran, Bass, acoustic and Spanish guitars, a real Glockenspiel and tambourine, cymbals and a lovely Ovation mandolin.
Watch this space for more news - especially on October 31st - HALLOWEEN - !!!

Update Oct 25:
Hi Everybody
The new work is somehow taking on a life of it's own now. It is wonderful to hear and play all the original instruments again
and not worry too much about perfection in timing and performance and just feel the freedom, the magic, and the space that the music can create.
I am thinking now of turning this into a completely new work and not making it a " Sequel or Prequel " of anything just - Something New...
I can always do a Tubular Bells prequel in a year or two, and then an Ommadawn prequel / Sequel after that...
Would you be very disappointed if the next Album is not related to any previous Album ?
I would like very much to hear your thoughts ... Mike

Thursday, 15 October 2015 35 comments

A newly restored and complete edition of Mike Oldfield's and Tony Palmer’s The Space Movie will be released on 16 October. It comes complete with the Director's Cut bonus DVD of the movie. From the website:

"This classic film was originally commissioned by London Weekend Television and Virgin in 1979to mark the 10th Anniversary of the first landing on the moon, July 21st 1969. A recent discovery of a print in mint condition has enabled us to issue the film in a sparkling new (and complete! ) edition."

Click here for ordering details and for background information surrounding the development of this work.

Thanks to Chris Worland and Nacho Marin for alerting us to this release!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 13 comments

Mike posted on his Facebook group:

Just started getting together a new "Suite 1987-89" for release next year.
There are 25 reels of multitrack tapes (25 hours) to listen to for those two albums. What would you like to see on the new "Suite"?

Saturday, 25 July 2015 21 comments

Phil Spalding, who played bass on Crises and toured with Mike, has published an article recollecting his memories of the 1984 Discovery Tour of Europe.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 1 comment

The Tubular.net team sends its heartfelt condolences to Mike and his family upon the passing of Mike's son, Dougal. May you find peace and solace at this challenging and sad time.

Friday, 22 May 2015 15 comments

Happy Birthday, Mike! In Star Trek episode 62, phasers are replaced by swords and knifes. Rings a bell? ;)

Thursday, 14 May 2015 3 comments

Mike confirmed on BBC Radio 2 he is in the early stages of a Tubular Bells prequel album, that would be released in about 2 years, after the Islands, Earth Moving, Amarok, and Heaven's Open remixes. It would be instrumental, would try not to use digital instruments, sequencers or computer software, and might be released only on vinyl.

Thursday, 14 May 2015 15 comments

Rhino has released Mike's 30th or so compilation: The Best of Mike Oldfield: 1992-2003. You can order it at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, etc.

The collection is drawn from Oldfield’s eight studio albums released on Warner Bros. Records between 1992 and 2003, a period that saw him revisit Tubular Bells three times.
The inclusion of non-album versions, rare edits and radio mixes on the first CD will be welcomed by fans and disc two takes this a step further with various remixes, including The Orb’s “Orbular Bells” mix of Sentinel.


Disc One: Singles
1. Sentinel (Single Restructure)
2. Tattoo (Edit)
3. The Bell (Mc Viv Stanshall Remix)
4. Hibernaculum
5. Let There Be Light
6. The Voyager
7. Women Of Ireland (Lurker Edit)
8. Man In The Rain
9. Far Above The Clouds (Timewriter's Radio Mix)
10. Cochise
11. Out Of Mind
12. Pacha Mama
13. Sunlight Shining Through Cloud
14. Amber Light
15. To Be Free (Single Remix)
16. Thou Art In Heaven (Radio Edit)
17. Introduction 2003 (Single Remix)
18. The Sailor's Hornpipe 2003

Disc Two: Rarities & Mixes
1. Early Stages
2. Silent Night
3. The Bell (Mc Billy Connolly Remix)
4. The Spectral Army
5. The Song Of The Boat Men
6. Indian Lake
7. Mike's Reel
8. Sentinel (Orbular Bells Mix)
9. Let There Be Light (Bt's Pure Luminesence Remix)
10. Women Of Ireland (System 7 12'' Mix)
11. Far Above The Clouds (Jam & Spoon Mix)
12. To Be Free (Soultronik Mix-Tical Mix)
13. Thou Art In Heaven (Pumpin' Dolls Vs. Mighty Mike Club Mix) [Radio Edit]

Sunday, 26 April 2015 14 comments

Mike, or his management, seems to have opened a Twitter account! Check it out at @oldfield_mike

Update October 8: @GordenMikefield

Sunday, 22 March 2015 10 comments

Caroline Monk posted to Mike's Facebook page on 22 March: "Mike just asked me to tell you all that Discovery and Killing Fields will be coming out soon and one of the disks and vinyl will be called " SUITE 1984 " and will be in 5.1."

Sunday, 22 March 2015 18 comments

A rare opportunity to experience a full performance of Mike Oldfield’s debut album which launched Virgin Records in 1973 and a collection of other instrumental and chart hits.

This one-off concert features a band of over 20 professional musicians led by Colchester Institute’s own Head of Digital Media, Phil Toms, and is a must for fans across the country and beyond!

Guest performers include film composer Roger Eno as the Master of Ceremonies, West End star Nicole Faraday (The Eva Cassidy Story, Bad Girls) on vocals and lead guitarist Jay Stapley, who performed with Mike Oldfield at the premiere of Tubular Bells II in Edinburgh in 1992.

Click here for details and tickets.

Sunday, 25 January 2015 5 comments

Phil Spalding has published a detailed article about the recording of Crises and Moonlight Shadow in which he played bass, and the influence Mike had on him.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 4 comments

Caroline Monk has announced on Mike's personal Facebook group that Man On the Rocks will be release on August 4th as an EP on iTunes with Mike’s single edits for the album:
  • Man On The Rocks
  • Moonshine
  • Sailing
  • Man On Rocks Acoustic Video

    Tuesday, 8 July 2014 34 comments

  • Gonzo Multimedia are preparing to release Howling at the Moon, a recording of the 1970 Hyde Park concert by Kevin Ayers and the Whole World. It features Mike Oldfield on bass.

    The album will be released on June 9th, and can be pre-ordered from the Gonzo website or from all good record shops!

    Danke, manintherain!

    Wednesday, 28 May 2014 1 comment

    A new album from Tom Newman, The (Secret) Life of Angels is set for release on April 18th. As an album of hand-played instrumental music by the producer of albums like Tubular Bells and Amarok, it should be of interest to fans of Tom's work with (and without) Mike!

    Tom has posted some taster samples on his Soundcloud page, and a video for the track Raphael's Bicycle is available on YouTube.

    There are also more samples, plus ordering details, on the Viral Discs and Downloads website.

    Monday, 14 April 2014 7 comments

    The 3min25sec video for the Moonshine single has been posted on the official Mike Oldfield VEVO YouTube channel.

    Monday, 14 April 2014 4 comments

    We've had an exclusive announcement from Virgin EMI about Mike's next album, which includes plans for a premiere concert:

    Following Sir Richard Branson's announcement yesterday of Virgin Buildings, where Branson revealed that he had his sights set on the moon, Virgin EMI is proud to announce that Mike Oldfield will be supporting Branson's ambitions with a new album and a spectacular live performance.

    Called TB-0, the album will reflect on Mike's contribution to Virgin's space ventures, referring back to his classic debut album, Tubular Bells, which kick-started the Virgin empire. The name also refers to TMA-0, the monolith in Arthur C Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey, which begins primitive man's journey towards being a space-faring species.

    "I've always loved space, and I'm a particular fan of Arthur C Clarke," says Mike, "So the concept of combining Tubular Bells with a moon concept and 2001 was very exciting to me. There are three monoliths in 2001, representing three stages of humanity, and I want the album to be in three parts to represent three eras in my own career, as well as in Richard's. I want the first part to be like a prequel to Tubular Bells, using all the old instruments, then the second part will be more modern. I'd like to go back to the sound of my album Crises, because that was also in the era that Richard was starting Virgin Atlantic. The third part will be the space part - my music's just been used by the European Space agency for their Sentinel program, and of course Richard's got Virgin Galactic and his new building plans, so it'll have to represent that. I'm still working on ideas for that. I want it to be a long instrumental work where all three parts fit together and reference each other, so it's like there's a genuine evolution from beginning to end, not just three different things stuck together."

    Mike also announced plans to accompany the album's launch with a special concert. "We want to represent the album by having a transition in the concert as well. We're going to set up a big stage and seating area at Spaceport America, and the audience will stay there, but during the concert, I'll get into one of Richard's spaceships and be launched into space, so the final part will be me playing the bells from space. I used Skype heavily for making my last album, so I had a chat with the people from Skype, and they've agreed to help us do it, so I can be in space and all the audience on the ground will be able to see me on big screens. We've got the European Space Agency cooperating as well, so hopefully we'll be able to have musicians joining us from the International Space Station too. After Chris Hadfield, they've really seen the benefit of having astronauts involved in musical events."

    Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson said "When we released Tubular Bells, over 40 years ago, we never dreamed that it would end up taking us into space, but Virgin Galactic is now making commercial spaceflight a reality. Now, we're looking towards the next step of reaching the moon, and we're thrilled to have Mike Oldfield on board to help us with a new album, just like he did with the first Tubular Bells."

    Tuesday, 1 April 2014 12 comments

    Mike is commenting his latest album Man on the Rocks track by track in this video on the official VEVO YouTube channel (only available in certain countries). Also, Caroline Monk has confirmed that the next single is Moonshine.

    Update Apr 4: now more broadly available

    Monday, 31 March 2014 8 comments

    Mike and his two sons send greetings to the European Space Agency and their Sentinel-1 mission in this video where he also mentions his passion for space, science fiction, and Arthur C. Clarke. Sentinel from Tubular Bells II is the official music for the mission.

    Wednesday, 12 March 2014 9 comments

    The Dutch retailer bol.com has uploaded 30 second preview clips of all of the tracks on Man on the Rocks.

    Thanks, Kristian Janssens!

    Saturday, 22 February 2014 92 comments

    Virgin EMI has posted on YouTube part 1 of a short documentary about the making of Man On The Rocks. Part 2 should be available on Monday.

    Update Feb 25: Part 2

    Update Feb 27: Part 3

    Update Mar 3: Part 4

    Friday, 21 February 2014 3 comments

    A video of an acoustic performance of Man on the Rocks has been released on the via the official VEVO channel on YouTube. It features Mike and Luke Spiller performing the song together in the Bahamas.

    Update: We're told that the video is unfortunately unavailable in Germany

    Update 19th February: The video seems to have now been changed to private and can't be seen in any country, a couple of messages indicate it might be available again from 21st February

    Further update 19th February: It's now available again! A video for the studio version of the track is also available on the VEVO site, though viewers in some countries will be redirected to the acoustic performance video instead.

    Tuesday, 18 February 2014 34 comments

    The video for Sailing is now available to watch on the website of the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, though unfortunately not in all countries.

    It'll also be available to buy on iTunes from next Tuesday, February 19th.

    More videos of performances from the album by Mike and Luke, as well as a documentary about the album, will be released through official channels in the lead up to the album's release.

    Monday, 10 February 2014 23 comments

    The first five albums by Kevin Ayers have been issued as a low priced 5 CD boxed set by Original Album Series.

    Mike features heavily on the two albums recorded in the pre-Tubular Bells years, Shooting at the Moon and Whatevershebringswesing, as well as providing a guitar solo on one track of The Confessions of Dr. Dream and Other Stories.

    Thanks, Chris Mussett

    Wednesday, 22 January 2014 Post a comment!

    Tune into BBC Radio 2 just after 11:00 AM on Tuesday, 14th January to hear the exclusive, full-length first play of "Sailing" from Mike Oldfield's new album Man On The Rocks!

    Thanks, Caroline Monk!

    Monday, 13 January 2014 139 comments

    More details about Man on the Rocks, including a revised release date of March 3rd, have been revealed by Universal. Alongside the CD and Vinyl editions, there will also be a Deluxe Edition and a Deluxe Boxed Set.

    The Deluxe Edition includes a second CD of instrumental versions of the album's tracks, in a cardboard fold-out package like the Deluxe Edition reissues.

    The Deluxe Boxed Set, only available through Universal's Mike Oldfield online store, also includes a third CD containing Mike's demos for the album, as well as alternate mixes of four of the albums tracks (Sailing, Dreaming in the Wind, Following the Angels and I Give Myself Away). It comes with a 16 page CD-sized booklet, four 'art cards' with the album artwork and portraits of Mike, plus a certificate of authenticity.

    The album will also be available to pre-order on iTunes from January 27th.

    Friday, 10 January 2014 69 comments

    If you haven't already heard about the campaign to get Tom Newman's Children of Ireland Tubular Bells single to Christmas Number 1 in the UK, now's the time to take notice!

    Buy a copy from iTunes UK, Amazon UK, or any other retailer which reports its sales data back to the Official Chart Company, between now and 23:59 GMT on December 21st and you can help the single rise to the prestigious number 1 slot!

    Saturday, 14 December 2013 7 comments

    The Classic Album Sundays event in London for the 40th anniversary of Tubular Bells, postponed from July, will be taking place on December 8th. There are still a few places left, though it's close to selling out!

    Simon Heyworth will be on hand to talk about the album, which will then be played in full from vinyl on an Audio Note hifi system.

    It's taking place at the House of St Barnabas, doors open at 5:30. For more details and to book your ticket, visit the Classic Album Sundays website.

    Thursday, 28 November 2013 5 comments

    As part of the 40th anniversary of Virgin Records, Richard Branson has posted a scan of the original Tubular Bells order from September 20th 1972 on his blog.

    Monday, 21 October 2013 6 comments

    Tom Newman, together with Paul Brett, has founded a new record label, Viral Discs and Downloads. Their first release will be a new version of Tubular Bells performed by schoolchildren from across Ireland, produced by Tom and Steve Fearnley and mastered by Simon Heyworth.

    The new album will be released on November 7th and can be pre-ordered from the Viral website. A downloadable single edit is available now, either as a 16 bit WAV file from the Viral website, or as 256kbps AAC from iTunes.

    Proceeds will help support future youth projects run by Tom.

    Update November 5th: Buy the single on iTunes or Amazon in the UK after December 15th to support Viral's bid to make Christmas Number 1!

    Friday, 18 October 2013 6 comments

    Mike's new album is called Man On The Rocks and will be released on January 27, 2014 Update January 10th: the revised release date is March 3rd. You can preorder a colored double LP vinyl at Universal Music and the CD at Amazon.co.uk.

    The album is produced by Stephen Lipson (Jeff Beck, Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox) and features bassist Leland Sklar (Phil Collins, Crosby, Stills & Nash, James Taylor), drummer John Robinson (Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Daft Punk) and vocalist Luke Spiller from the Struts.

    Side One

    Side Two
    Man On The Rocks

    Side Three
    Dreaming In The Wind

    Side Four
    Following The Angels
    I Give Myself Away

    Read more on Mike's Facebook page.

    Friday, 11 October 2013 79 comments

    Virgin is going to reissue a Tubular Bells 7" picture disc on October 28 to celebrate their 40th anniversary as part of their 7" collectors picture vinyl collection.

    Thursday, 10 October 2013 7 comments

    BBC Four is going to broadcast a new one hour documentary called 'Tubular Bells: The Mike Oldfield Story' made by Tigerlily Films on October 11. This was filmed in Mike's studio in Nassau where he demonstrated playing multiple instruments from Tubular Bells and showed how it was put together. Two trailers are available.

    Thursday, 10 October 2013 31 comments

    Caroline Monk has posted a new video of Mike on YouTube, where he says that his new rock album is nearly finished and drops a hint about him working with Steve Lipson on a remix of a "very very well known band".

    Thursday, 15 August 2013 24 comments

    Previews of the new standard editions of Five Miles Out and Crises (including the bonus tracks) are available now on iTunes.

    Vielen Dank, Olaf Schneider

    Saturday, 10 August 2013 15 comments

    Innerviews has published an extensive new interview entitled 'Mike Oldfield - The messenger' by Anil Prasad.

    Thanks, Anil!

    Wednesday, 24 July 2013 36 comments

    Universal has released the details of the upcoming re-releases of Five Miles Out and Crises, scheduled for September 2nd 2013.

    Five Miles Out will be available as:
    A single CD, containing a remaster of the original mix, plus Waldberg and a demo of the song Five Miles Out.
    A 2 CD + DVD Deluxe Edition, with highlights from the December 1982 concert at Cologne's Sporthalle on the second CD, and Mike's brand new 5.1 remix and two TV performances from the BBC TV show Six Fifty Five Special on the DVD.
    A vinyl LP, in both standard and limited edition (transparent yellow vinyl, limited to 500 numbered copies) versions.

    Crises will be available as:
    A single CD, with a remaster of the original mix being joined by two new acoustic reworkings of Moonlight Shadow and Shadow on the Wall, a 2013 remix of Mistake, plus the Crime of Passion extended version, Jungle Gardenia and the 12" versions of Moonlight Shadow and Shadow on the Wall.
    A 2 CD Deluxe Edition, with a second CD of highlights from the July 1983 anniversary concert at Wembley Arena.
    A vinyl LP, again in both standard and limited edition (transparent green vinyl, 500 numbered copies) versions.
    And, for the really big Crises fans out there, a 3 CD + 2 DVD boxed set, which includes the full Wembley concert on the second and third CDs, plus a 50 minute 'Crises at Wembley' DVD and a second DVD with Mike's 2013 5.1 remix of the album. It also contains a 32 page hard back book, with sleeve notes and an interview with Mike. You can see a picture of the whole thing here.

    The new releases, including the limited edition LPs, are available to order from Universal. Non-limited edition items should be available from all good record stores!

    Thursday, 4 July 2013 160 comments

    Classic Album Sundays are running a special Tubular Bells event in London on December 8th, starting at 6pm, at the House of St Barnabas.

    Simon Heyworth will be there to talk about the album and his role in its creation, then it will be played from vinyl in its entirety, on what the organisers tell us is one of the world's best hifi systems. It'll be followed by a Q&A with Simon.

    Tickets cost £15 and are available online from WeGotTickets. Proceeds go to support the House of St Barnabas charity.

    Update - The event has been postponed until December.

    Wednesday, 3 July 2013 1 comment

    Mike has posted a new progress update for his new album, via Caroline Monk on Facebook:

    Hi everyone, the sessions in LA are happening right now and Steve Lipson is there. I am connected and acting as remote co producer using two Skype cameras and live streaming audio using Nicecast. It's fantastic ! The musicians are the best there is and so far we have recorded two backing tracks which really rock. Can't wait for today and we have a wonderful Gospel choir coming on Saturday. Steve will then bring the multi tracks back to London and we will finish the vocals. I will add my guitars at the same time and then it's mix time. I can't wait to listen to the finished thing ! Love Mike

    Update July 1: Caroline has posted a 40 seconds video of the musicians listening to a song they're working on.

    Thursday, 27 June 2013 65 comments

    We'd like to wish Mike all the best on his 60th birthday.

    Have a good one, Mike!

    Wednesday, 15 May 2013 23 comments

    Please send us your music about Tubular Bells, artwork, stories, photos, videos, short message, long message, etc. and we'll try to present them here on Tubular.net on a special section to celebrate the Tubular Bells 40th Anniversary!

    Update May 16: we're not getting much at all, so this might not happen (probably makes sense: most people have already shown what they did over the years and may not be that thrilled to be part of some sort of compilation).

    Tuesday, 7 May 2013 8 comments

    The folks at mikeoldfield.org are holding a Mike Oldfield fan convention in Reading (UK) on July 6th this year, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Tubular Bells.

    The event will include performances by Terry Oldfield and Tubular Bells for Two, plus a merchandise sale, record and memorabilia fair and a Q&A with Terry.

    Tickets are £40 GBP - a link to order them, plus more information, can be found on the event's web page.

    Thursday, 4 April 2013 33 comments

    Mike has posted a screenshot of the Pro Tools session for the Crises remix on Facebook. He says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a screenshot of my studio Mac with "Crises" long instrumental all labelled and ready to mix.
    I have started putting some automation down and it's so great to work in 5.1 as there is so much more room for all the sounds in that lovely big space. I was working on Moonlight Shadow 5.1 last night and that's easy to mix and everything is sounding amazing. The folks at the archiving company are having a bit of trouble finding the old masters of Taurus 3 and Foreign Affair but they have 2 mysterious big reels of Ampex tape in the oven so hopefully those tracks will be found.
    Shadow on the Wall will be the long version.
    Will keep you up to date and all the best.
    Love Mike

    Thursday, 28 March 2013 30 comments

    Mike has posted a new Facebook message about Sarah Brightman arranging themes from Tubular Bells in the Closer track of her new Dreamchaser album:

    Hi everyone,
    Sarah Brightman has made a wonderful new piece of music incorporating themes from Tubular Bells.
    It is a complex and emotional arrangement with superb vocals from Sarah.
    I had the pleasure of Skyping with her a few days ago and we talked about the new piece, our experiences at Olympics opening ceremonies and of course Sarah's future trip to the International Space Station.
    At last a musician in space!
    Catch up with Sarah's new album and the new arrangement called " Closer ' today at : http://www.youtube.com/sarahbrightmanmusic
    Lots of love

    Monday, 18 March 2013 5 comments

    Mike's new Facebook message Re: 5.1 Files Miles Out remix:

    Hi everyone,

    Just finishing up the 5.1 Five Miles Out remix right now.
    I am mixing the actual song and it really sounds wonderful.
    There are so many ways to mix it and every one sounds just great.

    The Crises multi tracks have arrived and I have checked them, just missing In High Places, Foreign Affair and Taurus 3.

    Have had a quick look at Moonlight Shadow and it's magic you just push the faders up and it sounds fantastic. Found an extra Maggie Reilly vocal take so will have a good look at that.

    Steve Lipson and I have been listening to young newcomer vocalists for the rock album and we are very impressed with one male and one female singer so far.
    How much new talent there must be out there!

    So will keep you up to date on how things are going.

    All the best ,

    Love Mike

    Monday, 11 March 2013 7 comments

    Kevin Ayers has died at his home in France, aged 68.

    Kevin was an influential figure in Mike's early career, when Mike played bass in his band The Whole World. He later guested on Flying Start from 1987's Islands.

    Many media outlets have published full obituaries, including The Guardian.

    Thanks, Lars Tängmark

    Wednesday, 20 February 2013 12 comments

    Mike says:

    Hello everyone.
    I've just finished the Taurus 2 mix in 5.1 and sent it off to London. Very pleased with it and I had forgotten what a powerful complex piece this was. Morris Pert's drumming is amazing and of course Paddy Molony's pipes. Just getting organised on Protools for Family Man.
    Love Mike

    Monday, 18 February 2013 11 comments

    Mike has posted on Facebook about beginning work on the Five Miles Out remix:

    Hello Everyone!
    Well I finally started work on the 5.1 Taurus 2. My studio is at the bottom of the garden here in the Bahamas although all the equipment is in my office back up at the house. I have been trying to work out why I was not getting any digital signal down there for the audio. I finally found out my two dogs ( They are Potcakes and brothers ) have chewed the cables !!!
    So anyway it is all fixed now and I am back to work. It really sounds fantastic and does not need much mixing, as I think by the time I recorded these track I was a pretty good sound engineer and used to record every effect as well.

    Oh you should check out my son Luke's site as he is working now in the same studio where I recorded these albums www.tilehousestudios.com

    Mike x

    Thanks, Caroline Monk

    Tuesday, 5 February 2013 8 comments

    From Mike Oldfield Personal Facebook group:

    It is winter here in Bahamas ( well it doesn't go much lower then 70 F. ) and I have a few weeks before getting stuck into the Rock project, so I have asked my wonderful record company for the multitracks of Five Miles Out and Crises to be transferred from analog tape to digital ( I hope they don't have to bake them like they did with T.Bells ! ) Looking forward V much to listening to these albums and seeing what I can do maybe in 5.1 surround.
    Love Mike

    Update Jan 30:
    Well the FMO and Crises Ampex tapes are all there but they have to be baked and also some of the edits have come apart so the audio archiving technicians are busy working and they say I will get the first batch of digital files by the end of the week so thumbs are a twiddling here.

    Update Feb 1:
    Just got some of the multi tracks and spent the morning listening in rough 5.1. They sound perfect ! Just as good as they ever were and some tracks like Family Man really ROCK in 5.1. There is an old version of the song Five Mile Out on this master wich is great but is not the one that got used. They tell me there are some more Multi Masters in the oven over the weekend so I'm hopeful the actual Master will be on those reels.

    Quite overcome listening to them as they have Pierre Moerlin and Morris Pert on drums.

    Lots of work to do !

    Monday, 28 January 2013 31 comments

    Some more audio previews of the upcoming Tubular Beats remix album have been made available on YouTube by Planet Love Records.

    The samples available are of Let There Be Light, Ommadawn, North Star, Far Above the Clouds and Never Too Far.

    Friday, 25 January 2013 12 comments

    earMUSIC has released the official video for Guilty 2013 (you might remember it from a while ago as Guilty 2011!) on YouTube
    It features a shortened version of the Guilty Electrofunk Mix from Tubular Beats.

    Saturday, 12 January 2013 13 comments

    The former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen has spoken about her work on the upcoming Tubular Beats album. In a press release from earMusic/Edel, she claims that Mike is one of her idols, saying:

    "It was such a pleasure to work with Mike Oldfield. The song turned out to be even better than I could have ever expected. Mike has a vast career and experience in pop, instrumental and electronic music. I love his music and his personal guitar sound.
    My work in this song was inspired by Mike’s ‘Islands’ featuring another of my youth idol: Bonnie Tyler. A way to thank them for the nice melodies I grew up with was to add a line from their hit. And I believe Mike liked the idea too. That’s how ‘Never Too Far’ was born. Hope that you enjoy the song as much as I do."

    The album is still on schedule for release on February 1st.

    Thursday, 10 January 2013 2 comments

    Mike has posted an update on his progress on his rock album on his facebook group. He says:

    Hi Everyone !

    Just finished the last demo for the rock album. There are 10 songs altogether and I just sent the last one off to Steve Lipson who is hard at work on a film project in LA. These songs are deeply personal and come from real life experiences past and present. Music straight from the heart.

    There is just some legal stuff to work out with Mercury and then we can start organizing the live sessions. There will be 5 tracks recorded by the best live musicians in LA and the other 5 live in London. Then Steve and I will work together across the planet to record the vocals and of course my guitars.

    Caroline will be in charge of the live Twitter feeds from the actual sessions. All exciting stuff so here's to an amazing 2013. Lots of good wishes !


    Friday, 7 December 2012 64 comments

    Mike's going to be having a Skype chat with Torsten Stenzel soon, and Torsten wants to know if you have any questions for Mike!

    Leave your question here on the forum or on Facebook and we'll make sure that Torsten gets them.

    Update: The deadline for questions is this Monday, November 26, so make sure you've got yours in by then if you want to make sure Torsten gets it!

    Wednesday, 21 November 2012 60 comments

    Tubular Beats, a new album of remixes of some of Mike's tracks by Mike and York (Torsten Stenzel) is scheduled for release on February 1st 2013. Unlike with previous club mixes, the album is a true two-sided collaboration between Mike and Torsten, making use of parts from the original multitrack tapes as well as new parts played by Mike. It also features Tarja Turunen on the track 'Never Too far'.

    The tracklisting is:

    1. Let There Be Light (York Remix)
    2. Far Above the Clouds (York Remix)
    3. Ommadawn (Mike Oldfield & York Remix)
    4. Guilty (Mike Oldfield & York Remix)
    5. Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield & York Remix)
    6. To France (Radio Remix)
    7. Northstar (Mike Oldfield & York Remix)
    8. Moonlight Shadow (Radio Remix)
    9. Guilty (York & Mike's Electrofunk Mix)
    10. Tubular Bells 2 (Mike Oldfield & York Remix)
    11. Never Too Far (featuring Tarja Turunen)

    We also have a preview of the cover for you:

    The album will be released by Edel in Germany and through other partners, but it won't released in the UK initially (that decision will come down to Mercury/Universal).

    It can be pre-ordered from JPC and amazon.de

    Update December 23rd - there are now some short samples available to listen to on amazon.de Thanks, stpaul

    Monday, 19 November 2012 68 comments

    Mike would like to say how delighted he is that Caroline is back on board as his PA. She will be able to keep you all well up to date with his current activities. These are:

    New Rock Album
    Mike will be playing all the instruments except drums and there will be a guitar solo on every track. So far he has made 9 demos and has ideas for the 10th track. Mike is singing the vocals on the demos but the intention is that all or most of the tracks will be sung by  the best talented vocalists, male and female, suited to each track. The vocalists are under discussion and may be well known artists or maybe not so well known.

    Mike is in preliminary discussions with Steve Lipson as possible co producer. Mike's record company, Mercury/Universal, are very excited about the project. The album will feature only live guitars, basses, and hammond organs with live strings. The drums so far have been recorded by John Robinson.

    New website
    Mike has finally re acquired www.mikeoldfield.com after nearly 10 years of having lost control of it. It will be Mike's personal site which he will be heavily involved with and will feature subjects that interest him personally.

    There will of course be musical parts to the site but also there will be areas devoted to spiritual interests and also psychological issues which as you know is one of Mike's special interests.

    Watch out for sections on motorbikes and model helicopters! Mike's children will also be invited to contribute to their own section and Caroline will have her own "Mad Cow" page. There will of course be forums on every subject.

    Here's to the future!

    Wednesday, 7 November 2012 81 comments

    Planet Love Records has made the new York & Mike Oldfield track 'Islanders' available to listen to on YouTube.

    It comes from the album of the same name, which you can read all about, and see ordering details, on the Armada Music page!

    Wednesday, 10 October 2012 25 comments

    Bowers & Wilkins is selling exclusive 24-bit-studio quality downloads of Tubular Bells, including the 5.1 surround mix. They have published Mark Powell's story of the album on their blog.

    Monday, 8 October 2012 27 comments

    Music From The Opening Ceremony, Mike Oldfield's recording of Tubular Bells and In Dulci Jubilo for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, will be released on limited pink and blue 12" vinyl on October 6th. Only 500 copies will be available. Pre-order at Universal.co.uk.

    Tubular Bells / In Dulci Jubilo 11:26

    Monday, 1 October 2012 47 comments

    Reminder! The voting period is on for the Tubular Bells Remix contest. For your convenience, we have listed below the entries from the Tubular.net forum members. Check them out and vote!

    Oh, and speaking of remixes, remember the Tubular.net fan tribute from 2003 where 8 members recorded their mix of the finale section of Tubular Bells Part 1?

    Ashot_Danielyan - Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells (Ambient - Oriental Mix)
    Distant Earth - Distant Bells (Tubular Bells - rework)
    EeToN - Tubular Bells (Melodic Rock Remix)
    lukaszswietek - Tubulat Bells Prog Remix by lukaszswietek
    Olivier - Tubular Bells [Natural Mix]
    pauken - Tubular Bells Cathedral Remix
    Priabonia - Tubular Bells Mike Yarwood remix
    stpaul - Tubular Bells Fjell s Space Disco Reinterpretation
    SyncEmotions - Mike Oldfield feat. Sync Emotions -- Tubular Bells IV (in a rush demo)
    willem - Tubular Bells Remix JWB 2012
    ManFromTheMoon - TubularMoon
    Markus K - AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent

    Thursday, 23 August 2012 58 comments

    Tubular Bells parts One and Two will be performed on the carillon of Utrecht's Dom Tower by carillonneur Malgosia Fiebig, alongside pianists Elizabeth & Marcel Bergmann and Sandra & Jeroen van Veen (of Tubular Bells for Four Pianos fame) this Monday 20th August. A video screen will be set up in the Buurkerkhof to show the performance.

    The performance starts at 20:00 - full details are available on this poster and in this article (in Dutch).

    Dank je wel, Reena!

    Saturday, 18 August 2012 24 comments

    The September issue of Mojo Magazine (available now) includes a 1-page interview with Mike, which contains some more details about the album he's currently working on:

    "I'm fed up with all these computers and samplers, the next album's going to be hard rock, lots of guitars, real drums, real vocals, Hammond organs."

    Thanks, Blackabyss

    Tuesday, 31 July 2012 150 comments

    Judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction on the forums, we're sure that Mike Oldfield fans the world over will join us in congratulating Mike on his contribution to the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday night!

    The UK's Sunday Telegraph published a long interview with Mike, including the news that he is currently working on a new rock album.

    Some of the same interview material as the Sunday Telegraph interview has also been made available as a video by mikeoldfieldofficial.com. [link]

    Mike's specially-created medley from the ceremony is included on the Isles of Wonder opening ceremony soundtrack album, which is available for download now on the iTunes Store. The double CD edition, due for release on August 2nd, is available for pre-order at Amazon (UK / Germany / USA).

    On a related note, according to the Manchester Evening News, British music retailer HMV has reported a 757% increase in sales of Tubular Bells since the opening ceremony - the greatest increase for any of the acts who appeared.

    Update July 31st: The London Evening Standard has published a roundup of "the stories behind the Opening Ceremony’s most moving moments", including a section on Mike's performance.

    The Daily Telegraph is carrying an interview with Mike where he reveals how he left the stadium to watch the ceremony on TV.

    The Associated Press has released an article revealing Mike's hope's for a renewed interest in hand-played instrumental music as a result of his opening ceremony appearance.

    Update August 3rd: A new interview appears in the Huffington Post where Mike describes how the project developed including a comment about thinking of performing the Blue Peter theme tune at one point.

    Mike's opening ceremony piece is available to download as an individual 320kbps MP3 track in the UK from play.com

    Monday, 30 July 2012 58 comments

    Keen followers of BBC Radio 2's Twitter feed will have noticed that Mike is in London this week.

    Meanwhile, speculation about Mike's 'project of a lifetime' has mingled with rumours relating to the Olympic opening ceremony in London this Friday, fuelled by the leaked playlist which includes In Dulci Jubilo and Tubular Bells and mention of the ringing of Europe's largest harmonically tuned bell.

    While we support the idea of #savethesurprise, we'd also hate for fans to miss anything interesting. So we'd just like to say we think it might be a good idea to tune in to the Olympic opening ceremony this Friday (July 27th), 21:00 London time. It sounds like it should be interesting.

    Wednesday, 25 July 2012 191 comments

    Universal have announced on their facebook page that they are holding a competition - being judged by Mike himself - for the best remix of Tubular Bells part 1. You can find more details and enter by following their link to the competition site on indabamusic.com. The closing date for entries is 20th August 2012.

    Thanks Tubular Tos!

    Wednesday, 25 July 2012 34 comments

    Tom Newman advises: "Dear Tim Cross is in hospice and in need of all our prayers . . . please listen to his lovely production of my old Sad Sing single, and focus some sweet love towards him . . . Thank you all . . ."  

    Thanks to Philip Bendall and Tom Newman posting at the Virgin Records in the 70s & 80s Facebook page, for this information. As Philip mentioned, "Tim was an extraordinary talent on stage when Mike was touring 79-84." He also made a notable contribution to Mike's albums QE2 and Five Miles Out.

    To hear Tim's production of Tom's "Sad Sing," visit http://soundcloud.com/tom-newman.

    Here is an old interview with Tim.

    Update: Unfortunately, Tim Cross passed away on July 9th.

    Sunday, 8 July 2012 31 comments

    Mercury/Universal have now officially announced the new 2 CD compilation Two Sides and the 6 CD 'Classic Album Selection' set.

    They tell us that what makes Two Sides unique is that every aspect - from the choice and order of tracks, to the cover artwork - has been overseen by Mike himself.

    The track listing for Two Sides is:

    Tubular Bells (excerpt)
    Ommadawn (excerpt)
    Crises (excerpt)
    The Lake (excerpt)
    Amarok (excerpt 1)
    Amarok (excerpt 2)
    The Tempest

    Guilty (7" version)
    Family Man
    Five Miles Out
    Moonlight Shadow
    Shadow on the Wall
    To France
    Magic Touch
    Heaven's Open
    The Song of the Sun
    Summit Day
    Lake Constance
    Broad Sunlit Uplands
    The Doges' Palace
    Amber Light
    On My Heart

    The Classic Album Selection features Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge, Ommadawn, Incantations, Platinum and QE2, presented in cardboard 'mini LP' sleeves.

    Both are to be released on July 23rd.

    Friday, 22 June 2012 125 comments

    The rumour mill's been running hot for a while, and we're now able to confirm it officially - new releases of Platinum and QE2 from Mercury/Universal are on their way!

    Both will be available as both a standard single CD edition, a 2 CD deluxe edition (each including a CD of a live concert performance from the respective tour) and a limited edition coloured vinyl LP (blue for Platinum, white for QE2). Both albums have been remastered and the releases have been supervised by Mike Oldfield.

    The release date for both is July 23rd 2012.

    Track listings for the Deluxe Editions are:


    Disc 1

    01 Part One - Airborn 05:06
    02 Part Two - Platinum 06:06
    03 Part Three - Charleston 03:17
    04 Part Four - North Star / Platinum Finale 04:44
    05 Woodhenge 04:05
    06 Into Wonderland 03:46
    07 Punkadiddle 05:46
    08 I Got Rhythm 04:50
    09 Platinum (Live Studio Session) 05:12
    10 North Star (2012 mix) 08:07
    11 Blue Peter 02:06

    Disc 2 - Live at Wembley Arena, May 1980

    01 Platinum 20:43
    02 Punkadiddle 05:17
    03 I Got Rhythm 04:59
    04 Polka 03:42
    05 Incantations 22:14
    06 Tubular Bells Part II 08:53
    07 Guilty / Tubular Bells Part I Finale 05:45
    08 Blue Peter / Portsmouth 03:38
    09 William Tell 02:27


    Disc 1

    01 Taurus 1 10:16
    02 Sheba 03:32
    03 Conflict 02:48
    04 Arrival 02:45
    05 Wonderful Land 03:37
    06 Mirage 04:39
    07 QE2 07:37
    08 Celt 03:03
    09 Molly 01:16
    10 Polka 03:34
    11 Wonderful Land (Single Version) 02:50
    12 Shiva 03:34 (2012 reworking of Sheba)

    Disc 2 - Live in Essen, European Adventure Tour, April 1981

    01 Taurus 1 11:11
    02 Sheba 03:28
    03 Mirage 05:01
    04 Conflict 05:16
    05 Ommadawn 21:45
    06 Punkadiddle 05:24
    07 Tubular Bells Part I 18:30
    08 QE2 04:55
    09 Portsmouth 02:28

    More details and pre-ordering information on mikeoldfieldofficial.com

    Thursday, 14 June 2012 273 comments

    Terry Oldfield's new album, Journey Into Space, will be available soon at www.terryoldfield.com/journey. You can already listen to track previews on the page. Mike plays the guitar on 3 tracks: Origin, Flight of the Eagle and Dancer in the Void.

    "I have always had a bit of resistance to the term "New Age" music and I feel that this "Chill Out" album from Terry will do much to lift his name well out of that genre. I have really enjoyed the chance to interact and play with my Brother on this project and wish him great success with this release". - Mike Oldfield

    Wednesday, 6 June 2012 10 comments

    The highly acclaimed Tubular Bells for Two - performances of Mikes Tubular Bells piece by Australian multi-instrumentalists Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts - has been announced as part of the UK Edinburgh Fringe line-up for 2012. Shows will be at the Assembly Rooms venue from August 2nd to August 27th. The duo have performed the work previously using more than 20 instruments: pianos, organs, electric guitars, acoustic and spanish guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, tuned percussion, glockenspiel, drums, loop pedals, synthesizers, and, of course, tubular bells. In their own words, "the performance is intricately choreographed and rehearsed to present the work true to the original recording with all its multi-layered madness and subtle beauty intact."

    Tickets on sale at: http://www.assemblyfestival.com/webpage....&#title

    Wednesday, 30 May 2012 51 comments

    David Bedford's album Stars End featuring Mike on guitar and bass has been remastered and reissued by Esoteric Recordings. The piece was recorded in Barking Town Hall (for its acoustic properties) in 1974 and an excerpt of it featured on the collaborations section of Mike's Boxed album.

    Thanks Vicky

    Wednesday, 16 May 2012 10 comments

    Another 365-day journey around the sun. Happy 59th birthday, Mike!

    Monday, 14 May 2012 22 comments

    The io9.com daily web publication covering science, science fiction, and the future has published a list of 100 Albums Every Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan Should Listen To with The Songs of Distance Earth coming at at No. 43. Click here for more information.

    43. Mike Oldfield - Songs of Distant Earth (1994). "It's tempting to include Oldfield's landmark Tubular Bells, from the Exorcist soundtrack, instead. But this later album is based on the Arthur C. Clarke book of the same name, and it's even more atmospheric — and much more emotional and multi-layered. You need to listen to this electronic soundscape many times to get all the cosmic stuff that's going on. As MrMilano writes over at Discogs.com, "You truly travel to another dimension when listening to [it]. I only play it on special occasions, such as on an expedition to the Teotihuacan Pyramids outside Mexico City, and this is a CD I always give new friends as a gift." - CJA"  Thanks, Elf!

    Tuesday, 1 May 2012 6 comments

    Mike has recently made a few comments to speaker supplier Quested after purchasing some studio monitors from them. The comments can be found in the news section of their website.

    Not many comments to go on and what is said is open to interpretation - is "the project of a lifetime" his work on remastering his back catalogue of work or something new entirely? However Mike certainly seems to be working on *something*.

    Thanks to Blue Dolphin for spotting this and letting us know!

    Friday, 27 April 2012 45 comments

    Just a quick note to remind our audience this is a serious website and we are not into the whole April fool's business. We are too busy anyway booking our Virgin Volcanic trips and pre-ordering the YouTube Collection.

    Sunday, 1 April 2012 Post a comment!

    Mike's brother Terry Oldfield has announced on his facebook page that he has a new album titled Journey into Space due for release July 2012. The album cover states that the album features Mike Oldfield.

    Thanks jjmillenium!

    Friday, 9 March 2012 50 comments

    The new Covering Mike Oldfield's Covers blog is meticulously documenting the making of Mike's most iconic covers.

    Wednesday, 7 December 2011 22 comments

    BASCA, PRS and others have been reported that David Bedford passed away aged 74 on Saturday 1st October 2011 following a short illness.

    A prolific composer and musician, David is well known to the Mike Oldfield community for his involvement in a number of Mikes works including orchestrating and arranging the Orchestral Tubular Bells and Orchestral Hergest Ridge. He arranged and conducted orchestrations on a number of Mikes albums including Hergest Ridge, Incantations and The Killing Fields. David also played and provided vocals for a couple of Mikes singles - Don Alfonso and Speak (Tho' You Only Say Farewell).

    This news passed to us by Tati and Chris

    Tuesday, 4 October 2011 34 comments

    In the late '60s Mike recorded a number of tracks with his sister Sally as folk duo The Sallyangie. Their album Children Of The Sun is being reissued by Esoteric Records on 26th September 2011. Track listings and preorder information are available online for instance at amazon.co.uk. The reissue includes two tracks not previously available on CD - Child of Allah and Lady go Lightly.

    Thanks Vojtech

    Wednesday, 21 September 2011 11 comments

    Michael Stanton transcribed the Incantations Part 3 solo starting at 3:30 and made it available as a PDF. He also posted a video of him playing it.

    Thanks for sharing, Michael!

    Friday, 19 August 2011 20 comments

    According to their facebook and twitter posts dating back to November 2010, Mike has been collaborating with German electronica music duo York on tracks for their forthcoming album. The comments suggest Mike features on at least one chillout track on the album which is due to be released later in 2011.

    Kudos to Tati for spotting this!

    Tuesday, 16 August 2011 66 comments

    On Monday, 25 July, between 13:00-16:00, BBC 6 Music's Radcliffe & Maconie show will feature Mike Oldfield discussing with Stuart Maconie the reissue of Incantations.

    Thanks, Andrew Taylor!

    Friday, 22 July 2011 119 comments

    Universal says they will release the new issues of Incantations on July 25, 2011. Signed, deluxe (Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk), and standard (Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk) editions are available for pre-order.

    Tracklist of the deluxe edition:

    Disc 1
    1. Incantations Part One Remastered Stereo Mix
    2. Incantations Part Two Remastered Stereo Mix
    3. Incantations Part Three Remastered Stereo Mix
    4. Incantations Part Four Remastered Stereo Mix
    5. Guilty 7" Single Version

    Disc 2
    1. Diana 2011 Stereo Mix
    2. Northumbrian 2011 Stereo Mix
    3. Piano Improvisation 2011 Stereo Mix
    4. Hiawatha 2011 Stereo Mix
    5. Canon For Two Vibraphones 2011 Stereo Mix
    6. William Tell Overture
    7. Cuckoo Song
    8. Pipe Tune
    9. Wrekorder Wrondo
    10. Guilty 2011 Stereo Mix
    11. Diana - Desiderata 2011 Stereo Mix

    Disc 3 (DVD)
    1. Diana 5.1 Surround Sound Version
    2. Northumbrian 5.1 Surround Sound Version
    3. Piano Improvisation 5.1 Surround Sound Version
    4. Hiawatha 5.1 Surround Sound Version
    5. Canon For Two Vibraphones 5.1 Surround Sound Version
    6. Guilty 5.1 Surround Sound Version
    7. William Tell Overture Promotional Video, 1977
    8. Incantations Parts One & Two Live At Wembley Conference Centre, 1979
    9. Incantations Parts Three & Four Live At Wembley Conference Centre, 1979
    10. Guilty Promotional Video, 1979

    Wednesday, 1 June 2011 778 comments

    It is reported that the actress Janet Brown, famous for her impersonations of Margaret Thatcher, died peacefully earlier today 27th May 2011 aged 87. Janet worked with Mike in 1990 providing her imporsonation of Thatcher for the voiceover in the last section of the album Amarok.

    Thanks to Andrew and Robert for the alerts

    Friday, 27 May 2011 5 comments

    Mike is 58 today, happy birthday!

    A number of forum members at Tubular.net have been putting together an album of their songs and remixes of Mike's music as a tribute. Details of their work and a link to download the albums can be found at thetubularnetgroup.weebly.com.


    Sunday, 15 May 2011 20 comments

    We've updated the tubular.net Forums Guidelines with this item:

    All comments are submitted to Mike and his family for approval before publication. Mike also has the opportunity to tweak them as much as he wants until he is fully satisfied with them. Please be patient and respect Mike's time, your remixed comment will eventually be published.

    We are very excited about this innovative new feature, we call it comment::RemiX. We're going to turn it on next week.

    Thursday, 31 March 2011 14 comments

    Just received from Virgin's PR Department........

    Press Release
    Embargoed for 1 April 2011

    Richard Branson and the Tubular Belle Aid Irate Mike Oldfield Fans

    “Days in the Bahamas are generally clear, calm, and downright heavenly,” said Mike Oldfield, describing what it is like to wake up every day in an island paradise. “Walks on the beach, a swim in the sea, picking up a guitar, playing catch with my sons. Downright idyllic. ” On 30 March, however, his perfect day was rudely interrupted. “It was just horrible! Just horrible! Frightening!” exclaimed Oldfield, describing the day’s events. Not a hurricane nor earthquake, but a plane-load of irritated fans, who two years later still fuming over Tubular Bells the Ultimate Edition, descended upon the sleepy island like a Klingon Bird of Prey.  Richard Branson, founder and CEO of the Virgin Group, was in the lead. But why?

    Back up two years. In June 2009, Tubular Bells, a record that launched the career of young Mike Oldfield as a musician and Richard Branson as an entrepreneur (today the Virgin Group boasts 300 companies), was released as box set called Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition.  There was a limited version of the Ultimate Edition comprising 300 copies, which included a certificate signed by Oldfield. The limited version was available by special order through an online store for an increased price.  So far, so good. Except there was a mix-up with the distributors, which resulted in several copies going to the Amazon.com store rather than to the proper one. To complicate matters, the vinyl records themselves looked to be on the losing side of a game of Frisbee. Many fans were upset—they had paid extra to have a signed certificate. Other fans were quite happy, i.e., those ordering regular Ultimate Editions only to end up with a signed certificate.

    Universal Music, Mike’s record company, did the best they could to make up for the mayhap. At no time was Oldfield ever implicated in the mix-up—according to all sources he had promptly signed and returned the certificates as specified.

    “Imagine my mortification when here we are—my wife snapping pictures of jellyfish, the kids building a tubular bell sand castle, and me throwing a Jarre vinyl to the dog (he is great at catching those things! ) —when a plane cruises over our heads so close that you could see the spinach in the teeth of the Tubular Belle girl! [Editor’s Note: The “spinach” was probably a product of seagulls.] When I saw that bucket of bolts Tubular Belle aircraft, I knew immediately who it was. Branson just doesn’t know when to quit!”

    “For the last two years, every facet of the Virgin Group has received massive complaints," according to Branson. "All companies within the Virgin Group have had their products boycotted—everyone from the airlines to mobile phones to Mates. One irate Mike Oldfield fan threw her mobile at a customer service person and landed him in hospital,” said Branson.  “This thing went viral! They seem to have no idea that the Virgin Group no longer has any association with Mike Oldfield. In fact, I blame him for the plummeting of Virgin stock nearly a year and a half ago—our Group has always done well in any global recession, so that [the recession] was just not to blame. It was that Mike Oldfield.”

    Having had enough, Branson decided to take matters into his own hands—or plane, as the case may be. Tubular Belle emerged from retirement to spirit a fleet of invading fans to tell Oldfield how they felt. After getting an apology from Oldfield and a signed starfish, the group continued on to Branson’s private island—indeed, 40 lucky Mike Oldfield fans will spend the next week in their own paradise.  “It is much cheaper to fly 40 fans to the Islands than it is to have them and their friends boycotting Virgin.”  Did this appease the fans?  Not all of them.  “Oldfield’s dog chased me into the water and I got sand in my eyes,” said one. Another one was disappointed not to get a vinyl. There just isn’t pleasing some folks.  Oldfield declined further comment, except to say that he wishes he were still with Virgin so he could leave them all over again.  He then seemed to tap a message in Morse Code on a piece of driftwood.

    Jeff of SFP Photography captured a picture of the Tubular Belle landing at Nassau International Airport, The Bahamas.  Thanks to Jeff for granting permission to include.

    Thursday, 31 March 2011 16 comments

    According to co-organiser Andrew Kerr interviewed in the Somerset Guardian, Mike Oldfield is part of this years line up on the "Spirit of 1971" stage on Saturday 25th June at this years Glastonbury Festival.

    Update April 1st: The word from Mike, via Universal, is that he won't be appearing.

    Thursday, 31 March 2011 104 comments

    Multi-instrumentalists Daniel Holdsworth (The Saturns/The Maple Trail) and Aidan Roberts (The Maple Trail/Belles Will Ring) will perform their arrangement of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells on April 29 - May 5 at The Arts Centre, Melbourne. They play more than 20 instruments: pianos, organs, electric guitars, acoustic and spanish guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, tuned percussion, glockenspiel, drums, loop pedals, synthesizers, and, of course, tubular bells. In their own words, "the performance is intricately choreographed and rehearsed to present the work true to the original recording with all its multi-layered madness and subtle beauty intact."

    Tickets on sale at: http://www.theartscentre.com.au/whats-on/event.aspx?id=2592

    Thanks, Daniel Holdsworth

    Tuesday, 22 March 2011 13 comments

    www.mikeoldfieldofficial.com just announced that "the next wave of Deluxe Editions are looking very likely to be out in July 2011".

    Thanks, Spinne.

    Tuesday, 15 February 2011 139 comments

    On 29th November 2010 Esoteric Recordings will be releasing a remastered and expanded edition of Downwind, the 1978 recording by Pierre Moerlens GONG which features contributions from Mike. Further details can be found on Esoterics website

    Thanks Vicky Powell and manintherain.

    Tuesday, 16 November 2010 13 comments

    Getty Images is selling photos of Mike Oldfield in the Bahamas, shot by Mick Hutson.

    Merci, Serge Bouvet

    Tuesday, 20 July 2010 20 comments

    The first 3 minutes of Tubular Bells and Five Miles Out appear on Universal's 4-CD compilation Wondrous Stories: A Complete Introduction To Progressive Rock. You can watch the TV ad and order at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

    Thanks, Chris Simmons.

    Friday, 2 July 2010 22 comments

    NME reports that the Manor, a 16th century house converted in a studio by Richard Branson in 1971, is up for sale for £5,750,000 in Oxforshire. Mike Oldfield recorded Tubular Bells there in 1973. Other artists who used The Manor include Gong, Tangerine Dream, Black Sabbath, and Radiohead.

    Thanks to HuanCry for pointing us to the original story in The Independent.

    Sunday, 6 June 2010 5 comments

    ♫♩ Happy Birthday, M☂ke! ♬

    Friday, 14 May 2010 31 comments

    Scottish percussionist and composer Morris Pert has died, aged 62.

    Along with contributing drums and percussion to the albums Platinum, QE2, Five Miles Out and The Killing Fields, Morris co-wrote the tracks Family Man and Orabidoo. He was also part of Mike's touring band on the 1981 and 1982 tours.

    He passed away on April 27th 2010.

    Thanks, Juan-Carlos Martin and Les Wood

    Sunday, 9 May 2010 30 comments

    The limited edition versions of Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn are now available to pre-order from a new Mike Oldfield official store.

    Both include a 3 disc Deluxe Edition, an LP and a signed and numbered framed print of the album artwork. Each set is limited to 250 copies. The price is £74.99 (UKP) or €84.99 (EUR) from the European Store.

    Update - April 30th: Some people have noticed the limited editions appearing for sale elsewhere, but we can confirm that the only place to buy these will be on mikeoldfieldofficial.com. There will be no unsigned limited editions available. Each limited edition set will be personally hand-signed by Mike in the Bahamas - he's been busy signing these and the prints are expected back in the UK soon!

    Tuesday, 27 April 2010 534 comments

    Mercury/Universal has now confirmed the details of the upcoming re-releases of Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn, scheduled for release on June 7th.

    Both will be available as single disc, 3 disc (2 CD + DVD) deluxe, vinyl and digital download editions. There will also be limited edition sets of each album, comprising a deluxe edition, an LP and a framed, signed print of the album artwork. Only 250 copies will be produced of each, which will be sold through mikeoldfieldofficial.com.

    In addition to new mixes by Mike Oldfield, the deluxe and download editions will also include demo versions of the albums. The Hergest Ridge Deluxe Edition also includes the original 1974 album mix. Both deluxe editions include a DVD with new 5.1 mixes by Mike Oldfield.

    In addition, Hergest Ridge will have new artwork, based on Google Earth/Bluesky photographs of the ridge.

    Hergest Ridge Deluxe Edition artwork

    Ommadawn Deluxe Edition artwork

    Full press release, including track listings, in the next post in the forum topic for this news item.

    Monday, 26 April 2010 82 comments

    Note: This was an April Fools' day item!

    In the lead up to the new Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn releases, hergestridge2010.com has been launched.

    It includes information on the new releases, as well as details of a launch event and a special promotional offer.

    We expect a similar site for Ommadawn to follow soon.

    Thursday, 1 April 2010 33 comments

    Amazon.co.uk has begun taking pre-orders on Deluxe Editions of Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn.

    According to their track lists, Hergest Ridge includes In Dulci Jubilo (For Maureen), Spanish Tune and demos of Part One and Part Two. Ommadawn includes a 'lost version'.

    They also have a single disc edition of Ommadawn, which includes In Dulci Jubilo, First Excursion, Argiers and Portsmouth, plus there's a single disc edition of Hergest Ridge which currently has no track listing.

    The release date given for all three is May 24th 2010.

    Update March 28th: What Records is now taking orders for 180 gram vinyl editions of Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn. Hergest Ridge is listed as being the original 1974 stereo mix.

    Update April 17th: Amazon is now showing a release date of June 7th.

    Thanks, crises1980, EeToN, spark, Nacho and Tubular World

    Friday, 26 March 2010 97 comments

    On board the Oldfields' boat Sea Dragon, moored off St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, Fanny Oldfield has been exploring her husband's music and writing a diary about her experiences.

    One Track a Day begins with Music of the Spheres and includes many interesting insights into both Mike Oldfield's music (past and future...) and the Oldfields' daily life, plus Fanny's photographs of the sights surrounding them - all right here at tubular.net!

    We have a new dedicated forum for comments and discussion. Enjoy!

    Monday, 1 March 2010 Post a comment!

    Russell Ducker's Epimetheus (2009), a 20 minute ballet piece set to Music of the Spheres, is being performed in New York in March 2010 as part of a tour by Corella Ballet Castilla y León.

    The piece was premiered in 2009 in Spain, details can be found on the Corella Ballet website. Details of the New York performances can be found  at Broadwayworld.

    Spotted by Dirk Star

    Friday, 26 February 2010 Post a comment!

    Tubular Bells part I and Ommadawn part I were performed recently by Fadalack at a concert in Alicante, Spain. A very positive review in Spanish can be found here and a clip of the concert can be viewed on youtube.

    Thanks, Angel Valero from the TaurusIV website

    Thursday, 18 February 2010 8 comments

    Daniel Holdsworth (Dan Leonard) and Aidan Roberts (The Maple Trail) return to the Vanguard in Sydney, Australia, on March 13, 2010 to perform their two-man version of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells utilizing acoustic and electric guitars, two pianos, three synthesizers, two drum kits, bass guitar, mandolin, glockenspiel, and of course, tubular bells.

    Tuesday, 16 February 2010 37 comments

    Members of the Mike Oldfield Forums have known about the tubular.net presence in Second Life for quite awhile. This message especially goes out to everyone else, including the 10,000+ Tubular.net fans on FaceBook.

    Tubular.net has started to host weekly meet-ups on Saturdays from 12-1 PM PST/8-9PM GMT.  The locations of the meet-ups may move around inworld, but for now we're at Vigdorova 151,75,93. To reach the sky house, use the teleporter near the stones: click on the spinning ...lavendar disc; or, IM Morrighan Heron for a TP. To join the Tubular.net SL group and receive future announcements, search under Groups for tubular.net or Mike Oldfield.

    Hope to see you there!

    Saturday, 6 February 2010 4 comments

    There was some concern amongst Music VR fans when the Music VR sections were removed from mikeoldfield.com in its redesign last year.

    We're pleased to say that Music VR has a new home here at tubular.net - we've been given permission to act as the new official source for all things Music VR. You can download Tres Lunas and Maestro via the links on the front page for now. They're both completely free to download and use.

    You can visit the Music VR area on the forum for support.

    Wednesday, 27 January 2010 14 comments

    We've had word from Universal that the new editions of Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn will be out in April. We ought to have more details shortly.

    For those concerned about the disappearance of mikeoldfield.com, we're told it'll be back soon.

    Saturday, 16 January 2010 146 comments

    Esoteric Recordings is reissuing two Pekka Pojhola titles at the end of January, including The Mathematician's Air Display. Produced by and featuring Mike, this remastered reissue will be released on 25 January.

    Thanks to Christian Maguhn and Vicky Powell!

    Monday, 11 January 2010 47 comments

    Happy New Year 2010!


    2009 has been rainy for us Mike Oldfield fans, we can be proud of our patience. Let's not try to predict how 2010 will be packaged, and wish we'll ultimately be rewarded.

    We have started to work on the tubular.net backend in 2009, you can see the first results in the articles section. This will allow us to easily search, translate, and share any data about Mike. But the best part of the site cannot be modelized: the forums. Thank you so much for visiting and participating, welcome to the new 2009 members and admin, and we always keep a sweet little spot for people who may want to come back say hi.

    Friday, 1 January 2010 18 comments

    Maggie Reilly's latest album, Looking Back, Moving Forward, contains re-recordings of Moonlight Shadow, To France, and Family Man. Order from Voiceprint, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca.

    Thanks, manintherain.

    Thursday, 5 November 2009 47 comments

    The UK's Royal Mail is planning on releasing a Tubular Bells first class stamp as part of a series featuring classic album covers on January 7th 2010. The Royal Mail website currently carries no mention of them, but details and pictures are available on the Norvic Philatelics website.

    Thanks, Andy White

    Update January 2010: The stamps are now on sale. As well as the usual outlets in the UK, you can buy them from the Royal Mail online store

    Sunday, 11 October 2009 33 comments

    The 50th Anniversary edition of Music Week features Tubular Bells in the official Top-Selling UK albums 1959-2009 at No. 35, noting it as the only entry that did not yield a hit single. Sales in the UK are listed as 2,630,000. There are also other mentions of the early days of Virgin and Tubular Bells throughout the magazine.

    Thanks, Chris Simmons

    Tuesday, 22 September 2009 6 comments

    Tony Palmer's All You Need Is Love documentary covering the history of popular music is soon to be available to buy as individual DVDs. Previously available as part of a box set, the "Imagine - New Directions" volume featuring interviews with Mike Oldfield is available for pre-order from voiceprint and Amazon.co.uk.

    Thanks, Yanouch65

    Thursday, 13 August 2009 9 comments

    The grounds of Mike's former South Gloucestershire home near Bristol are now open to the public aimed at being "a great day out for all the family". The grounds were used as the setting for many of the publicity photos for Music of the Spheres. The house itself is not open to visitors. Details are available at http://www.olddownpark.co.uk/.

    Thanks to Kelvin Davies for the information

    Wednesday, 29 July 2009 10 comments

    The National Film Theatre on London's South Bank will be showing The Space Movie (which includes otherwise unreleased music by Mike Oldfield) on the 28th and 29th of July.

    Tickets are £6.40 for the 28th (18:20 in the smaller NFT 3) and £9.00 for the 29th (17:50 in NFT 1).

    Many thanks, Bob Smith

    Sunday, 19 July 2009 22 comments

    We've been investigating ordering problems reported with signed copies of the Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition.

    The main problems appear to be:
    • Items still not despatched, despite credit cards having been charged as far back as mid May.
    • Inadequate packaging leading to damage in transit, despite a premium having been charged for postage and packaging due to the item's value and weight.
    • Signed copies arriving without signed certificates, possibly linked to...
    • Signed copies being sold by Amazon, contradicting the claim that they would only be available through the official website.
    • A general lack of communication from Completely Independent Distribution Ltd, who are running the official online store.

    We've decided to take this into our own hands, so we'd like to hear from you if you've had any of the problems listed above. Please send an email to contact@tubular.net, giving as much detail of the case as possible, including details of:

    • Your name and order number.
    • The problem(s) you've had (including, if you've not received your copy yet, when your credit card was charged).
    • The steps you've taken to report the problem and details of communication you've had about it.

    Your details may be shared with Completely Independent Distribution Ltd and Universal Music Group as part of an effort to get these problems solved. General details of the case may be shared with the press, but your individual details (name, order number, email address) will remain private unless we ask your permission.

    Update June 30th: We're now in communication with Completely Independent Distribution and Bravado in an effort to resolve the reported problems

    Update July 6th: People who have reported damaged copies should all have been offered a replacement. People who have reported problems with late delivery should also have been contacted.
    If you're having problems, please contact customerservices@bandstores.co.uk before contacting us (though by all means copy contact@tubular.net into the mail if you want).

    Thursday, 25 June 2009 405 comments

    The Tubular Bells Collection has entered the BBC Radio 1's top 40 album chart at no 25. Check it out at BBC Radio 1.

    Update 06/21: no. 11

    Thanks, Chris Simmons!

    Sunday, 14 June 2009 21 comments

    The people at UK Hi-Fi store Richer Sounds tell us that by signing up to their 'VIP Club' mailing list in June, you can win one of several Tubular Bells-themed prizes.

    Top prize is a £1000 Cambridge Audio/Mordaunt Short hifi system, a signed ultimate edition, a t-shirt and a canvas print. Second prize is a deluxe edition, t-shirt and a print, and there are also 15 Mike Oldfield Collection CDs to be won.

    More details on their website.

    Saturday, 6 June 2009 20 comments

    To celebrate the re-release of Tubular Bells, Mercury Records is holding a special event on June 6th at the British Music Experience at the O2 in London.

    The event will feature the 29 piece Handbell Ringers of Great Britain and an Orbular Bells DJ set by The Orb.

    There will also be bell ringing workshops, competitions and more!

    The event will be from 2 until 6pm and admission is £15 for adults, £12 concessions and children go free (details in the press release).

    Update (29th May): Download the press release

    Monday, 25 May 2009 104 comments

    A new online store has been launched, where you can order the limited edition version of the upcoming Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition, signed by Mike Oldfield.

    There's also a selection of  Tubular Bells t-shirts available to buy.

    Friday, 15 May 2009 522 comments

    Universal has updated mikeoldfield.com / tubularbells2009.com to include a buy link for registering interest in the Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition.

    Tuesday, 28 April 2009 55 comments

    Spanish music news website Efe Eme has published a picture of the Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition.

    Muchas gracias, mikeoldfieldblog.com

    Monday, 27 April 2009 26 comments

    Mikeoldfield.com has now been updated to redirect to tubularbells2009.com. The site includes some pictures and an area for uploading reminiscences related to tubular bells. It does not yet include anywhere for ordering the upcoming Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition.

    Tuesday, 21 April 2009 98 comments

    Universal has released details of the new versions of Tubular Bells due for release on June 8th on the Mercury label.

    It will be available in four different physical versions and two different digital download versions, including:

    A 2 CD compilation, with a new stereo remix of Tubular Bells, plus a hits collection, aimed at introducing new listeners to Mike's music.

    A deluxe edition, with 2 CDs and a DVD, featuring the stereo remix, the original mix, a new 5.1 remix and video of the BBC Second House performance of Tubular Bells Part One.

    A vinyl release of the original mix.

    An ultimate edition, including the new stereo remix, Mike Oldfield's Single, the original mix, the vinyl edition, the 5.1 remix, a 5.1 remix of Mike Oldfield's Single, the video of the Second House performance, the 1971 demos and a never heard before scrapped first mix of Tubular Bells from Spring 1973.
    If that wasn't already enough, the ultimate edition will also include a 60 page hardback book, plectrums, a poster, a facsimile of the Manor Studios brochure, a facsimile concert ticket, a postcard and recording information.
    This will be a limited edition of 500, each one signed and numbered by Mike Oldfield, available from mikeoldfield.com, which is due to be relaunched next week.

    Mercury/Universal will be promoting the release with a special event on June 6th at 6pm, where bells will be rung in locations throughout the world, footage of which will then be available on mikeoldfield.com

    The complete press release with all the details can be read on the forum.

    Wednesday, 15 April 2009 235 comments

    According to an article in UK newspaper the Daily Telegraph, Mike is selling his home in Mallorca in order to move to the Bahamas.

    The asking price is a cool 3.95 million euros.

    Thanks, Gill Aberdein

    Thursday, 26 March 2009 60 comments

    It's looking set to be a tubular summer: following the transfer of Mike's Virgin back catalogue to Universal/Mercury as part of Mike's 2005 deal, Mercury is preparing to begin re-releasing Mike's Virgin albums this year, starting with Tubular Bells.

    A full press release will be made on April 1st, but as revealed exclusively to tubular.net, they're not fooling around when it comes to content - this looks set to be one serious release. Not content to just release a repackaged version of the existing Tubular Bells CD, they've been digging deep into the archives and, with the help of Mike himself, are working on some very special things. They're making sure there will be something for everyone, from newcomers to Mike's music to the most hardcore of fans.

    Release is scheduled for June 8th and Mercury is intent on making this the summer of the bell!

    Update April 10th: We expect the press release to be available next week.

    Thursday, 19 March 2009 112 comments

    Music of the Spheres has been nominated for the Classical BRIT best album of 2009. You can vote here.

    Thanks, hairy old hippy.

    Wednesday, 11 March 2009 70 comments

    Better late than never, we wish you all the best for 2009! It might be the year where some learn to consume more reasonably - not speaking of Mike Oldfield's music ;)

    Many thanks again for all the contributions: photos of instruments, tickets, and of course the forums. One could point out that several topics are quite Oldfieldesque, quoting other topics and being repetitive in a non boring way.
    Of course, thanks to Mike for Music of the Spheres and to Universal for inviting us to the premiere in Bilbao.

    A big technical project for tubular.net, which might se the light in 2009, is to organize all the content in a database, this would mean that we'll be able for example to easily cross link sections, like seeing which album used which guitar, or to let you know which section has been updated since you last visited the site. The other advantage would be to allow the database to be called from something else than the tubular.net website, such as a 'Mike Oldfield Reference' iPhone app for example, a non English website, etc.

    Wednesday, 7 January 2009 8 comments

    BBC Four will broadcast a 1974 live studio performance of Tubular Bells on Tuesday, 6 January at 20:30-21:00/8:30-9:00 PM (GMT). Click here for further information.

    Thanks, Jonathan!

    Thursday, 1 January 2009 35 comments

    Mike Oldfield is one of the artists contributing to BBC Four Prog Rock Brittania on Jan 2 at 22:00, along with Robert Wyatt, Pete Sinfield, Rick Wakeman, Phil Collins, Arthur Brown, Carl Palmer and Ian Anderson. The documentary explores the life and decline of progressive music, the bands involved, and their musical style.

    Monday, 29 December 2008 80 comments

    Greetings, again!

    There will be another Mike Oldfield Night in Second Life, this one coming up tomorrow, Monday, 8 December at 9PM GMT, which is 1PM SLT (Pacific Time).

    If you've been thinking of trying out SL, this might be a great opportunity. You will already have fast friends and someplace to go. (-:  www.secondlife.com to get started. If you get inworld and need help, look for Morrighan Heron or Zanny Wirefly. It would be a good thing to spend some time on Orientation Island and Help Island, first. To find the Subterranea, click on Search (middle of your screen, bottom). Key in Subterranea in the search box. Make sure you have checkmarked the "mature content" box (even libraries are "mature content"--don't ask me why). Click on Subterranea, then there will be another screen, which will have a teleport option. Click on teleport, and away you'll go!

    Hope to see you there!

    Sunday, 7 December 2008 8 comments

    Finnish multi-instrumentalist and composer Pekka Pohjola has passed away on November 27. Pekka played bass with Mike during the 1979 tour and is credited on Exposed. Mike produced and contributed to Pekka's album Keesojen Lehto - Mathematician's Air Display.

    Kiittää te, Mika

    Thursday, 27 November 2008 17 comments

    With November 24th fast approaching, curiosity about the new Music of the Spheres 2 CD edition has been growing. Thanks to those nice people at Universal, we can now put an end to the speculation!

    The set is packaged in a specially designed digipak, with spaces for the two CDs plus the booklet. Behind the two CDs is an enlarged version of the Music of the Spheres cover design. The booklet design is little changed from that the single CD edition, aside from some extra pages of credits for the live recording. We have a picture of the boxed set here.

    The sound quality of the live CD is a definite improvement over the iTunes edition: full and warm, with much greater presence and detail. Fans of the studio album who haven't heard the live recording yet will definitely find it an interesting listen, those of you who have the iTunes edition already will appreciate the better sound quality of the CD and everyone should be able to appreciate the stylish packaging of this limited edition set!

    It would of course make the perfect gift for anyone who's a fan of Mike, Lang Lang, Hayley Westenra or Karl Jenkins, but why wait for Santa to bring it when you can order your own copy at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com?

    Thursday, 23 October 2008 21 comments

    A 2 CD limited edition of Music of the Spheres will be released on November 24, containing the studio version and the live version recorded at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. Preorder it at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk.

    Update, Oct 19: view a high resolution version of the album artwork, courtesy of Universal, here. We're told it will be released in special packaging, making it perfect as a gift. Additionally, Music Week has reported that Music of the Spheres has been the 2nd biggest selling classical album this year; with Christmas just around the corner and a tasty stocking filler like this on the market, it can only be set to climb higher!

    Grazie mile, mikeoldfield.it, tubular_trekkie, Universal Music and Chris Simmons.

    Thursday, 2 October 2008 34 comments

    Song For Survival, Mike Oldfield's track for Bruce Parry's Survival International charity project, has been digitally released on iTunes UK and Play.com as part of the Amazon album. You can also preorder it on Amazon.co.uk. The Amazon TV show starts on September 15 on BBC2.

    Thanks, Molly!

    Update: now available on international iTunes stores as well.

    Update Oct 9: out in the shops on Oct 13. Molly also informs us that the Amazon TV show is pretty popular with an audience of 3 million people a week.

    Monday, 15 September 2008 110 comments

    Mike is selling more equipment via Chandler Guitars: Digidesign Pro Tools slave driver, Digidesign 888/24 8-track to 24-bit digital converter, Roland Fantom-XR synth module, Trace Elliot GP11 bass head, Yamaha OIV96 digital mixer, Yamaha Tyros 1 workstation keyboard.

    Monday, 1 September 2008 31 comments

    The Songs For Survival album accompanying BBC2 new TV series Bruce Parry's Amazon will feature an exclusive song by Mike Oldfield. The theme of the series is performed by Apparatjik composed of Guy Berryman (Coldplay), Magne Furuholmen (a-ha) and Jonas Bjerre (Mew). It starts on september 22.

    Via mikeoldfieldblog.com under Tati The Sentinel's watch

    Update Aug 25: according to the Kensaltown Records' tracklisting, Mike's track is : Mike Oldfield feat. the Anuta tribe - Song For Survival

    Update Sep 14: Song For Survival is available at iTunes UK and Play.com which provides a sample.

    Thursday, 21 August 2008 63 comments

    30 years after his hit Rockollection, French pop star Laurent Voulzy covers a part of Moonlight Shadow in his last album Recollection, among other covers from The Police, Bananarama, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Bee Gees, REM, Michel Polnareff, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison, Supertramp, Talk Talk, etc. Moonlight Shadow appears the in track Jukebox and is sung by a female voice. Order at Amazon.fr, .co.uk, .com, .ca.

    Merchi, Olier!

    Saturday, 19 July 2008 14 comments

    The Subterranea Progressive Rock Club of Second Life will feature an evening with Mike Oldfield's music on Friday, 27 June at 12:00PM SLT (Pacific Time; 8PM GMT). You can find the venue using the search feature once you're in SL (search "subterranea") ; or, ask Moog McMahon for a teleport. The last Mike Oldfield Night was very well attended!

    Friday, 27 June 2008 6 comments

    Warner is set to release a new 'sight & sound' CD + DVD set of Mike's Art in Heaven concert from 1999/2000.

    The CD contains audio-only versions of all the tracks on the DVD, with the exception of the 'Art in Heaven' track, which isn't included. Some sources claim that the tracks on the CD will be in 5.1, though this would seem a strange choice as it would render it unplayable on systems without a Dolby/DTS decoder (i.e. most stereo systems).

    The release is set for June 30th and you can pre order it from Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Amazon.co.uk.

    Dank je wel, Burning Fish.

    Wednesday, 18 June 2008 24 comments

    The California Guitar Trio has a cover of Tubular Bells on its latest album entitled Echoes. You can buy it at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk. Other acoustic covers include Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird, Queen's Bohemian Rapshody, and Beethoven's Pastorale.

    Thanks, Jordi.

    Wednesday, 4 June 2008 6 comments

    BBC broadcast journalist Daniel Garrett has informed us that BBC Radio Wiltshire has posted a 9 minute audio interview of Mike about his early success with Tubular Bells and the pressure from Richard Branson, inspiration, Music of the Spheres, spirituality, working with other people and then alone putting parts together, and lastly about taking a few years of rest and perhaps retiring.

    Thursday, 15 May 2008 19 comments

    While we're sure that all of Mike's fans will remember what's special about today, we want to keep in mind how Mike likes to use this site to remember what's going on in his life. So Mike, in case you're wondering what that big cake is for: it's your birthday today!

    Many happy returns, Mike!

    Wednesday, 14 May 2008 32 comments

    Tony Palmer's All You Need Is Love documentary covering the history of popular music has been released as a DVD box set. Episode 17 tells the story of Ommadawn. Buy it at Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, or Amazon.ca! In its review, The Guardian says that "the series ends with a century of music flashing before our eyes to the soundtrack of Mike Oldfield's Ommadawn".

    Thanks, Chris Simmons.

    Thursday, 8 May 2008 4 comments

    The double album of Music of the Spheres, which contains the live recording from Bilbao, is now downloadable through iTunes-USA.

    Thank you, Chris Hopkins and Bruce Bell, for the update!

    Thursday, 17 April 2008 10 comments

    April Fool's Special We're thrilled to announce that Universal has confirmed the release of Music of the Cubes on April 16 as an electronic download and a physical USB flash drive designed by Hans Claesson in the shape of a cube, sold for a limited time exclusively on Tubular.net!

    Mike said that "Music of the Cubes is like the Spheres single to the power 3, it's how Music of the Spheres initially took shape, before Karl [Jenkins] smoothed down the rough edges". We'll randomly sell 100 copies of the USB drive containing an exclusive wallpaper signed and numbered by Hans Claesson, each slightly different.

    Mike also said he might "do a rock version, something between Cubes and Spheres, before some fool who doesn't understand the deep deep meaning of the spheres ruins it" and would love to make "a round of concerts in a few famous squares in Europe".

    Tuesday, 1 April 2008 34 comments

    Dith Pran, the Cambodian-born journalist for the New York Times who was the subject of Roland Joffe's movie 'The Killing Fields', has died of cancer.

    The story of his struggle under the Khmer Rouge touched millions through the articles of fellow New York Times journalist Sydney H. Schanberg, and of course through Joffe's film, which featured Mike Oldfield's first and only feature film soundtrack.

    Sunday, 30 March 2008 2 comments

    It's official - Music of the Spheres has entered at number 1 in the UK classical charts, as published by Music Week!

    It also entered the general album chart at a very respectable number 9.

    Update March 26: the album entered the Spanish charts at number 7.

    Thanks, Dave L of the Hayley Westenra International forum, simmo2005 and David of mikeoldfieldblog.com

    Sunday, 23 March 2008 94 comments

    Universal Music Classics & Jazz has posted a video of the first part of the Music of the Spheres premiere in Bilbao on their KlassikAkzente.de site.

    Wednesday, 19 March 2008 19 comments

    A box set of DVDs of Tony Palmer's documentary series on the history of popular music, All You Need Is Love, is now available to buy from allyouneedislovedvd.com.

    Episode 17 will be of particular interest to fans of Mike Oldfield, as it contains the well known 'making of Ommadawn' feature.

    Dank je wel, Blue Dolphin

    Wednesday, 19 March 2008 5 comments

    The science fiction writer and technological visionary Arthur C. Clarke has died at his home in Sri Lanka, aged 90.

    The influence of his legendary novels and short stories can be seen in many of Mike Oldfield's works, not least 1994's The Songs of Distant Earth, inspired by Clarke's novel of the same name.

    His death comes as a sad loss to the worlds of literature, science and technology, but his legacy will live on through his work for many years to come.

    Tuesday, 18 March 2008 17 comments

    After a long wait, Music of the Spheres finally hits shops across Europe today. If it's not in a store near you, you can order it on amazon.co.uk or you can try your luck and order from play.com and see if yours will be one of the 200 signed copies!

    The iTunes version, including the Live at Bilbao recording is also available on all European iTunes stores right now!

    We wish the best of success to Mike and to our friends at Universal Classics and Jazz.

    Sunday, 16 March 2008 119 comments

    Universal is set to release a special download package of Music of the Spheres on iTunes on March 18th.

    The release includes the studio recording, modified artwork, a video interview with Mike Oldfield and Karl Jenkins, the live recording of the premiere concert in Bilbao and a PDF booklet.

    Wednesday, 12 March 2008 84 comments

    elpais.com, elmundo.es, and etb2 Spanish news have posted short videos of the premiere of Music of the Spheres in the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

    Saturday, 8 March 2008 8 comments

    We'd like to say a big thank you to all the fans who were involved with the Music of the Spheres premiere event in Bilbao last night. It was brilliant how everyone - both from this site and from all the other fan groups involved - came together to make the whole thing possible. Thanks of course also have to go to everyone who's made this possible by simply supporting this site and making it one which gets taken seriously!

    It was really fun to spend time with the 'Tubular Ten' and with new and old friends from all the other sites and we look forward to doing it again in the future!

    Saturday, 8 March 2008 60 comments

    eitb24.com has posted a video of the rehearsals for the premiere of Music of the Spheres.

    Update March 6: eitb has posted an exclusive interview.

    Tuesday, 4 March 2008 26 comments

    MikeOldfield.com has announced that play.com will have 200 signed copies of Music of the Spheres randomly mixed up in their stock.

    Friday, 29 February 2008 27 comments

    The launch of Music of the Spheres has been a hot topic amongst fans for the past few months and it's about to get even hotter, as we offer our visitors the chance to win one of a handful of tickets to the premiere performance in Bilbao, Spain, on March 7th.

    Congratulations to our winners, users BTH, clotty, GodGift, manintherain and Susanakin!

    Wednesday, 27 February 2008 84 comments

    One of Mike's initial demo recordings for Music of the Spheres will be released next week, on March 3rd, as a download-only 'digital single'.

    The news item on mikeoldfield.com says that the track, called Spheres, "was the initial piece of music Mike recorded when conceiving the idea for this album and it doesn't feature the involvement of Karl Jenkins or any other musicians."

    It will be available 'from all good digital retailers'.

    Update March 1 - You can hear a one minute preview of the track at 7digital.com (just click the blue play button).

    Update March 2 - UK iTunes users can buy 'Spheres' right now on the iTunes music store!

    Update March 4 - You can buy on 7digital, iTunes, msn, napster, tiscali.

    Tuesday, 26 February 2008 97 comments

    We're thrilled to announce that Mike will be performing music from Music Of The Spheres live as part of a launch event at the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao on March 7th 2008. He will be accompanied by the Euskaudiko Orkestra.

    It seems that this is essentially a private launch event for the press, but Universal tell us that they're currently looking at ways to offer opportunities for fans to attend the concert - keep watching this space!

    Update 6/2/08 - the Bilbao Choral Society will also be accompanying Mike in the concert

    Update 14/2/08 - a press release from the Euskaudiko Orkestra confirms that Hayley Westenra will also be appearing.

    Update 26/2/08 - The concert will be recorded and released exclusively on iTunes as part of a special package on March 17th.

    Wednesday, 23 January 2008 100 comments

    It's just been announced on mikeoldfield.com that Mike and Fanny's new baby, Eugene, was born early on the morning of the 20th.

    Mike says "We're so happy, it's the most wonderful thing to have Eugene in the world. It's been an unusual time recently, as we are staying at our holiday home in Spain, so this is just fantastic. We're going to be busy over the next few weeks and months!"

    Our congratulations go to Mike and Fanny on this happy occasion!

    Thanks, Neil Ince

    Monday, 21 January 2008 38 comments

    Mikeoldfield.com has been updated, with a new Music Of The Spheres look. The release date for the album has been confirmed as March 17th.

    Keep watching this space for more exciting news!

    Thanks David and Universal Music

    Wednesday, 16 January 2008 44 comments

    mundomikeoldfield.com has interviewed Marcel Bergmann about his adaptation of Tubular Bells for 4 pianos. A CD of the performance should be released on Brilliant Classics.

    Update Jan 14: www.tubularbells4piano.com offers official information and 4 samples of the recording.

    Update Feb 26: Brilliant Classics has released the CD, which is available at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk.

    Saturday, 5 January 2008 2 comments

    Happy New Year 2008!

    As every year, we'd like to reiterate our thanks to the Tubular.net community for all the wonderful contributions in the forums, news tips, recordings of media events, photos, and just for coming back here regularly to read, view, and listen.

    2007 has almost seen the release of Music of the Spheres, with several exclusive tips directly form Universal Music, and lot of updates in the instruments list. The instruments that created Mike Oldfield's trademark sounds are now in the hands of happy fans. We have also started to add scans of tickets in the Tours page.

    We may try to organize the instruments list a bit better in 2008 and to introduce a better FAQ system which would be more dynamic, allowing us for example to easily share the questions we answer via email from the visitors who prefer to ask us directly rather than using the forums. It could also allow moderated comments. We may also update the look and feel of the site, trying to modernize it by using some color gradients while keeping it compact, clear and usable.

    Monday, 31 December 2007 15 comments

    The Dutch TV channel Nederland 3 will show an interview with Mike this (Thursday) evening, as part of the show Top 2000 a gogo.

    The show starts at 19:30 Dutch time (that is, GMT +1), and there will be a repeat at 0:15.

    You will also be able to watch it online after the broadcast at http://top2007.radio2.nl/

    thanks, Blue Dolphin

    Wednesday, 26 December 2007 42 comments

    The 22nd High Performance Rodeo in Calgary will present on January 16, 17, 18 an adaptation of the first side of Tubular Bells by Calgary composer and concert pianist Marcel Bergmann, performed on 4 Steinway grand pianos by The Bergmann Duo and special guests Jeroen Van Veen and Hong Xu, along with 4 dancers from Alberta Ballet choreographed by Yukichi Hattori.

    Tuesday, 18 December 2007 6 comments

    Universal has included Mike Oldfield's On My Heart (buy mp3) from the forthcoming Music Of The Spheres album in the compilation The Number One Classical Album 2008.

    Thursday, 6 December 2007 17 comments

    Some of Mike's equipment is being sold on eBay: amps, cases, racks, pedals, effects, mixers, and more...

    Update Dec 8: Piano Auctions is listing:
    • Lot #77: Glockenspiel A 3-octave concert glockenspiel; the property of Mike Oldfield. £500 - £700

    • Lot #118: Steinway No 137655 (c1910) A 6ft 11in Model B grand piano in a rosewood case together with a stool. This piano is accompanied by a letter of provenance stating it was used by Mike Oldfield on his recordings from 1987 to 2007. £8,000 - 12,000
    Update Dec 12: Chandler Guitars is listing:

    Thursday, 6 December 2007 114 comments

    As some of you have already noticed, amazon.co.uk and play.com are now listing a March 9th release date for Music Of The Spheres.

    Having spoken with Universal UK, it seems this is not a definite release date, and plans are still being made for the launch of the album next year. It is likely that the release will be in March, but it may be yet later than the revised release date given by those two online stores. Definite details should be made available early next year.

    Friday, 16 November 2007 42 comments

    Brisant entertainment news featured Mike Oldfield on German TV.

    Sunday, 11 November 2007 16 comments

    Can rock learn anything from classical music?  Click here to read what Mike, along with Tim Hodgkinson, replies to Philip Clark of Gramophone magazine on the subject.

    Thanks to Tati and mikeoldfield.it!

    en español

    Saturday, 3 November 2007 16 comments

    EMI Japan has reissued Mike Oldfield's albums (2000 remasters) with miniaturized LP sleeve replicas of the original UK vinyl album artworks.

    Thanks, Kenji Hayata.

    Monday, 29 October 2007 5 comments

    The Sunday Times has published an article in which Mike Oldfield is interviewed about the Gloucestershire property he is selling.

    Thanks, Ratty.

    en español

    Sunday, 28 October 2007 13 comments

    Mike Oldfield has quit Britain where he is selling [link updated] his £3.5 million Gloucestershire mansion and is returning to Spain. This is London has an article where Mike explains he feels he lost his freedom because of the smoking ban and the health-and-safety culture.

    Sunday, 21 October 2007 98 comments

    Reel Recordings has released Kevin Ayers & the Whole World: Live in Hyde Park Free Concert 1970 with bassist Mike Oldfield.

    Thanks, www.mikeoldfieldblog.es.

    Monday, 8 October 2007 3 comments

    We've had confirmation from Universal UK that the release date for Music of the Spheres has been moved back to late January. This is due to Mike being unavailable to promote the album for personal reasons.

    Thursday, 27 September 2007 129 comments

    The Music of the Spheres electronic press kit video is now available for download from the Universal Classics & Jazz German page.

    Thanks, oldfield.de

    Update Oct 22: The video is also available on Amazon.co.uk.

    Tuesday, 25 September 2007 42 comments

    A new DVD 'The Best Of Night Of The Proms Volume 2', featuring Mike performing Tubular Bells at one of his Night Of The Proms appearances last year, has just been released. It's available to order from the Night Of The Proms website and costs 24 Euros plus delivery.

    Thanks, ProjectZ

    Tuesday, 18 September 2007 18 comments

    A CCM 644 dual sport trail bike formerly owned by Mike Oldfield has come up for sale on eBay.


    Thanks, Benedikt Markota

    Monday, 17 September 2007 4 comments

    It's been announced that Music Of The Spheres will be released in Germany on November 9th - three days before the UK release. The album will be released only on CD in Germany, not on USB stick.

    Universal will be presenting the album at the Yellow Lounge event, associated with the trade fair Popkomm, at the Tape club in Berlin on September 18th. The event starts at 9pm, entry is 5 euros and it appears to be open to the public (though please check this for yourselves before travelling). The album will be played by a DJ; Mike Oldfield will not be appearing.
    Tape is at 14 Heidestraße in Moabit (just north of Berlin Hauptbahnhof).

    Update 19/9/07 - Mike made a surprise 5 minute appearance to answer questions. He hinted that he may consider doing more classical albums.

    Thanks, Tubular World and Tati the Sentinel

    Tuesday, 11 September 2007 36 comments

    From Universal, here are some short lo-fi streams of Music of the Spheres:

    Friday, 7 September 2007 197 comments

    The Daily Telegraph has published an article about Kevin Ayers' The Unfairground, his first solo album in 15 years. Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barrett, Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno, Elton John and Mike Oldfield are mentioned in the notes about his career.

    Thanks, Chris Simmons.

    Monday, 3 September 2007 8 comments

    From the Music of the Spheres page at Amazon.co.uk:
      In this world, everything has a pulse or a vibration. This sound is unique to each living or non living thing and in itself creates a music that no-one can hear. I believe that this has a very powerful resonance with, and a deep effect, on our lives. What would happen if we took this further and apply this to bigger things , more powerful things ; like an entire solar system or galaxy say, what would that sound like?

      Musica Universalis is the ancient theory that every celestial body, the sun, the moon and the stars has an inner music. This is a harmonic and mathematical concept derived from the movements of the planets in the solar system. The music created is inaudible to the human ear.

      Music of the Spheres is my interpretation of this theory. Every planet and every star; even the whole universe has music within it that no-one can hear, this is what it would sound like if it was set free. This is Music of the Spheres.

      Mike Oldfield.

    Thanks, Neil Ince.

    Friday, 24 August 2007 31 comments

    Christophe Gevrey organise une rencontre de fans francophones de Mike Oldfield aux alentours de Genève le week-end du 17 et 18 novembre, tout prêt des lieux où Discovery a été composé et enregistré. Détails et inscriptions.

    Tuesday, 21 August 2007 6 comments

    Mike's 1999 Mercedes-Benz S500 is for sale on eBay for GBP 9,000-11,000.

    Monday, 13 August 2007 21 comments

    Classic FM's interview with Mike, including two short audio clips from Music Of The Spheres, is now available to download as a podcast from Classic FM's website.

    Thanks, David

    Friday, 10 August 2007 59 comments

    Mike Oldfield is a featured artist on the Universal Classics and Jazz website. Mike's page contains a biography, along with notes and artwork from Music of the Spheres.

    Thanks, Chris Simmons.

    Tuesday, 7 August 2007 36 comments

    Another tubular.net exclusive, we are pleased to bring you a preview of the final design for the cover of Music Of The Spheres!

    Thursday, 2 August 2007 89 comments

    We know many of you have been waiting for this! Now here it is, just in from Universal Music, the tracklisting for Music Of The Spheres:

    Part 1
    1.   Harbinger - 04.08
    2.   Animus - 03.09
    3.   Silhouette - 03.19
    4.   Shabda - 04.00
    5.   The Tempest - 05.48
    6.   Harbinger (reprise) - 01.30
    7.   On My Heart - 02.27 Featuring Hayley Westenra

    Part 2
    8.    Aurora - 03.42
    9.    Prophecy - 02.54
    10.  On My Heart (reprise) - 01.16
    11.  Harmonia Mundi - 03.46
    12.  The Other Side - 01.28
    13.  Empyrean - 01.37
    14.  Musica Universalis - 06.24

    Total running time:  45.30

    The album will be released on CD and also - for the very first time for a classical recording - on USB flash drive.

    Unfortunately the release date has been pushed back a week; the date for UK release is now November 12th.

    Monday, 23 July 2007 110 comments

    Universal have just confirmed with us that the UK release date of Mike's upcoming album, Music of the Spheres, will be November 5th. Update 23/7: The release date is now November 12th

    We would like to stress that this information is accurate for the UK only; we have no information on when the album will be released in other parts of the world.

    The album can be pre-ordered from amazon.co.uk and play.com.

    Wednesday, 18 July 2007 40 comments

    We have heard from Universal that Mike's new album is now complete, and is currently being mastered. The title has been confirmed as Music Of The Spheres. There is no word yet on plans for the release, but watch this space!

    Thursday, 5 July 2007 84 comments

    Join us in Second Life in the Reader's Garden on Cybrary City II (33, 230, 22) for a book discussion of Changeling, led by Zippedy Zabelin.
    Time: Sunday, 15 July 2007 12PM SLT (same as Pacific Time).

    The program will focus on a series of respectful discussion questions. For information on joining Second Life, which offers free basic memberships, visit www.secondlife.com.
    [Location updated 04-07-07]

    Saturday, 30 June 2007 7 comments

    Mike Oldfield was on the ITV This Morning UK show on June 9. Video.

    Tuesday, 12 June 2007 12 comments

    The Daily Mail WEEKEND magazine had a full page about Changeling focussing on an old photograph of Mike Oldfield's mother that inspired him to write his memoirs. tubular.eu.org has a scan.

    Saturday, 2 June 2007 5 comments

    The Wharf has published an article about Changeling, Mike's early career and his mental problems.

    Thanks, Mike Oldfield Fan Club Italiano.

    Friday, 1 June 2007 6 comments

    Bonhams will have an auction on June 20th to sell Mike Oldfield's Fender Telecaster serial no. 180728 which was the only six-string electric guitar used to record 'Tubular Bells'. It's estimated between £25,000 and £35,000 that will go to the charity SANE.

    Saturday, 26 May 2007 18 comments

    Motor Cycle News has published a video interview with Mike about his motorbikes and how riding them inspired his new symphony projet, 'Music of the spheres'.

    Thanks, Sean Warwick.

    Wednesday, 23 May 2007 36 comments

    In a short Virgin Media article about his psychological problems, Mike is quoted as having matured like a fine Bordeaux.

    Monday, 21 May 2007 10 comments

    Mike Oldfield was interviewed on BBC One's Breakfast show to talk about Changeling, his mental health problems and Tubular Bells. The opening footage featured a clip from the 1973 live performance of Tubular Bells. Video.

    Thanks, Chris Simmons.

    Wednesday, 16 May 2007 12 comments

    This is London has interviewed Mike Oldfield on his autobiography, Changeling.

    Tuesday, 15 May 2007 37 comments

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Tuesday, 15 May 2007 35 comments

    Ryan Yard has updated his analysis of Ommadawn: Towards Ommadawn: A Critical Study of Mike Oldfield's Third Studio Album.

    Thursday, 10 May 2007 9 comments

    You can order Mike Oldfield's autobiography Changeling at Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, and Amazon.de.

    Tuesday, 8 May 2007 56 comments

    In this weeks Music Week, Mike attacks EMI for giving away Tubular Bells as a covermount without having consulted him first. The move has also sparked debate about giving albums away free with newspapers, with particular focus being on Tubular Bells. Retailers have insisted it has affected genuine sales of the classic album.

    Thanks, Chris Simmons.

    Update May 22: The Mail on Sunday replies that sales of Tubular Bells have increased 30%, while music industry sources believe that 30% is actually not significant.

    Tuesday, 8 May 2007 33 comments

    The Mail on Sunday will offer a free Tubular Bells CD on April 22, along with Sir Richard Branson's secrets behind the creation of Tubular Bells.

    Thanks, Richard Patrick.

    Update: The article in the Mail on Sunday says:
      Mike Oldfield is currently working on his debut classical recording, for choir and orchestra, set for release through Universal in October. Using musical and lyrical themes associated with the ancient festival of Hallowe'en, this is powerful and emotional music that is bound to appeal to Mike Oldfield fans, and beyond.

    Sunday, 15 April 2007 51 comments

    Resolution magazine has published an exclusive interview with Mike Oldfield.

    Update: a video is available.
    Update #2: full transcript.
    Update #3: digital magazine.
      "I'm writing a piece of orchestral music. I'm making a demo of the whole thing, keeping all MIDI parts so that the MIDI parts can be transcribed into Sibelius and a proper orchestral score can be worked out. It'll be all orchestral apart from classical guitar and grand piano, I'll be playing those two instruments."

      "It's going to be based around the festival of Halloween rather than the Hollywood horror film. The ancient festival goes back to BC. I'm talking to the composer Karl Jenkins about collaborating on it, hoping to record it somewhere special like Abbey Road No.1, and we'll do a live concert. The advantage of that is we'll have an orchestral score, which anyone in the world will be able to pick up and play."

      "In my local record shop they've had the original Tubular Bells there since I'd lived there, and they put the new one up, and after a month they took that down and put the old one up... the production, and even the tuning doesn't matter, it's a force and energy, idiosyncrasies that give it it's character."

    (Via Matthew Cochrane of the Amarok Mike Oldfield Mailing List.)

    Saturday, 3 March 2007 166 comments

    Mike Oldfield's Charleston has been included on Röyksopp's mix for the 25th outing of the popular Back to Mine compilation series. Preorder at Amazon.co.uk.

    Thanks, Jørgen Brauti.

    Tuesday, 27 February 2007 10 comments

    Producer Dave Williams and violin virtuoso Oliver Lewis' Deviations Projet is an interpretation mixing electronic sounds with acoustic violin of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and other classic compositions from Fleetwood Mac, John Williams, Tchaïkovsky, Bach, Bizet and Saint-Saëns. Top40-Charts article.

    Saturday, 24 February 2007 Post a comment!

    According to this BeyondCron article, Voiceprint is about to release The Space Movie on DVD, featuring Mike Oldfield's music.

    Friday, 16 February 2007 17 comments

    Best wishes to everyone for 2007!

    2006 saw the releases of the Live At Montreux video and The Platinum collection. We also had interviews and chats with Jason Cluts, Christopher von Deylen of Schiller, and Simon Philips.

    The tubular.net community is always very busy and creative, with activities ranging from the Tres Lunas guide, Mike Oldfield's instrument listing, to fan music. Thanks for all your contributions and welcome in 2007, with ours visitors, on this tubular portion of the web!

    Sunday, 31 December 2006 36 comments

    Alex of Oldfield.de has posted great photos of Mike Oldfield in Hamburg Nokia Night of the Proms.

    Update: Alex had to remove his photos. Here are some photos from Dortmund.

    Thursday, 14 December 2006 6 comments

    A Fairlight CMI keyboard, signed by 44 artists including Mike Oldfield, is on sale on eBay with a starting bid of... $100,000.

    Tuesday, 5 December 2006 9 comments

    According to the 24 November 2006 edition of The Independent, Mike Oldfield's autobiography will be titled Changeling and published by Virgin in May. The complete blurb may be found here. Thanks to Tati for her vigilance! According to Thomas Shlueck, the book will contain 288 pages as well as illustrations.

    Update: You can preorder Changeling at Amazon.co.uk.

    Friday, 24 November 2006 59 comments

    Simon Phillips has answered questions from tubular.net and totoweb.org members in this interview organized by Nick.

    Monday, 9 October 2006 4 comments

    Mike Oldfield has just acquired a new digital mixer linked to his Logic Pro software: an Euphonix System 5-MC. Euphonix has a press release with an interview and a photo of Mike, more at ease with knobs than a mouse. Mike will use it to re-master old projects in 5.1.

    Monday, 17 July 2006 33 comments

    The Chimpan A CD features the song "The Secret Wish" which contains samples of the Tubular Bells introduction. Mike Oldfield has approved it and is credited as cowriter.

    Thanks to producer Rob Reed for the tip.

    Monday, 10 July 2006 21 comments

    The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra will play the Orchestral Tubular Bells from Sep 14th to the 16th at the Adelaide Town Hall in Australia. Tickets are $67, book at BASS. Pianist Marc-André Hamelin and conductor Benjamin Northey will perform Brahms' 2nd concerto, Mozart's "Paris" symphony No. 31, and The Orchestral Tubular Bells Part 1 as arranged by David Bedford.

    Sunday, 25 June 2006 16 comments

    The Beacon, overlooking Hergest Ridge and home to Mike during his Ommadawn era, is for sale. Details regarding the property, including pictures of the Beacon and surrounding area, may be found here.

    Thanks to Moonchildhippy for the information.

    Sunday, 25 June 2006 37 comments

    Mike has announced that he will be joining the Nokia Night of The Proms tour of Germany for December 2006.

    Update June 25: Oldfield.de and TaurusIV.net report that Maggie Reilly is confirmed to sing with Mike Oldfield.

    Wednesday, 24 May 2006 90 comments

    Mike will appear on the BBC Radio 2 program, Good Morning Sunday, on 28 May 2006, between 7-9AM. Thanks to Deadcalm and olracuk for the information!

    The program's website is located at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/goodmorningsun/.

    Sunday, 21 May 2006 28 comments

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Monday, 15 May 2006 53 comments

    Eagle Rock will release the 'Live At Montreux 1981' DVD on May 15. You can order it at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Amazon.co.uk.

    - QE2 Medley: Taurus 1 / Sheba / Mirage
    - Platinum Parts 1-4
    - Tubular Bells, Part 2
    - Medley: Conflict / Ommadawn
    - Tubular Bells, Part One
    - Punkadiddle

    Running time: 105min
    Sound format: DTS, Dolby 5.1, PCM Stereo

    Thanks, Neil Ince.

    Wednesday, 12 April 2006 94 comments

    April Fool's Special On MikeOldfield.com Mike says he realized he cannot live without his trusty guitars when he was explaining why he sold them in his autobiography. Mike will contact the buyers to get them back. He also doesn't want to be remembered for "Tubular Bells" and is asking fans for suggestions for a new name, under which the classic album will be re-released.

    Update: the page has been removed

    Saturday, 1 April 2006 42 comments

    The Official Mike Oldfield Information Service has posted a video and a press release promoting The Platinum Collection. EMI has published a web page advertising it.

    Friday, 17 March 2006 5 comments

    Mike Oldfield will be on BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce show in the next couple of weeks picking his favourite tracks. He will also be on BBC Radio Newcastles Julia Hankin show on March 10th.

    Tuesday, 28 February 2006 69 comments

    Mike will be Richard Allison's guest during the Steve Wright's Big Show on BBC Radio 2 this Thursday.

    Update: Mike said he is working on a very long instrumental, probably in 3 parts without any drum loops. A tour might follow.

    Wednesday, 22 February 2006 111 comments

    Moonlight Shadow was played during the opening ceremony of the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

    Saturday, 11 February 2006 8 comments

    Mike is selling most of his guitar collection.

    Friday, 10 February 2006 149 comments

    From mikeoldfield.com:

    Hello you !
    It has surely been a time of big changes and realisations these last few months, not least of which has been the writing of my Autobiography. This is nearing completion with the help of my co writer Jon Collins and hopefully will be published this year if not early next. During the process of bringing this book to life I have realised a great many things about myself and my position in the scheme of things. (Oh for the gift of hindsight !) This will surely influence my future personally and creatively.
    I have contractually three and a half more years to work on a new piece of music so this will give it a chance to evolve and mature nicely. Meanwhile look out for some promotion for the Platinum Collection , the book , and who knows what else the fates may send. With all my best wishes :)


    Jon Collins has a blog.

    Wednesday, 25 January 2006 81 comments

    The Beacon, located on Bradnor Hill outside of Kington, was home to Mike during his Ommadawn era. In its present incarnation it is a bed & breakfast, run by Robert & Shirley Pritchard. Many of Mike’s fans enjoy staying there while exploring Hergest Ridge, Offa’s Dyke, Bradnor Hill, Kington, the local pubs, etc.  

    Robert and Shirley would like everyone to know that the Beacon is still up and running as a b & b, though they have dispensed with their website. You can find a description of the Beacon, contact information, and a few photos at http://uk.geocities.com/dickyhip@btinternet.com/BradnorBeacon.html.

    Sunday, 15 January 2006 16 comments

    Despite initial problems with getting Christopher von Deylen into the chat room, I think everyone will agree that it was a very enjoyable evening once it got started!
    Sorry to all of you who had the same trouble as Christopher and couldn't get in - unfortunately, the problem was outside our control.

    We'd like to thank everyone who came and took part, and of course we want to give an even bigger thanks to Christopher von Deylen for coming to answer everyone's questions!

    A transcript of the interview and chat follows in the next posts on the forum - click the 'comments' link below to get there from the front page.

    Saturday, 14 January 2006 19 comments

    The Official Mike Oldfield Information Service has posted some details about the 'Platinum Collection' 3-CD set to be released by Virgin on March 13, 2006. Order it online from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, Amazon.fr. Tracklisting:

    1. Tubular Bells - Opening Theme 1973
    2. Tubular Bells - Excerpt 1973
    3. Sailor's Hornpipe 1973
    4. Hergest Ridge - Excerpt 1974
    5. Ommadawn - Excerpt 1975
    6. Ommadawn - Excerpt 1975
    7. In Dulci Jubilo 1975
    8. Don Alfonso 1975
    9. Portsmouth 1976
    10. William Tell Overture 1976
    11. Cuckoo Song 1977
    12. Incantations - Part 4 Excerpt 1978
    13. Platinum - Part 4 1979
    14. Woodhenge 1979

    1. Moonlight Shadow (Extended Version) 1983
    2. Blue Peter 1979
    3. Guilty - Long Version 1979
    4. Arrival 1980
    5. Wonderful Land 1980
    6. Sheba 1980
    7. Five Miles Out 1982
    8. Family Man 1982
    9. Mistake 1982
    10. Shadow On The Wall (Extended Version) 1983
    11. Foreign Affair 1983
    12. In High Places 1983
    13. Crime Of Passion 1983
    14. Tricks Of The Light 1984
    15. To France (Extended Version) 1984
    16. Etude 1984
    17. Evacuation 1984

    1. Sentinel 1992
    2. Pictures In The Dark 1985
    3. Shine (Extended Version) 1986
    4. Islands (12" Mix) 1987
    5. Flying Start (12" Version) 1987
    6. The Time Has Come (12" Version) 1987
    7. Innocent (12" Mix) 1989
    8. Earth Moving (Club Version) 1989
    9. Amarok (Excerpt) 1990
    10. Heaven's Open (12" Version) 1991
    11. Hibernaculum 1994
    12. Women Of Ireland 1996
    13. Far Above The Clouds 1998
    14. The Millennium Bell 1999
    15. To Be Free 2002

    Wednesday, 11 January 2006 130 comments

    Footage of Mike recording the theme tune for the BBC's Blue Peter programme in 1979 was repeated on the show earlier today. The entire feature about the recording of the theme tune is now available to watch on the BBC Website.

    Thanks, Ian Hubball

    Wednesday, 11 January 2006 37 comments

    We're very pleased to announce that Christopher von Deylen of Schiller will be joining us on Saturday 14th January for an online chat.

    The session will begin with a short live interview where Christopher will talk about his career, which will be followed by an opportunity to ask him about his recent collaborations with Mike Oldfield, Schiller's current album Tag und Nacht, or any other aspect of his work.

    The evening starts at 19:00 GMT, in the IRC channel #tubular.net on DALnet - irc.dal.net

    You can join using any IRC client.

    Saturday, 7 January 2006 3 comments

    We'd like to welcome all of our visitors into 2006!

    2005 was quite an exciting year as far as Mike Oldfield releases were concerned, with the highlights of course being Light + Shade and the Exposed DVD. We hope that yet more exciting things will appear in 2006!

    Thanks to all of you who have supported us - we hope you will stay with us to discover what more we have in store!

    Sunday, 1 January 2006 30 comments

    An Ikegami HL-79E professional video camera, used by Mike for The Wind Chimes, is currently up for sale on eBay.

    This is a private sale which we have no involvement with, so we can't take any responsibility for the seller's actions - please take the usual caution when buying. It should be noted that the camera is advertised as 3 CCD - it isn't, it's a tube camera (the seller says that he means colour combination device and not charged coupled device...make of that what you will). The auction ends very shortly!

    Thanks, David Porter

    Friday, 23 December 2005 Post a comment!

    La Coctelera: A Man and his Music has posted screenshots of a DVD from Universal Music Germany containing videos and a 26 minutes interview of Mike. oldfield.de has MP3s and a link to an MPEG video clip of the interview.

    Wednesday, 19 October 2005 16 comments

    In association with oldfield.de and oldfield.info, there will be an online chat with Jason Cluts, co-writer of Slipstream this Saturday at 22:00 GMT (that is 23:00 in the UK, 00:00 in mainland Europe).

    You can join via the oldfield.info chat interface or by using an IRC client and connecting to server irc.oldfield.info channel #mike_oldfield

    Wednesday, 19 October 2005 6 comments

    As mentioned in Paul Harris' interview with Philip Newell that was published in issue 25 of Dark Star, the rare Snowblind album by Tom Newman and produced by Philip Newell is now available again. Mike plays plucked Stratocaster and Fairlight (Vocals) on a track called For Old Times accompanied by Snowy White and Tom Newman.

    The album is available through Sergio Castro from the company Reflexion Arts in Spain. Payment is by paypal only to snowblindsergio@gmail.com. The price for the CD is 16,00€ for EU countries, £11.00 for UK and $19.50 for the rest of the world. Postage and packing within Spain is 1,00€  for the rest of the EU including the UK it is 3,00€, whilst for the rest of the world is 5,00€.

    Tuesday, 18 October 2005 Post a comment!

    The new Exposed DVD is available online at Amazon.co.uk for £13.99 and will be released on Oct 24. Update: Oct 31.

    Purchases via our Amazon links provide support to Tubular.net. Thanks!

    Update Oct 20 - According to shopEMI, it will be released on Nov 22 in Canada and will cost $21.11CDN. (Thanks, Keith Dawe.)

    Update Nov 07 - Available at Amazon.ca for $25.89CAN and at Amazon.com for $26.59.

    Tuesday, 18 October 2005 15 comments

    Soundclips from Schiller's new album, Tag und Nacht, including Morgentau which features Mike Oldfield as guest, are available from the site of Universal Music Germany.

    Sunday, 9 October 2005 10 comments

    Scheduled for release on October 10th is a new CD of Robert Wyatt live at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane London. The concert includes Mike Oldfield on guitar, as well as many other guest musicians. This is the first time the recording has been officially released.

    The CD is being released by Hannibal records - more information can be found at Rykodisc/Hannibal's website.

    (Thanks to Giuliano Plenevici of mikeoldfield.it)

    Friday, 7 October 2005 12 comments

    www.mikeoldfieldlightandshade.com is the official Light + Shade website.

    There are some longer soundclips (1 minute as opposed to the others of roughly 30 seconds) available on mikeoldfield.de.

    Thursday, 22 September 2005 124 comments

    You can order Light + Shade online at Amazon.com ($21.99) and Amazon.ca (CDN $16.99). Two bonus tracks seem to be included in some releases: Près de Toi, and Lakme (Fruity Loops).

    Update Sep 14 - the album is also available at Amazon.fr (EUR 16.13).

    Update Sep 18 - the album is also available at Amazon.co.uk (£11.99) and Amazon.de (EUR 22.99).

    Wednesday, 31 August 2005 189 comments

    The cover image for Light + Shade can now be seen at the website of Universal Spain.

    According to zm.nu, the first single from the album will be 'Surfing'.

    Update 29/8/05 - an updated, final version of the cover can now been seen in high resolution at oldfield.de, courtesy of Universal Germany, who also have a smaller version at mikeoldfield.de.

    Sunday, 21 August 2005 131 comments

    On mikeoldfield.com, Mike reports that he's completed a 5.1 mix of the album, and that four tracks will be available for listeners to mix themselves in the u-myx format. He's also done some ringtones!

    Saturday, 13 August 2005 58 comments

    mikeoldfield.de now has a full tracklisting of the forthcoming Light and Shade album, including descriptions, and an interview (in German, of course).

    13/8/05 - The same information is now available in English at mikeoldfield.com

    Wednesday, 10 August 2005 162 comments

    www.mikeoldfield.de has been updated with new photos of Mike. Photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4, photo 5, photo 6.

    CDstarts.de lists the new album as Light and Shade to be released on Sep 26.

    (Thanks, Heiner.)

    Wednesday, 3 August 2005 25 comments

    According to Sendit.com, Exposed will be released on DVD on Sep 26, though spincds.com is now quoting a release date of October 24. It's also being listed at 101cd.com. The company releasing it appears to be Virgin/EMI. (update 17/8/05)

    Sunday, 31 July 2005 54 comments

    According to Music Week magazine, Mike's entire back catalogue will be transferred to Mercury Records in 2008 as part of his new deal with them. This is in contradiction to the news we previously had here, saying that only Mike's Virgin back catalogue would be transferred to Mercury. Either way, this is an interesting development, and we'll try and get clarification on the details when possible.

    Friday, 3 June 2005 29 comments

    Happy birthday Mike! Perhaps you will read this....
    Like every year, I wish you all the best for your private and professional life!
    Thank you very much for the good news about your new album!!! We've all been waiting so long...
    I'm already looking forward to September hoping it will be available in Germany, too then...
    Best wishes

    Sunday, 15 May 2005 41 comments

    From mikeoldfield.com:

    I am very pleased to announce that I have recently signed a three album deal with Mercury records, part of  Universal Music Group.

    The first Album which I am just putting the final touches to is a double Album for release around September 2005. The first Disk is made up of atmospheric "Ambient" or "Chillout" pieces. The second Disk is of more up-tempo tracks some of which are in the darker moodier vein. There are 18 tracks in all and they were created using my new virtual software studio mostly with lead melodies using all the different Guitars and "Grand Piano" The vocals were made using a new generation of software virtual vocalists.

    Untitled as yet but maybe called "Quicksilver"       Whadayathink


    Friday, 13 May 2005 226 comments

    We're very sad to report the passing of Pierre Moerlen, who unexpectedly died in his sleep on the night of May 2nd/3rd. He was 52.

    Pierre's contribution to Mike's music in the 1970s and 80s was huge, first appearing alongside Mike in the premiere performance of Tubular Bells in 1973, before going on to play percussion (including tympani, drums and vibraphone) on all of Mike's 1970s albums from Ommadawn onwards, and on the 1979 and 1980 tours. The frequency of their collaborations lessened during the 1980s, but Mike still made use of Pierre's tuned percussion skills on Crises and Islands, as well as giving Pierre cameo appearances in his Moonlight Shadow video and a TV performance of To France.

    Mike also returned the favour, guesting on Pierre Moerlen's Gong's Downwind and Gong Live albums.

    Pierre was unquestionably a superb musician, who will certainly be greatly missed by many, not least us here at tubular.net

    News from planetgong.co.uk, thanks to Captain Cavern for passing it on

    Friday, 6 May 2005 22 comments

    April Fool's Special Later this year, Microsoft will release a new version of its MSN messaging software. This new edition will be labelled MSN Platinum and use graphic elements from the Platinum album cover. Here is the new MSN logo (the final version could be slightly different). Bill Gates himself presented the project to a few journalists and analysts and said: "I'm a big fan, and I just love how Mike has learnt from the software industry, releasing an update to his product - Tubular Bells - every few years. Tubular Bells 2003 - a musical bug fix..." (Credits: Hans & Richard)

    Friday, 1 April 2005 22 comments

    Due to popular request, there are currently signed copies of Tres Lunas (including a registration key for the game) and The Songs Of Distant Earth up for auction on mikeoldfield.com.

    Tuesday, 22 March 2005 5 comments

    There has been much talk over the past few months of a DVD titled "Mike Oldfield - Live In Montreux 1981" which has appeared for pre-order on nlstore.nl.

    We had been waiting for confirmation of this news from PIAS, the record company who are supposedly releasing this title, but unfortunately they have declined to reply to our queries. Their website contains no details about the release. There have been cases in the past where such things have turned out to be not what they at first appeared, so keep watching this space for further news.

    It does appear, however, that PIAS are responsible for a whole series of Live In Montreux DVDs from various artists (thanks to Rob van Knegsel for the tipoff), which makes it look more likely that the release is for real. The release is scheduled for May 16th.

    Update: It has emerged that the DVD will be released worldwide by Eagle Rock.

    PIAS appear to have put back their release date to December 31st 2005, while Eagle Rock are now saying they have no firm release date, but have indicated some time in 2006.

    Thursday, 3 March 2005 43 comments

    As every year, thank you all for participating in tubular.net, for your submissions of tabs or MIDI files, your posts in the forums, your news tips, your clicks on the Google ads, etc. Thanks! In 2005, tubular.net will move to a new dedicated server and new hosting company which will allow us to have more bandwidth and host fans' music and stuff like that. We also plan to have a rumors section, probably somewhere in the right column, which will be reorganized and simplified.

    Best wishes to Mike & Fanny, and all the tubular.net community in 2005!

    Sunday, 2 January 2005 10 comments

    mikeoldfield.org has posted a review of the newly released Elements DVD. You can order if from Amazon.co.uk (PAL, all regions), Amazon.ca (NTSC, all regions), and Amazon.fr (PAL, region 2).

    Update: We have created a forum to talk about the DVD.

    Sunday, 28 November 2004 47 comments

    In his new best-selling book The Medici Effect, Frans Johansson argues that we have the greatest chance to develop a groundbreaking insight at the intersection of different disciplines or cultures, in science, business, policy and the arts. He has used Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells, and some of Ommadawn as the core example to describe the book’s main concept.

    Thanks to Frans Johansson and Harvard Business School Press for providing excerpts of chapter 7.

    Sunday, 26 September 2004 13 comments

    An auctions area has been added to mikeoldfield.com, with categories for selling all manner of items. The only request is that items should be "related to Mike and Music".

    Tuesday, 21 September 2004 12 comments

    According to listings with two online retailers, it appears that EMI (owners of Virgin) are set to release a DVD edition of the Elements video. First mentioned in Record Collector magazine recently, details have now appeared on sendit.com and Amazon.co.uk.

    Sendit.com gives the tracklisting as follows:

    Tubular Bells (Part 1)', 'Don Alfonso', 'In Dolci Jubilo', 'Portsmouth', 'William Tell Overture', 'Guilty', 'Blue Peter', 'Wonderful Land', 'Five Miles Out', 'Moonlight Shadow', 'Shadow On The Wall', 'Crime Of Passion', 'Tricks Of The Light', 'To France', 'Etude', 'Pictures In The Dark', 'Shine', 'Innocent', 'Earth Moving' and 'Heavens Open'.

    Amazon, meanwhile, give the somewhat odd sounding listing of special features as being 'The Space Movie', 'The Wind Chimes' and 'Innocent (animated version)'.
    The inclusion of Don Alfonso in sendit.com's track listing is also intriguing, to say the least.

    The date given is October 11th, though we've heard that this date may no longer be accurate. More news will naturally follow when we get it.

    [Updated Oct 9] New release date: November 29th

    [Updated Oct 22] Tracklisting and release date confirmed by Virgin Music Germany

    Wednesday, 1 September 2004 67 comments

    After being up in an in-progress state for a few days, musicvr.com has finally launched. It forms a base for Mike's new Music VR community, which has been named 'The Music VR Club'. The site currently offers a forum for the club's members, with the opportunity to meet other users and gain technical support. The administrators want to make clear though, that it is for discussing Music VR only, not Mike's music.

    Membership is free to anyone with a Music VR registration key.

    Wednesday, 1 September 2004 7 comments

    In a short interview, Mike reveals he is using FL Studio on a PC for his next album and might give away some of his loops when it's finished next year.

    (Thanks, Jaume Porto Pérez)

    Thursday, 5 August 2004 31 comments

    150 limited edition Maestro posters (A1 format: 594mm x 841mm) individually signed by Mike "will be available next week" on mikeoldfield.com for £35.

    (Thanks, Uwe Lohse)

    Monday, 26 July 2004 49 comments

    A Washburn Mirage Deluxe guitar owned by Mike Oldfield is currently for sale.

    The guitar is in purple-red finish, and was used by Mike on the Discovery tour. It has been described to me as a 'semi acoustic', but I believe it's a solid bodied electroacoustic.

    The guitar is coming directly from Mike, so authenticity is guaranteed - it will also come accompanied by a signed note of authenticity. The asking price is £500, UK buyers are preferred.

    Updated Jul 9 Guitar sold to Hubert Razack. Photos and samples.

    Monday, 5 July 2004 14 comments

    We've just been told that Mike will be the guest of Mick Brown on 'From The Bottom To The Top' on Capital Gold radio at 11am on Sunday.

    The show will feature a rundown of the UK charts of 2nd July 1983, when Moonlight Shadow was at number 4.

    Capital Gold can be heard online (click on the 'listen now' link at the top right of the page - Windows Media Player is required), or if you're in the UK, via AM radio (depending on your location), digital radio, cable and satellite - see their frequencies page for more information.

    Thanks to Roy Salsbury for the tipoff!

    Saturday, 3 July 2004 11 comments

    Tim Unwin has launched oldfield.info, a site hosting "various community-oriented projects based around the work of Mike Oldfield". Already available are a forum, a chat room, the official MusicVR bulletin board, and the screenshot gallery and competition. Each month, Fanny Oldfield will select one winning screenshot.

    Sunday, 27 June 2004 4 comments

    mikeoldfield.com has put online scans of articles and interviews about Maestro and Mike's future album in Internet Magazine (June) and The Times (Jun 24).

    Thursday, 24 June 2004 20 comments

    The trailer for The Exorcist: The Beginning, premiered by MTV, contains the usual extracts from Tubular Bells. The movie is to be released by Warner on Aug 20.
    (Thanks, Lord Of The Bells).

    Friday, 11 June 2004 13 comments

    There's been a rumour going round for a while that Mike will be appearing in Spain together with Luar na Lubre as part of Xacobeo 2004. I've been awaiting more definite confirmation before posting anything here about it, and it's come - Fanny Oldfield tells me that she's heard nothing about the concert, and so, unfortunately, it would seem to be nothing more than a hopeful rumour.

    Xacobeo's organisers are however still contradicting this news, saying that he will appear, on August 7th, together with Luar Na Lubre in Nigrán (Pontevedra).

    Update 16/6/04 - Luar Na Lubre's management also tell me that they have heard nothing about Mike's involvement, and believe that Xacobeo's organisers have made a mistake.

    Update 2/8/04 - Mike's name has been removed from the listing on the Xacobeo web page.

    Wednesday, 9 June 2004 24 comments

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Friday, 14 May 2004 32 comments

    Maestro is now available by mail order for £18.00.

    Monday, 5 April 2004 6 comments

    From Mike's message board at mikeoldfield.com:

    Join me on Tuesday 6th April at about 2.15 pm as Avatars on BBC London Radio.
    I will have my Laptop with me and will post my ip on the bulletin board as soon as I hook up.
    Let's talk to LONDON!

    BBC London can be heard on 94.9MHz (FM) in the London area. It's also possible to listen over the internet, via their web page (click 'launch media player' and then 'BBC London 94.9fm - listen online now'. You will need RealPlayer to be able to listen).

    Please note that the UK is currently 1 hour ahead of GMT, so Mike will be on at 13:15 GMT, meaning 15:15 CEST (most of mainland Europe).

    Saturday, 3 April 2004 21 comments

    Our 2004 April Fool's day spoof item:

    I was very interested to receive a CD with an electronic press kit from Casio yesterday, including the following press release:

    31st March 2004: Casio Electronics Co. Ltd today launches the C-TB 2004 Guitar Synthesiser, an exciting collaboration between Casio and world renowned instrumental musician Mike Oldfield, which incorporates advanced sound technology and a newly designed note tracking system in a stylish and portable design.

    The C-TB 2004 includes Casio's advanced HL (Highly-compressed Large-waveform) sound generation chip to provide sounds which are stunningly realistic, with breathtaking realism. Fans of Oldfield's work will rejoice in the inclusion of sounds designed by Oldfield himself, including recreations of the plaintive saxophone featured on his 2002 album Tres Lunas, and the powerful bass from 'Introduction' on Tubular Bells 2003. The C-TB 2004 also includes Casio's new Auto Composer technology, which allows even novices to sound like accomplished musicians and produce polished sounding tracks at the push of a button. Pads on the front panel allow the triggering of any of the C-TB 2004's 100 percussion and sound effects samples, adding spice to any performance. Meanwhile, a built-in ported loudspeaker system means that the C-TB 2004 is able to share its sounds with the outside world without the need for any additional equipment. Simply insert 6 D-Size batteries and the C-TB 2004 is ready to rock anywhere, any time!

    Using piezoelectric triggers and strings made from an advanced unbreakable polymer, together with a powerful onboard computer, the C-TB 2004 is capable of tracking of a level far in advance of systems which have gone before it. It also introduces the innovation of a fretless fingerboard, allowing exciting pitch-bend possibilities, along with VF Virtual Fret technology for emulating the behaviour of a fretted guitar.

    "It's a fantastic instrument," says Oldfield "Being able to play it anywhere is great, and some of the sounds are brilliant. I've been using guitar synthesisers since the 80s, but this one is really how I always thought they should be. The Auto Composer a real bonus and has already provided me with some fantastic ideas. I'm very much looking forward to using it on my next album".

    Also included was an image of the guitar and an audio demo by Mike. They promise that details will follow shortly on their website. This looks to be a very exciting development not just for fans of Mike, but music technology enthusiasts in general.

    Wednesday, 31 March 2004 32 comments

    Gamers Europe has published an interview about Maestro.

    Upd Mar 25 TotalVideoGames.com has also an interview with photos and screenshots.

    Saturday, 20 March 2004 16 comments

    Maestro has been released and is available for download on mikeoldfield.com.

    Friday, 12 March 2004 43 comments

    Noble PR has published a press release about Maestro, along with a biography,  gameplay information, and screenshots. Maestro will be launched on Apr 12.

    Tuesday, 2 March 2004 8 comments

    Many fans have noticed an article in the Maltese Times about a bid to bring Mike there to perform at the celebration of Malta's entry into the European Union on April 30th.

    We feel it should be made clear that the bid involving Mike was not accepted, and that as plans stand, Mike will not be appearing in Malta.
    Instead, 15 minutes from Roger Waters's new rock opera will be played, together with a light show. Also with the winning team is Gert Hof, who worked as lighting designer for the Art In Heaven show in Berlin.

    Tuesday, 24 February 2004 6 comments

    mikeoldfield.com has now been updated with a new design, including a section on Maestro, the new Tube World game (with a downloadable demo). Also new is a forum for discussion and technical support.

    Mike is now planning his next album, of "simple atmospheres and melodies".

    15 February - The Maestro page has been updated to include promotional information on the game. The price will be £14.95 to download, or £18.00 including postage and packing via mail.

    26 May - Mike mentions on his forum that he is working on the new album using many new tools and techniques, and that he thinks "you will be surprised and [...] delighted with the finished work"

    Friday, 30 January 2004 49 comments

    The Tubular Bells 2003 DVD-Audio has been released in Spain.
    (Thanks, Lord Of The Bells)

    You can get it at Amazon.co.uk (£11.99). The Tubular Bells DVD box is also available (£26.24).

    It will be released in Japan on Feb 18 and in North America on Feb 24 by Rhino.

    HighFidelityReview has published another news story about it.

    Thursday, 15 January 2004 27 comments

    Well, 2003 is over... Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement. In 2003, the forums have grown to something pretty amazing and some creativity has emerged from them. Thanks for your participation. 2004 should bring some improvements to the site, even with our tight budget. Best wishes to Fanny and Mike, and best wishes to the tubular.net community, peace and health for you and yours.

    Wednesday, 31 December 2003 18 comments

    On www.mikeoldfield.com, Mike says that The Tube World is being tested and should be released in early 2004. Mike is looking for a new title for the game. You can use this forum to post your suggestions.

    5/12/03 Some new pictures have been added.

    Wednesday, 3 December 2003 17 comments

    Warner has informed HighFidelityReview.com that the DVD-Audio version of Tubular Bells 2003 has been delayed, perhaps until early 2004.

    Monday, 1 December 2003 6 comments

    mikeoldfield.com has reproduced the interview given by Mike to Hi-Fi News in November.

    Saturday, 22 November 2003 7 comments

    As part of the Tubular Project, the Vicente Aleixandre School Orchestra will perform Tubular Bells  in Aranjuez (Madrid, Spain) on Nov 15. David Bedford will be participating on stage.

    Update: article (Spanish)

    Photo gallery and more info at www.MundoMikeOldfield.tk

    Friday, 31 October 2003 14 comments

    Stuart M. Robinson has published an extensive review of the Tubular Bells 2003 DVD-A on HighFidelityReview.com.

    No, HighFidelityReview.com is not the new official Mike Oldfield news service... ;-)

    Monday, 13 October 2003 20 comments

    HighFidelityReview.com reports that the Tubular Bells 2003 DVD-A will be released on Nov 03 in UK and will include excerpts from the original Tubular Bells demos. Update: seems to be delayed until Dec 1 (2003)

    The DVD audio/video box set including Tubular Bells 2003 DVD-A, Tubular Bells II (Edinburgh Castle) DVD, Tubular Bells III (Horseguard’s Parade) DVD, and The Millennium Bell (Berlin) DVD will be released on Nov 17 and will cost £35. Update: Nov 24. Update: Jan 2004.

    Tuesday, 7 October 2003 29 comments

    The Tubular Bells 2003 DVD-A artwork is available at mikeoldfield.com], where Mike also says that his next project is a 5.1 mix of Ommadawn to be released in the first half of 2004. Contrary to Warner, Mike says that the DVD will include the original Tubular Bells demos. The Tube World should be finished for Christmas.

    Wednesday, 27 August 2003 67 comments

    Borders is selling in the US copies of Tubular Bells 2003 with "Featured in the upcoming EXORCIST: The Beginning" stickers. There is no copy protection, and no import stickers. (Thanks Christopher Hopkins)

    Sunday, 17 August 2003 15 comments

    According to blackstar.co.uk, Warner will release a Tubular Bells II / Tubular Bells III / The Millennium Bell / Tubular Bells 2003 audio DVD box set on Oct 13 in UK.

    [Updt Aug 26] A press release confirms the release of a DVD-A for Oct 13 in UK. No mention of a DVD box set.

    [Updt] Nov 03. Nov 10 for the box set.
    [Updt] Dec 01. Nov 24 for the box set.
    [Updt] Jan 2004 for the box set.

    Dont' worry, we'll keep you updated... ;-)

    Saturday, 16 August 2003 23 comments

    Mike's old NEVE 8108 32 channels console is for sale for 38,000 euros.

    Friday, 8 August 2003 42 comments

    Mike did a short interview with The Guardian on Jul 31. He dismisses complaints from fans over copy protection as being because they want to pirate the album and can't. The fans disagree...

    Monday, 4 August 2003 50 comments

    Robert Silverstein has published a long interesting interview with Mike on mwe3.com. Some parts are also available on the June issue of 20th Century Guitar magazine, with Mike on the cover.

    Sunday, 20 July 2003 23 comments

    According to High Fidelity Review, the DVD-Audio version of 'Tubular Bells 2003' will be released on Aug 25 [update: in october] [update: on Nov 03] [update: on Dec 01]. It will encompass 3 audio tracks:  3/2.1 surround, DTS 3/2.1 surround, and Dolby Digital 2/0.0 stereo. The extras  will include video extracts from 'Tubular Bells II' and 'Tubular Bells III' DVD-Video releases in Dolby Digital 3/2.1 and linear PCM stereo, along with a photo gallery, discography and "5.1 Production Notes" written by audio engineer Ben Darlow.

    Sunday, 29 June 2003 5 comments

    A demo of The Tube World, Mike's new 3D game, is available for download.

    Tuesday, 10 June 2003 60 comments

    Tiscali has posted an interview and a video of 'Introduction'.
    (Thanks, Flying Start)

    Wednesday, 4 June 2003 Post a comment!

    During webchats and Q&A on BBC Radio 2 (transcript) and Los40 (English translation by Maria), Mike said that he may do a 5.1 mix for Ommadawn and confirmed there will be no Tubular Bells 2003 concert.

    Thursday, 22 May 2003 16 comments

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Wednesday, 14 May 2003 89 comments

    According to Warner Spain, Mike will be in Spain on May 22, 23 and 24 to launch Tubular Bells 2003. Updated May 12: there will be a press conference on May 22 at 12:00 at Palacee de los Duqes de Pastrana (Palacio de la Once). Journalists will be able to listen to the 5.1 mix of Tubular Bells 2003 from 11:00. Spanish ad (326K JPEG) annoucing the release for May 27.
    (Thanks, Santi Ruiz)

    Saturday, 3 May 2003 47 comments

    www.mikeoldfield.org has 2 reviews of Tubular Bells 2003 (thanks, James Steele). On May 7, 2 new reviews have been added.

    Wednesday, 30 April 2003 75 comments

    The Press section of www.mikeoldfield-tubularbells.com has been updated with a video for the dance version of the 'Introduction' single.
    (Thanks, Antonio Muñoz)

    Friday, 25 April 2003 73 comments

    From e-xcentric.com:

    Mike Oldfield and Warners Records Spain have turned to e-xentric thinking to handle all creative elements of the Tubular Bells 30-year anniversary release. Planned for May release, e-xentric has been briefed to work on the CD cover, website, TV commercial and DVD.    

    Bill Smith, e-xentric director and one of the UK's most experienced music designers is naturally excited about the opportunity "we've worked with Warners Records Spain and Mike Oldfield for many years, but this is a big one. We're relishing the opportunity to create a fresh (but recognisable) look to Tubular Bells in 2003."

    (Thanks, Oldfield.de)

    Sunday, 13 April 2003 8 comments

    mikeoldfield.com has been updated with a new design, the cover of 'Tubular Bells 2003' and a section about The Tube World.

    Friday, 11 April 2003 48 comments

    www.mikeoldfield-tubularbells.com is the official WEA Tubular Bells 2003 web site. Tubular Bells 2003 (48:33):

    Part One
    1. Introduction 05:51
    2. Fast Guitars 01:04
    3. Basses 00:46
    4. Latin 02:18
    5. A Minor Tune 01:21
    6. Blues 02:40
    7. Thrash 00:44
    8. Jazz 00:48
    9. Ghost Bells 00:30
    10. Russian 00:44
    11. Finale 08:36

    Part Two
    12. Harmonics 05:21
    13. Peace 03:22
    14. Bagpipe Guitars 03:07
    15. Caveman 04:33
    16. Ambient Guitars 05:09
    17. Hornpipe 01:39

    The site includes a sample of 'Introduction', and there is an hidden sample of a dance version. 'The Complete Tubular Bells' will include 'Tubular Bells 2003', 'Tubular Bells II', 'Tubular Bells III', and a Tubular Bells Bonus DVD:
    1. Introduction (5.1 Mix) 05:51
    2. Fast Guitars (5.1 Mix) 01:04
    3. Basses (5.1 Mix) 00:46
    4. Introduction 2003 "The Video" (in stereo and 5.1) 03:41

    (Thanks, Mige Iranzo)

    Friday, 11 April 2003 133 comments

    From mikeoldfield.org:

    [i]The Tubular Bells 30th Anniversary issue of Dark Star with exclusive Philip Newell interview and comprehensive bootlegs article is about to be printed.

    Also featuring a special report on the Beocord tape machine which Mike used for the Tubular Bells demo and rare photos, news and comment, this issue is one that no Mike Oldfield fan should be without.

    The Philip Newell interview is one of the key Oldfield related interviews of the last decade: On Ommadawn, Philip recalls "...I remember waking up one morning and hearing this phenomenal guitar playing. I was half asleep, thinking what is this? This sounds fantastic. I got up and dressed and there was Mike playing with a music stand in front of him and a copy of Mayfair magazine open looking at the girls.  I thought well if that's what it takes... anyhow when we were mixing the stereo version when we came to the end of side one we had the whole mixing desk covered in girlie magazines..."

    There's still time to subscribe or order a single issue by visiting http://www.mikeoldfield.org/

    Thursday, 10 April 2003 6 comments

    According to the official German site www.mikeoldfield.de, the re recording of Tubular Bells will be called Tubular Bells 2003 (thanks, Oldfield.de). wea.de has a scan of a cover (of a single?) that says 'Tubular Bells 2003 - Introduction Mike Oldfield' (thanks, Markus Lausecker) and 4 photos of Mike by Andy Earl: photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4.

    Tuesday, 8 April 2003 41 comments

    The leaked article and world tour news was an April fool's joke. Our apologies to anyone upset by the subject matter.

    Tuesday, 1 April 2003 Post a comment!

    Amazon.com is announcing a region 1 DVD (US and Canada) of The Art In Heaven Concert (Live in Berlin 2000) for May 20, 2003.
    (Thanks, Christopher Hopkins)

    Sunday, 23 March 2003 7 comments

    According to mikeoldfield.com, the re-recording of Tubular Bells will be released on May 26 with a free DVD. The Tube World, a new 3D environment, will be available for download.

    The stereo and the 5.1 mixes of Tubular Bells are finished and we are looking for a venue for the launch and 5.1 premier event. Meanwhile I have been working on The Tube World.

    The Tube World will be quite different to Tres Lunas in that the landscapes are much bigger and the focus is more on the feel of the visuals and the music. Less focus is on the gameplay although some of the levels will need a fair degree of skill to get through. Much more like a flight simulator! Because of the complexity of the graphics we recommend GeForce 2 or better graphics cards.

    The album will be called Tubular Bells, It will have new artwork(the same but clearer and calmer than the wonderful original) The CD version will include a free DVD featuring excerpts of the 5.1 mix, a video of the single, and all the information, pics, etc. The 5.1 will be available as a separate Super Audio DVD. The release will be on MAY 26th 2003 [was 16th], with The Tube World also available around this time. The Tube World will be downloadable from this website, and also mail order.

    Off for a mini holiday now!! Mike.

    (Thanks, Tubular Bells Brasil Blog)

    Friday, 14 March 2003 39 comments

    According to mikeoldfield.com, the new album will be called 'Tubular Bells The Re recording' and be released at the end of May.

    30 years ago as a young musician of 19, I was given one week of studio time at The Manor House near Oxford. In this week I recorded the entire first half of the Album that was later to become Tubular Bells.

    This Album went on to become the most successfull rock instumental Album of all time. To my ears however I was always aware of its imperfections. Notes out of tune, out of time, rushed playing, mistakes in performance, electonic noise etc etc... I always meant to re record it but for one reason or another I never got round to it... Until Now.

    The re recording has been a great pleasure and it is so nice to hear my first piece of music realized to its full potential. The 5.1 mix is especially magical. I hope you will enjoy listening to the 30th anniversary re-recording of Tubular Bells as much as I have enjoyed making it.

    Best wishes

    Mike Oldfield

    (Thanks, Tubular World)

    Monday, 10 February 2003 95 comments

    From mikeoldfield.com:

    Tubular Bells is finished and delivered to Warner Music who are very happy with it, they described the sound as amazing.

    We are updating the studio to 5.1 format and I will start the 5.1 mix this week


    Tuesday, 4 February 2003 37 comments

    Homes & Property (Evening Standard, Wednesday 22 January 2002):

    Musician Mike Oldfield has sold his Wind in the Willows-style cottage by the Thames for £1 million, through Hamptons.  The four-bedroom property near Marlow discreetly houses an indoor swimming pool and games room.  "Mike wasn't spending much time there as he owns another house in the same area," the agent explains.  Oldfield, who composed the mega-selling Seventies album Tubular Bells, bought the property 18 months ago as a Muse.  "I was working on a chill-out album and the river was perfect inspiration," he says.

    (Thanks, Pendleburn)

    Wednesday, 22 January 2003 9 comments

    The Australian band The Magnificent 7 performed the MC section of Tubular Bells on the local radio ABC in Sydney. They played in a country style with instruments such as pedal steel, baritone guitar, violin and accordion, plus.. "tubular cow bells". The Magnificent 7 have been voted the best Australian country and western band for 2 years. After the broadcast, the DJ asked "I wonder what Mike Oakenfel would think of that?" (Thanks, Jay Atkinson)

    Monday, 6 January 2003 28 comments

    A telepathy game is now online at mikeoldfield.com. (Thanks, Tubular World)

    On Jan 9, the answer was revealed: 32% chose the star, but Mike chose the diamond and is disappointed.

    Friday, 6 December 2002 33 comments

    mikeoldfield.com has been updated with Stories About Music [replaced by Puzzle on Nov 28] and Grafitti children's sections, and this message from Mike:

    The Rerecording of Tubular Bells is nearly finished and I am having a great time, as it really is a wonderful piece of music. The new technologies help a lot although I am mainly keeping to the original instrumentation (hand played guitars and keyboards)

    I am deliberately not hurrying as I only have one chance to do it as perfectly as possible. I am not working too hard and divide my time between music and my new hobby of Radio Controlled Electric Model Helicopters.

    I am saving the caveman vocal until last because I know that I won't be able to speak for two weeks after that ! I have also started work on the Tubular World MVR.

    Best wishes from Mike O.

    (Thanks, Mige Iranzo)

    Monday, 25 November 2002 29 comments

    Music VR has been updated to version 1.1f, and The Smart World, the children's community, has been added to mikeoldfield.com. On Nov 23, Music VR has been updated to version 1.1g (thanks, Tim Unwin).

    Sunday, 10 November 2002 23 comments

    Echoes radio stations will be featuring Mike Oldfield (2 new photos on the page):
    Thursday 10/17, Saturday 10/19, Sunday 10/20
    Mike Oldfield is an icon of modern instrumental music, best known for his debut album, Tubular Bells.  Over the last few years, Oldfield has been developing a music based computer game called MUSIC VR and he's scored a soundtrack to go along with it, TRES LUNAS, (Warner Bros. UK). We visit the legendary musician in his estate outside of London where he talks about his game and plays it for us.  We also get a sneak glimpse of his new recording of "Tubular Bells", set for release in the 30th anniversary year of 2003.

    Read the comments for details and MP3.

    Monday, 14 October 2002 25 comments

    Mike has sent this message to The Official Mike Oldfield Information service:

    Hi There 
    Just to let you know that we have recorded John Cleese in Santa Barbara, USA. 
    The session was very funny and the finished edited soundfiles were sent via FTP transfer to England. We were in telephone contact during the session and the finished track sounds wonderful. 
    I have finished Part 1 of T Bells in rough for the moment and have started work on Part 2. 
    The full session including all the chit chat will be available to listen to as streaming audio sometime around the release.

    Wednesday, 11 September 2002 39 comments

    During a BBC Radio 2 interview, Mike said he already has an agreement with the person who will be the Master of Ceremonies for the re-recording of Tubular Bells and that it's not Tony Benn, Rowan Atkinson, Cilla Black, or Richard Madeley. On Aug 22, it has been confirmed during a TV interview that John Cleese will be the next MC. (Source: Amarok Mailing List)

    Thursday, 15 August 2002 40 comments

    Sallyangie's Children Of The Sun, originally released in 1968, has been re-released by Castle Music (CMRCD545) as a 2CD set with singles, previously unreleased tracks and BBC sessions. It's available for £9  at Amazon.co.uk.

    Tuesday, 13 August 2002 14 comments

    Music VR 1.1b is available at www.mikeoldfield.com. According to the version history, this release fixes "a problem when running MusicVR with external ZIP drives and smart card readers. The program would ask you to insert disks before running." On Aug 17, version 1.1c has been released to fix "the screen corruption some people had if they flew very close to the ground and looked downwards".

    Friday, 9 August 2002 Post a comment!

    The movie 'The Master of Disguise' parodies a scene from 'The Exorcist' with the usual excerpt of 'Tubular Bells'. Mike is mentionned in the final credits.
    (Thanks Peter Huender)

    Monday, 5 August 2002 1 comment

    Mike will be appearing on the Sunday morning BBC Heaven & Earth show on Aug 25. Transcript.

    Saturday, 3 August 2002 18 comments

    The new single 'Thou Art In Heaven' will be released on Aug 26 in Spain (WEA-Warner Music Germany 0927 483732). Tracklist:
    - Thou Art In Heaven (Radio Edit)
    - Thou Art In Heaven (Pumpin' Dolls Vs. Mighty Mike Club Mix - Radio Edit)  4'39''
    - Thou Art In Heaven (Soultronik-Stethoscope - Radio Edit)
    - Thou Art In Heaven (Pumpin' Dolls Vs. Mighty Mike Club Mix)  9'50''
    - Thou Art In Heaven (Soultronik-Stethoscope Mix)
    - To Be Free (Spanish Version - Radio Edit)
    - To Be Free (French Version - Radio Edit)
    - To Be Free (German Version - Radio Edit)

    Wednesday, 31 July 2002 29 comments

    Mike Oldfield was on [http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/walker/]Johnnie Walker show[/URL] on Radio 2 on Jul 31. He interacted with online people in the chatroom for about 15 minutes, and then on the programme. Mike said he has found the original Tubular Bells demo tape, that it sounds great, and that it will be released on CD next year or available for download on the web. Screenshots of the chat at Oldfield.de. Real Audio.

    Tuesday, 30 July 2002 27 comments

    A Communities sections with web forums has been added to mikeoldfield.com.

    Thursday, 25 July 2002 10 comments

    Music VR 1.1 is available at www.mikeoldfield.com. On Jul 21, version 1.1a has been released (changes are not listed).

    Thursday, 18 July 2002 5 comments

    The hard rock Finnish band Nightwish uses the 'Tubular Bells' opening theme in the song 'Feel For You' from their last album 'Century Child'. The album is very popular in Germany and Austria. MP3.
    (Thanks, Christophe Gevrey)

    Thursday, 4 July 2002 25 comments

    Homini sells a Polish translation of Sean Moraghan's 'Mike Oldfield - A Man and His Music' book in Poland (ISBN 83-87933-26-0)
    (Thanks, Adam Skowronski)

    Thursday, 4 July 2002 1 comment

    The news section of www.mikeoldfield.com has been updated with this message from Mike:
      Tres Lunas is out and doing very well in Europe.  I am really pleased, and will be on-line as an Avatar at 18.00 GMT for a couple of weeks... Look at the bulletin board. Have been getting all the old valve equipment out of storage for the re-recording of Tubular Bells, and am looking forward to this a lot. Especially as I don't need to write the music for a change. Off for a Guinness and a Chinese.  
      Cheers Mike

    Tuesday, 18 June 2002 38 comments

    www.mikeoldfield.com contains an updated Music VR download that fixes some problems related to sound, Windows 98, and Windows Me.
    (Source: Official Mike Oldfield Information Service)

    Thursday, 13 June 2002 20 comments

    According to La Verdad, Mike Oldfield will perform during the "Gala del Día de la Región de Murcia", along with the Spanish singers Rosa, Manu Tenorio and Chenoa and the band 'Estopa'. It will take place at 'El Salvador', in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, and it will be presented by Ramón García and Anne Igartiburu. Not confirmed at all.
    (Thanks, Javier Llorente)

    Tuesday, 4 June 2002 27 comments

    'Tubular Bells' is #16 at BBC Radio 2 50 most popular British songs.

    Saturday, 1 June 2002 12 comments

    On May 30, Mike launched 'Tr3s Lunas' and Music VR in Valencia, in 'la Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències'. Photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, by Santi Ruiz. Photos by Nacho Marín at pandoramusic.net. Photos by Hans Claesson. Photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, by Joseph D. Seguí. Press conference transcript at tr3slunas.com.

    Friday, 31 May 2002 5 comments

    www.mikeoldfield.de is the official German Mike Oldfield website. There is also an updated Mike Oldfield section at wea.de.

    Thursday, 30 May 2002 7 comments

    On May 28, Mike was on Spanish radio Cadena 100, in the 100x100 program with Javi Nieves and his team. Mike said that he will start re-recording Tubular Bells in one month and during 6 months with possibly John Cleese as MC, that he will do a tour next year with interactive games, and that he has 4 more songs to be recorded after the Tubular Bells project. tr3slunas.com has a transcript and sound bits. This FTP server has an MP3 of the interview (thanks, Santi Ruiz).
    June 9 will be "Mike Oldfield's Day" on Spanish radio M80 which has already broadcasted themes from 'Tres Lunas' in their 'Musica Privada' program
    mR. SaTuRn)

    Monday, 27 May 2002 27 comments

    The Spanish newspaper 'El Periódico De Cataluña' contains a 4-pages article w/photos about Mike Oldfield entitled "I was a teenager at 45 years old". Scans of page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4. Mike may tour Spain and Eastern Europe next year to play Tubular Bells, with at least 12 musicians.
    (Thanks, Santi Ruiz)

    Monday, 27 May 2002 7 comments

    The Music VR game is available for download at www.mikeoldfield.com. Click on 'MusicVR Purchase' - 56.9MB. You need to purchase a code to run it. The Active Avatars Server Bulletin Board is open.
    (Thanks, Chris Morrison )

    Thursday, 23 May 2002 45 comments

    www.mikeoldfield-treslunas.com is the official 'Tres Lunas' web site, in English and Spanish, with a biography, a commented tracklisting, and extracts of all tracks. On May 20, the English section has been completed and some photos added to the biogaphy written by Carlos Finaly. On May 21, the video has been added.

    Friday, 17 May 2002 91 comments

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Wednesday, 15 May 2002 47 comments

    According to the Official Mike Oldfield Information Service, 'Tr3s Lunas' will be released on July 1 in UK and on June 3 in the rest of Europe. It might be released in US. 'To Be Free' will be released in Europe on May 27, but not in UK. If it's successful, French, German, and Spanish versions (already recorded) will be released.

    Monday, 13 May 2002 13 comments

    Jiri 'Taurus2' Smoldas wrote a report with photos of the first Czech fans meeting .

    Sunday, 12 May 2002 Post a comment!

    In the news section of www.mikeoldfield.com, Mike says that Music VR is now in production at the factory, and that he will be online in the "game" at a prearranged time. (Thanks, Matthew Cochrane)
    The discography has been completed and the demo has been updated on May 11 and contains credits:
    Software Pogramming: Colin Dooley
    Graphic Artist: Neek Catcheside
    (Thanks, Oldfield.de)

    Wednesday, 8 May 2002 24 comments

    Radio Zet has started to brodcast the 'To Be Free' single in Poland. (Thanks, Polish Mike Oldfield's Fanclub)
    On May 13, the single has reached the #1 spot on Radio Zet charts. (Thanks, Tubular Poland and Alex)

    Monday, 6 May 2002 10 comments

    www.wea.de has 'Tres Lunas' in its new releases page for June, along with a big scan of the cover.(Thanks, Markus)
    The French website Fnac.com announces it for June 4.

    Thursday, 2 May 2002 2 comments

    The page of the Second Mike Oldfield Fan Meeting in Madrid had been updated with a 4min video containing the best moments of the event. From there you'll also be able to preorder your copy of the double CD 'Oldfield 2002' which will be released in June and will include a documentary video with the highlights of the meeting (including extracts from the forums, the jam session and the concert), a photo gallery and a selection of live themes from the Amadian concert in audio format.

    Friday, 26 April 2002 12 comments

    The spanish radio Los 40 has started to broadcast a Radio Friendly Edit remix of 'To Be Free', the first single from 'Tr3s Lunas', on Apr 25. Other Spanish radios are broadcasting the non-remix version. (Thanks, mR. SaTuRn)

    According to the Official Mike Oldfield Information Service, "a video using the latest computer generated imaging technology", produced in Madrid, "will be sent out via all the usual promotional channels early in May". (updated Apr 26)

    'To Be Free' has been remixed by the Spanish duet Pumpin' Dolls and Soultronik. tr3slunas.com and Geltrular Bells have the covers and the tracklistings. (updated Apr 28)

    Wednesday, 24 April 2002 127 comments

    www.mikeoldfield.com has been updated and contains the cover of 'Tres Lunas' and a new demo. According to the Official Mike Oldfield Information Service, the catalog number is 'WE833 LC4281 Warner Music Spain' and the tracklisting is:
    01 Misty
    02 No Mans Land
    03 Return To The Origin
    04 Landfall
    05 Viper
    06 Turtle Island
    07 To Be Free
    08 Fire Fly
    09 Tr3s Lunas
    10 Daydream
    11 Thou Art In Heaven
    12 Sirius
    13 No Mans Land Reprise
    According to the Music VR Store, the price for the game seems to be £11.75.
    On Apr 24, the site has been updated with a new description of Music VR and new pictures.

    Thursday, 18 April 2002 94 comments

    According to a Los 40 article, 'Tres Lunas' will be launched in 'la Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències' in Valencia, Spain, on June 3. It will include a CD with the music and a second CD with the game. Mike signed a 3 albums contract with Warner Spain. (Thanks, StRiXx)

    Plus: Levante article (w/photo) (thanks, José Manuel), Las Provincias article (w/photo) (thanks, Nacho Marin), another Los 40 article (w/cover) (thanks, José Manuel)

    According to the Official Mike Oldfield Information Service, "the centre will host the press conference on May 29th and afterwards attention will shift to the IMAX Theatre (allegedly Europes largest planetarium) where Mike will give the first public demonstration of Music VR. A chill-out party will take place in the evening with the theme of relaxation, through water, light and ambient music." (updated Apr 26)

    Thursday, 11 April 2002 46 comments

    In the news section of mikeoldfield.com, Mike writes:
      Just finishing off the album. There are 13 tracks one of wich will be a single called "To Be Free". The single will be released in English, Spanish, French and German. Working now on the new Demo wich we will post soon. All the final pieces coming together at last! Found a great new way to play guitar sounding like a saxophone or flute. Having a final listen to the album this afternoon then off for Thai dindins.
    (Thanks, Michiel Cleijne)

    Thursday, 21 March 2002 42 comments

    www.mikeoldfield.com has been updated with a new Flash interface (click on the hands) and new blurbs. On March 15, the design has been updated again, and a map of the first episode of Music VR is available.

    Monday, 4 March 2002 54 comments

    Virgin Denmark has released a 2CD compilation called 'The Danish Collection'. (Thanks, Oldfield.dk) Cover scans at ProMO. Amazon.fr sells a 2CD 'Collection'. It's also available in Spain. (Thanks, Tubular World). Scan of the non-Danish cover (back, inlay with mistakes). (Thanks, nick & Blue Dolphin)

    Moonlight Shadow 03:36
    To France 04:43
    Five Miles Out 04:15
    Shadow on the Wall 05:18
    Foreign Affair 03:55
    Sentinel 03:56
    Family Man 03:46
    Heaven's Open 04:26
    Pictures In The Dark 04:20
    Innocent 03:30
    Islands 04:18
    Incantations (part four excerpt) 04:38
    Tubular Bells (opening theme) 04:17
    Etude 03:06
    Ommadawn (excerpt) 03:39
    In Dulci Jubilo 02:51
    Good News 01:45
    Pran's Theme 1 & 2 02:31
    Pran's Departure 02:07
    Hergest Ridge (Part One) 21:28
    Portsmouth 02:00

    Tuesday, 26 February 2002 25 comments

    According to The Official Mike Oldfield Information Service, the Finnish CD pressing of Pekka Pohjola 'Keesojen Lehto' (otherwise known as the 'Mathematicians Air Display' or 'The Consequences of Indecisions' and first released in 1976) featuring Mike on guitar is being remastered and re-released in March. You can pre-order it from their site for $29.50.

    Friday, 22 February 2002 7 comments

    The independent music label Pandora Music is organizing the Second Mike Oldfield Fan Meeting in Madrid which will take place the 23rd of February. The event will include video sessions, stalls with fanzines (the Orabidoo fanzine staff will come) and rarities (some music shops from Madrid will be represented), discussion forums, a jam session (where everyone is invited to participate), bar service, a rarities raffle (with T-Shirts, CDs...) and several other suprises... The main act of the event will be the Mike Oldfield tribute concert which will be performed by the group Amadian, a well known folk/rock fusion group from Madrid, who will play versions of all of the artist's discography. It will be the first time that a music group does a concert based in versions of a whole 25+ year discography. This is the projected setlist for the concert (the order might change):
    Tubular Bells Part 1, Tubular Bells Part 2, The Sailor's Hornpipe, Excerpt from Hergest Ridge Part 1, Ommadawn Part 2, Portsmouth, In Dulci Jubilo, Hymn to Diana (Incantations Part 2), Excerpt from Incantations Part 4, North Star (Platinum Part 4), Arrival, Planxty Fanny Power, Taurus I+II (excerpt), Orabidoo, Crises (excerpt), The Lake (excerpt) , The Wind Chimes Part 1, Innocent, Excerpt from Amarok + Serpent Dream, Music from the Balcony, Maya Gold, In the Beginning + Let There be Light + Crystal Clear, O Son do Ar (The Song of the Sun), Women of Ireland, Dark Island, Mike's Reel, The Top Of The Morning, From the Ashes, The Doges Palace
    There you will be able to listen to some MP3s from the band, see the details about the activities, the place of the event, booking information, as well as a list of near hotel accomodations for people who might need it.

    Tuesday, 5 February 2002 15 comments

    www.mike-oldfield.com has been updated with this message:
    "A new site is under construction at mikeoldfield.com and in the near future all hits to MusicVR.com and mike-oldfield.com will be redirected there.
    Thanks for your patience and input, we are nearly there and look forward for the release in May.
    Good wishes from Mike and MVR."
    (Thanks, Thomas Höögh)

    Monday, 4 February 2002 7 comments

    Mike sent exclusive news to the official Mike Oldfield information service :
    "I've just signed a new 3 album deal with Warner Music. There will be two chillout albums to coincide with the releases of Music VR, and the re-recording of original Tubular Bells to be released in 2003.
    The first album will be called 'Tres Lunas', and the first episode of Music VR also called 'Tres Lunas' will be included on the CD. There will be a free demo, but to play the full version of MVR you will have to register online and pay an extra sum by credit card. MVR will also be downloadable separately from the CD release.
    The release date for both first album and MVR episode is set for May 27 2002."
    There are also two 'Tres Lunas' 3D graphics on their website.

    Friday, 1 February 2002 70 comments

    According to PLAN 1 (info available in the news section), Mike chose the high-tech PLAN 1 studios in Munich to do some work in December for his new album and his MVR project. (Thanks, Oldfield.de)

    Sunday, 6 January 2002 33 comments

    The official Mike Oldfield website, www.mikeoldfield.org, has been updated with a new nice and warm design presenting very interesting and detailed content.

    Tuesday, 18 December 2001 13 comments

    The new book Ginger Geezer - The Life of Vivian Stanshall contains some mention of Mike with Vivian's involvement in Tubular Bells I, plus this story: Mike wanted Vivian to do the same reading of intruments for Tubular Bells II. He did agree to it, but on the day of recording, he did'nt turn up, so Tom Newman went to his house and Vivian was there blind drunk and when Tom asked if he was going to do it, he went to get dressed,and fell asleep. He later told Tom that he did not attend the recording on purpose because he was still annoyed at missing out on royalties from Tubular Bells I. (Thanks, James Questari)

    Saturday, 15 December 2001 5 comments

    Let There Be Light (BT mix) is included in BT's compilation R&R. (Thanks, Jay Atkinson)

    Wednesday, 5 December 2001 7 comments

    Studio 99 (health warning: Céline Dion, Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams, plus Boyzone are mentionned on the page) has a tribute called 'Tubular Bells Part I & II A Tribute to Mike Oldfield'. The CD is available at least in Romania, Hungary and Spain. (Thanks, Sephirot)

    Tuesday, 4 December 2001 5 comments

    There will be a Mike Oldfield special on German Radio 21 (located in Hannover) on Dec 4 at 21-22h CET. Frequencies. (Thanks, Jens Pielawa)

    Monday, 3 December 2001 3 comments

    An extract of Tubular Bells is included in the French compilation Ushuaia. (Merci, Enzo)

    Wednesday, 21 November 2001 2 comments

    Music VR sites were temporarily down for technical reasons. On Nov 20, the sites were back online, not updated. (Thanks, Thomas Höögh)

    Sunday, 4 November 2001 20 comments

    According to Dark Star, the original Elements 4 CD box is being replaced by a "more standard repackaged box with the same booklet and CD's, new code CDBOXY2". It should be released on Nov 26 by Virgin. You can preorder it at Dark Star for £50 or at Amazon.co.uk for £36.

    Friday, 19 October 2001 16 comments

    There was a 2 pages article about Mike in the Daily Mirror on Oct 6. According to this article, it seems MVR will be released in 2002. Scan.

    Saturday, 13 October 2001 20 comments

    WEA will release on Oct 16 a Voyager / The Songs Of Distant Earth 2 CD set. (Thanks, Tubular World)

    Saturday, 6 October 2001 9 comments

    Total Guitar magazine (Oct 2001) features Mike with discussion of his playing style, his methods, examples with guitar tab and audio demos: "Didlybom" from Amarok arranged for one guitar (567K MP3), a bit from The Top Of The Morning and from the Knebworth video (553K MP3), and Moonlight Shadow arranged for fingerpicking. Transcript. Raw interview at Dark Star.  (Thanks, Matthew Cochrane) The Dec. Spanish version of Total Guitar features 2 tabs and audio demos.  (Thanks, Kike) [updated Dec 03]

    Sunday, 30 September 2001 11 comments

    BBC Radio 2 will mention "the first ever broadcast of Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’" on Sep 26 during 'The Whistle Test Years', a show marking the 30th anniversary of the BBC Television programme 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'. (Thanks, Ian Hubball)

    Tuesday, 25 September 2001 2 comments

    José Miguel Serrano will co-host a radio special about Mike Oldfield in Colombia, on 'Superstación 88.9', on Oct 14 & Oct 28, during the show 'El Expreso del rock'. Info about the project and its mailing list can be found at www.tubularbellsbogota.8m.com. MP3s of the show and transcriptions will be available there too.

    Monday, 24 September 2001 3 comments

    The Music VR website has been updated with a new Flash interface. (Thanks, Mats Larsson and Nacho Marin) On Sept 12, mike-oldfield.com was updated with new pictures. (Thanks, Thomas Fagerström)
    Music VR got a BTDesign award for Best Music Site - August 2001. (Thanks, Oldfield.de)

    Sunday, 26 August 2001 16 comments

    According to Oldfield.de, Mike has left WEA and signed to Virgin.

    Monday, 6 August 2001 20 comments

    The Music VR website has been updated with 3 new music clips and new pictures.
    (Thanks, Thomas Höögh) There was a new update on July 17. (Thanks, Mario Santos)

    Wednesday, 4 July 2001 5 comments

    The 'Millennium Bell (Live In Berlin)' DVD should be released in the UK on Jul 9 (order it at Amazon.co.uk), and according to Art In Heaven, Warner Vision wants to release it in U.S. and Canada in August. According to Warner Music Japan, it will be released in Japan (region 2, NTSC) on Jul 25.
    (Thanks, Matthew Grace)
    [updated Jul 07]

    Tuesday, 26 June 2001 18 comments

    Dark Star (new issue 21 available) got some exclusive info about MVR: the creation and the design are now completed and the game should be available in Sept. 2001. As Mike said in the exclusive Raft interview, the first part will be free. According to Dark Star, parts 2 and 3 should cost less than a CD (payment by credit card). Also, a special prize will be offered to the first person who will send to Mike a screenshot of a hidden diamond ring.

    Wednesday, 20 June 2001 18 comments

    The Music VR website has been updated with a 7min33 video presentation of the project and new pictures. On Jun 19, the 'Demo' section has been renamed 'Part1 Free', and some sounds have been added to the site.

    Monday, 18 June 2001 12 comments

    In an interview at The Raft, Mike says that the first part of Music VR should be ready in 2 months and will be free, a double package containing an album and the game will be released, and that a concert involving the audience may be organized.

    Wednesday, 6 June 2001 10 comments

    The Music VR website has been updated with a Flash promo for the forthcoming webcast and a new Flash presentation of the project.

    Monday, 4 June 2001 8 comments

    Mike answered questions at an exclusive non-live webchat on Friday 08 June at The Raft. The website features photos of the studio where 'The Best Of Tubular Bells' was mastered, and 2 TV ads. There is also a page about Music VR and a 37 minutes video of the webcast.
    [updated June 08]

    Wednesday, 30 May 2001 38 comments

    'Tubular Bells in Bogotá' is a project aiming at playing 'Tubular Bells' live in Colombia. English interview of the organizers.

    Friday, 18 May 2001 1 comment

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Monday, 14 May 2001 29 comments

    An unreleased track called 'Ready mix' and 'Mount Teide' are included on 'One More Time', Carl Palmer (of Emerson Lake & Palmer) 2 CDs best-of album which will be released on May 21. It's available at Amazon.co.uk.
    (Source: Chris Morrison via alt.music.mike-oldfield)

    Sunday, 13 May 2001 2 comments

    The Music VR website has been updated on May 03, on May 21, and on May 26 with a Flash movie containing new background music. (Thanks, Johan Williamsson)

    Thursday, 3 May 2001 7 comments

    Simply Vinyl has re-released a high-quality 'Ommadawn' LP. You can also order it at Amazon.co.uk.

    Friday, 20 April 2001 Post a comment!

    During an interview with Ian Callaghan, producer of the series 'Seven More Days That Rocked The World' on BBC Radio 2, Mike said he may plan to re-record 'Tubular Bells' in 2003, for the 30th Anniversary, using modern technology , replacing the organ parts with a full orchestra as he originally wanted, and fixing the out of tune/time sections.
    On 26 Apr 22:00, the BBC 2 series 'Seven More Days That Rocked The World' will be about the release of 'Tubular Bells' and will include an interview with Mike. The show is "a rollercoaster ride through some of rock'n’roll's greatest and most shocking moments" written and presented by Stuart Maconie, and produced by Ian Callaghan. Transcript of the show.

    Thursday, 19 April 2001 26 comments

    The 'Millennium Bell (Live In Berlin)' DVD was released by Warner on May 21 and can be ordered at Amazon.de and pre-ordered at Amazon.co.uk (which announces a release date of June 25). A VHS version will also be available. (Thanks, Matthew Grace)
    The DVD is Region 2/3/4/5/6 (no North America), in Dolby Digital and Linear PCM, and contains a 5min interview of Mike in his house and a making-of with subtitles in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish. (Thanks, marhi)

    Classical Songs:
    1. Tubular Bells
    2. Portsmouth
    3. Moonlight Shadow
    4. Secrets
    5. Shadows on the Wall

    The Millennium Bell:
    1. Sunlight
    2. The Doges Places
    3. Mastermind
    4. Broad
    5. Liberation
    6. Amber Light
    7. The Millennium Bell

    Art In Heaven

    A photo of the cover and a description in German and French is available at wea.ch (Thanks, Vinz)
    Scan of a French promo. (Thanks,      nick.nath.barbier@wanadoo.fr). Screnshots of the DVD menu (Source:  Thomas Kinastowski via Amarok)
    [updated May 31]

    Tuesday, 10 April 2001 29 comments

    A 6.1 MB demo is available at www.musicvr.com. On Apr 12, a new 7 MB demo has been posted.

    Friday, 6 April 2001 57 comments

    Sonic VR has been renamed Music VR. The new website URL is www.musicvr.com. A demo will be available on April 6.
    (Thanks, Tiarnan Breffni)

    Friday, 30 March 2001 9 comments

    'The Best of Tubular Bells', compiled and edited by Simon Heyworth, has been released on 4 June 2001. Virgin press release. You can order it at Amazon.co.uk. Photo of the cover. (Thanks, Nacho Marin)
    [updated June 04]

    Tubular Bells - Part 1 (Original Edit)
    Tubular Bells - Part 1 (Orchestral Edit)
    Tubular Bells - Part 1 (Original Edit)
    Tubular Bells - Part 1 (Exposed Edit)
    Tubular Bells - Part 1 (Original Edit)
    Tubular Bells - Part 2 'The Caveman Song' (Original Edit)
    Tubular Bells - Part 2 (Exposed Edit)
    Sentinel (Tubular Bells II)
    The Bell (Tubular Bells II)
    Far Above The Clouds  (Tubular Bells III)
    The Millennium Bell (The Millennium Bell)
    Tubular Bells - Part 2 'Sailors Hornpipe' (Original Edit)

    Thursday, 22 March 2001 37 comments

    With the forthcoming Virgin 'Tubular Bells' compilation, and the expiration of Mike's contract with Warner, there are rumors that Mike might sign again with Virgin (which is owned by EMI which is owned by AOL Time Warner).

    Wednesday, 21 March 2001 4 comments

    The Sonic VR website has been updated with a 687K demo for Windows of the project.

    Friday, 9 March 2001 23 comments

    According to Dark Star, Virgin will release a Best of 'Tubular Bells' compilation in June.

    Monday, 5 March 2001 5 comments

    Simply Vinyl will release on March 26 a new high quality 'Ommadawn' LP. You can order it at Amazon.co.uk.

    Monday, 5 March 2001 7 comments

    'Tubular Vibes' is a Mike Oldfield tribute with the following track listing:
    1. Tubular Bells (Part 4) - Bondee System
    2. Taurus - Rey
    3. Guilty - Kenton Files
    4. Jewel In The Crown - Sahid
    5. The Funkie Tubular Bells - Joseph/Ma Licious
    6. Moonlight Shadow - Kenton Files (unplugged version)
    7. High Place - Copenhagen
    8. Get To France - Giorgio & Rey
    9. Moonlight Shadow - Ecstatica (dance version)
    10. The Blue Incantations - Rey Project/Ma Licious
    11. Five Miles Out - Giorgio & Rey
    12. The Red Incantations - Joseph/Ma Licious
    13. The Tubular Countdown - Rey/Ma Licious.
    It's available at Amazon.com.

    Thursday, 22 February 2001 6 comments

    Warner has released a DVD sampler (not for sale) (scan) containing tracks from Mike Oldfield ('Far Above The Clouds'), The Corrs, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Cher, Metallica, and Tchaikowsky.
    (Thanks, nick)

    Monday, 19 February 2001 1 comment

    The Sonic VR website contains 3 new pictures and a new beautiful MP3 sample called Piano248.
    (Thanks, Tubular World.)

    Friday, 16 February 2001 3 comments

    The Sonic VR website has been redesigned and updated, and contains much more information about the project. An aditionnal minor update has been made on Feb 9.
    (Thanks, Tubular World SE)

    Friday, 2 February 2001 8 comments

    According to El Ideal Gallego Digital, Mike Oldfield might give a concert in A Coruña (Galicia, Spain) in August, during the "Noites Celtas" event.
    (Source: Octavio Molano via Amarok)

    Thursday, 1 February 2001 2 comments

    The Art In Heaven (Berlin 2000) DVD should be released by Warner in a few months, once Mike has approved the cut made by Art In Heaven. It will include the whole concert, a making of, an interview, and features such as different camera views.
    (Thanks, Oldfield.de)

    Wednesday, 17 January 2001 5 comments

    'Tubular Bells' will be the first Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) released by Virgin. The DVD will be released on Feb 5 and contain 3 layers: an ordinary stereo mix, an SACD stereo mix, and a multichannel mix containing additional music to the stereo mixes. Article and Simon Heyworth's interview at Widescreen Review and article at Virgin/Eden.
    (Thanks, Hifiguru)

    Friday, 5 January 2001 5 comments

    The Sonic VR website has been updated and contains new pictures, 9 Real Video  movies with music, and 2 VRML files. Epsiode 1 will be released during the first quarter of 2001 and will run on Windows computers with OpenGL graphic card.

    Thursday, 21 December 2000 7 comments

    The Art In Heaven show with Mike Oldfield in Sardinia in Italy on 31 Dec 2000 is cancelled.
    Another Art In Heaven show is planned with Mike Oldfield during the summer or the autumn in China in 2001.
    (Thanks, Oldfield.de)

    Tuesday, 28 November 2000 7 comments

    PolarFilm sells an official 'Art In Heaven' poster (84 x 59.4cm) featuring the Berlin 2000 stage. You can order by emailing info@polarfilm.de.
    (Thanks, Oldfield.de)

    Friday, 10 November 2000 Post a comment!

    Art In Heaven - The Millennium Event - The World's greatest Lightshow is a 136 pages (20 about Mike) 24x34cm book (ISBN 3-9807371-0-1) containing photos and text about the making of the Berlin 200 event. Complete information about this book is available at Oldfield.de. It costs 50 DM and can be ordered by emailing artinheavenap@perleberg.de or at Into Wonderland (49,90 DM + 15,10 DM).
    (Thanks, Oldfield.de)

    Monday, 6 November 2000 Post a comment!

    On 20 Oct 2000, in Czestochwa, Poland, Duo Sonare (Jens Wagner and Thomas Offermann - 2 German guitarists) performed Tubular Bells. The concert took place the 3rd day of the 'Meeting of Guitarists' festival. The orchestra of Czestochwa, conducted by Bogdan Oledzki, accompanied Duo Sonare.
    (Thanks, Wojciech)

    Saturday, 28 October 2000 Post a comment!

    Annie Haslam, the lead vocalist of the British band 'Renaissance', has a cover version of 'Moonlight Shadow'. More info and MP3 at Mike Oldfield: Russian Page.

    Monday, 23 October 2000 2 comments

    The movie 'The Exorcist' was re-released w/ new sound and visual material. The newer version, called 'The Exorcist: the version you've never seen', not ony uses the opening theme of 'Tubular Bells' but also latter excerpts of Part 1 and some of Part 2. The website >mentions 'Tubular Bells':
    Elsewhere, Friedkin used a few phrases from the opening of Mike Oldfield’s "Tubular Bells" which he perceived as an innocent nursery-rhyme-style theme for Regan. It has since become recognised as the "Theme from THE EXORCIST".
    (Thanks, Bill Henning)

    Wednesday, 27 September 2000 Post a comment!

    The Italian disco band Bamble B. has a remix of 'Crime Of Passion'. French promo text w/ photos.
    (Thanks, Spacewalker, nick and Carlos Martorell)

    Friday, 15 September 2000 Post a comment!

    The Russian Magazine BEELINE NEWS (it's about mobile network in Russia) had a review of 'Guitars'.
    (Thanks, Freshhh)

    Friday, 8 September 2000 Post a comment!

    Russian singer Marina Kapuro and the band Yabloko performed for the first time in public the song 'Malenkiy Ostrov' (meaning "Small Island" in Russian) in a club in Moscow in September. It's a cover version of 'To France' with vocals in Russian. RealAudio sample.
    (Thanks, Mike Oldfield: Russian Music Page and Freshhh)

    Thursday, 7 September 2000 Post a comment!

    The Russian newspaper MK had a small preview of the Millennium show in Berlin, along with a few words about 'Guitars'.
    (Thanks, Freshhh)

    Wednesday, 6 September 2000 Post a comment!

    At the Olympics in Australia, the Russian artistic gymnastic team will use almost all tracks of 'Tubular Bells III' as music for their routines. They already performed in front of 10,000 people, using 'Far Above The Clouds' during the grand finale of their exhibition!
    (Thanks, Chris Cotton)

    Monday, 4 September 2000 Post a comment!

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio Two played 'Tubular Bells' as
    part of the comedy show 'The Muckraker' on Sep 01. The skit was 'The Quebecorsist' and it explained how the Alliance Party leader converted two separatiststo his new reform party.
    (Thanks, The Windsors)

    Sunday, 3 September 2000 Post a comment!

    The Russian Omsk Drama Theatre uses Mike Oldfield's music in the show 'Man, animal and the Goodness' by Louigi Pirandello. From the first-night show which was on Aug 8, 1994 the performance still remains successful.
    (More info at Mike Oldfield: Russian Page)

    Sunday, 3 September 2000 Post a comment!

    The SF2 Swiss TV channel broadcasted the 'Tubular Bells III' concert on Sat, 2 Sept, at 23:10.
    (Source: Pascal Sueess via Amarok)

    Saturday, 2 September 2000 Post a comment!

    The Russian TV program XXL Music had a short interview with Mike about 'Tubular Bells III'. There was also a 3 minutes excerpt from 'The Source Of Secrets' at Horse Guards Parade.
    (Thanks, Freshhh)

    Saturday, 2 September 2000 Post a comment!

    There are already rumours about the band for the forthcoming European tour.
    List deleted - this story was wholy untrue - apologies to the musicians, especially those left from the list.

    Friday, 25 August 2000 3 comments

    According to 'El Correo', the concert planned on Sep 17 in Vitoria, Spain, is cancelled.
    (Thanks, Carlos J. Roldán)

    Thursday, 24 August 2000 Post a comment!

    The band Wavediver has a trance track called 'Tubular Bells' based upon the famous keyboard riff. It's available on the German CD "Dreamdance 17".
    (Thanks, Axel and Christopher)

    Wednesday, 23 August 2000 Post a comment!

    There are rumors of a concert in Spain and a European tour early next year, after the release of the two first episodes of Sonic VR.
    (Source: Dark Star)

    Saturday, 19 August 2000 Post a comment!

    Barry Palmer, who used to sing Mike Oldfield's songs, has a new single called 'Dear John' (a Lennon tribute). It's a free download for a limited time at MP3.com.

    Tuesday, 15 August 2000 Post a comment!

    'The Millennium Bell' was played in front of 23 000 people in Hull, Québec, Canada! There was a firework competiton going on at the Hull Casino and 4 countries were competing: Spain, Portugal, Italy and South Africa. On Jul 29, it was the opening night and the finale of the Spain offering was accompanied by 'The Millennium Bell'...
    (Source: Maurice Lafleur via Amarok)

    Tuesday, 1 August 2000 Post a comment!

    Lukasz Wierzbicki has a 2 hours radio programme called Treasure Island on the Polish local radio FAN 100.2 FM in Poznan. During the last broadcast on Jul 27, the whole 'Amarok' was played, as the magic final of their "expeditions to the centre of the Treasure Island in search of the most beautiful and exciting music of the world".

    Sunday, 30 July 2000 Post a comment!

    Sonic VR contains 2 new music samples: 'Daliphant' (1:14), and 'First Steps' (0:58), a short video of Mike working in his studio, and a VRML cactus.

    Friday, 28 July 2000 Post a comment!

    The domain oldfieldinteractive.com contains the Sonic VR website, also available at mike-oldfield.com and mikeoldfieldsr.com.
    (Thanks, Thomas Hoogh)

    Wednesday, 19 July 2000 Post a comment!

    The UK Digitial TV channel BBC Knowledge broadcasted on Jul 19 a program about 50 years of Richard Branson. Mike Oldfield and 'Tubular Bells' were mentioned, along with a clip of a live performance of 'Tubular Bells'. The composer talked about the problems he was having trying to get a record label to market it.
    (Thanks, James Stark)

    Wednesday, 19 July 2000 Post a comment!

    Art In Heaven will release a DVD of the Berlin show. It should be available this autumn.
    (Thanks, Oldfield.de)

    Wednesday, 28 June 2000 Post a comment!

    Amar (singer on 'Tubular Bells III')'s first album 'Outside' will be released on 4th July in France. The first single 'Sometimes It Snows In April' is already available.
    (Thanks, Vinz)

    Wednesday, 21 June 2000 Post a comment!

    Virgin has released remastered HDCD versions of albums from 'Tubular Bells' to 'QE2' (excepted 'Boxed') on May 29. Albums 'Five Miles Out' to 'Heaven's Open' (excepted 'The Complete') were re-released on July 3. Simon Heyworth (co-producer of 'Tubular Bells' - he also did the remaster in 98) remastered the albums, and Dave Laing (author of the Elements box booklet) wrote inaccurate sleeve notes for each CD. There are new photos and slightly improved artwork. Catalog numbers and more details are available at Dark Star.
    (Source: Dark Star)

    In some countries, including France, the albums are not be considered as new CDs and will not be sent to the shops unless vendors order them from Virgin.
    (Thanks, nick)

    Monday, 29 May 2000 2 comments

    The availability of Sonic Virtual Reality on CD-ROM and DVD is not confirmed (the project will be distributed via Internet), No Mac version is planned. Voice your opinion! [updated June 16]

    Amar, who sang in 'Tubular Bells III', also sings on French artist Khaled's latest single: 'El harba wine'. [June 9]

    The UK TV show 'Through The Keyhole' featured Mike Oldfield on May 30. The program portrayed his house, garden, swimming pool, studio (with the 'Let There Be Light' video running), lounge, bedroom, meditation room and his extensive Star Trek video collection. In the interview, Mike talked about the 'Sonic Reality' project and Exegesis. He claimed that sales figures of 'Tubular Bells' have been exaggerated and that 9 million copies were sold. [May 30]

    'The Doge's Palace' was played during the Real Madrid soccer team party on May 25, after they won the UEFA Champion's League. The tune was played while the players were appearing on the field.[May 26]

    Anita Hegerland sang 'Moonlight Shadow' during the 'Da Capo' program on the Norwegian TV channel NRK1 on May 23. [updated May 23]

    La Fnac, and other big French stores, currently sell: 'Tubular Bells - Edition festival de Cannes 2000'. This is a Virgin promo. There is just a cardboard box around the usual CD. [updated May 18]

    One of the main radio stations in Adelaide, South Australia, recently conducted a poll of the 1000 greatest rock tracks of all time. Tubular Bells' came in at number 100 and is played more and more on Australian radio stations. [May 18]

    The 'Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia', a Colombian radio station, mentionned Mike's birthday in their 'Carruselambra' show, and explained how 'Tubular Bells' helped to launch the Virgin empire. [May 16]

    The Polish RMF radio station mentioned Mike's Birthday on Monday, May 15, 7:26am, in a 30s message and played 'Portsmouth'. [May 15]

    According the the Finnish newspaper 'Aamulehti' (May 10), students of a local music oriented high school in Tampere, Finland, plus some other young musicians will perform 'Tubular Bells II' live. The band consists of nearly 20 musicians, and instruments include tubular bells and a bagpipe. The whole team hopes to have several perfomances but, for now, only one has been confirmed on 1st of June. [May 14]

    On April 29 in Nörtingen (Germany), Mike Oldfield's old friend Tom Newman (producer of Tubular Bells, Platinum, Amarok, etc.) performed a special concert with some very special guests. The concert had the motto of 'A Tribute to Mike Oldfield'. The band played:
    - Incantations part 4
    - Summit Day
    - To France
    - Poison Arrows
    - Saved by a Bell
    - Crime of Passion
    - Discovery
    - Shadow on the Wall
    - Don Alfonso
    - Sailor's Hornpipe
    Tom also performed excerpts of 'Faerie Symphony and Other Stories' (available at Tempus Fugit) and other tracks of his own albums. The band was
    - Tom Newman: vocals, guitars
    - Barry Palmer: vocals ( Triumvirat, Oldfield band)
    - Mickey Simmonds: keyboards (Fish, Oldfield band)
    - & band (some good locals)

    From March issue of Classic Rock magazine: "Caravan, Gong and Focus will be the main attractions at the Canterbury Music Festival, which takes place on July 31. Tickets will go on sale shortly." [...] says Pye Hastings. "We want Jethro Tull or Procol Harum headlining, with us in the middle; then Kevin Ayers thinks he might get Mike Oldfield, his former guitarist, to come back for a one-off"

    The 'Poptop' show on the Dutsh TV channel 'Nederland 1' featured on Wed, Apr 26 (5:53pm) Mike Oldfield and Roger Chapman.

    According to the German newspaper 'Mannheimer Morgen', the famous German concert promoter Matthias Hoffmann is planing a special summer project in German cities: 12 portable arenas (for up to 6000 people). The cultural events in these arenas should include concerts of Joe Cocker, Nigel Kennedy,... There are discussions about a contract with the so called "sound master" Mike Oldfield.

    Sonic Reality is Mike Oldfield's new virtual reality project. According to a press release available at Dark Star, it "will have large worlds to fly around whilst listening to original music", will be non-violent and non-linear. It will work on PCs. Worlds will be downloadable via Internet for a nominal fee. Series one will contain the first 10 episodes. the first one should be ready in September.

    Mike now manages himself. Caroline Monk is his PA.

    The Polish Radio Trójka has a 'tops of all times' poll. Vote for Tubular Bells! (check it and click on GLOSUJ at the bottom - if you have a modem you can vote again each time you connect...)

    Bill Smith Studio, the agency who did the artwork for Mike's CDs from 'Tubular Bells II' to 'Tubular Bells III', is selling a year K2 limited edition poster for £6.49 (all profits go to charity) which includes some artwork created for Mike Oldfield.

    The #1 single in Belgium - 'Candyman' by 'Da Boy Tommy' - is entirely based on the 'Tubular Bells' famous keyboard opening theme.

    The city hall of Leganes (Madrid) in Spain plans to name a street 'Mike Oldfield' next year. There is already a (noisy? ;-) street named AC/DC.

    The Italian band Prezioso used the melody of the verses of 'Family Man' in their song 'Tell Me Why'. You can listen to it on German radio stations.

    Spanish local newspapers and TV stations announce a concert at Araba Arena (now known as Buesa Arena, in Vitoria, Spain) on Sep 17 with two other rock bands to promote the Araba.
    There are also rumors of a new album released at the end of 2000.

    The French rapper Lady Laistee used a sample from 'The Lake' in her last single 'Et si..?' (from her album 'Black Mama'). RA sample

    'Wonderful Land' and 'Hibernaculum' were used as background music in ads for Spanish political parties.

    Art In Heaven has released the Berlin video. It lasts 65 minutes and include the following tracks:
    Best of:
    1. Tubular Bells
    2. Portsmouth
    3. Moonlight Shadow
    4. The Source Of Secrets
    5. Shadow on the Wall

    The Millennium Bell:
    1. Sunlight Shining Trough Cloud
    2. The Doge's Palace
    3. Mastermind
    4. Broad Sunlit Uplands
    5. Liberation
    6. Amber Light
    7. The Millennium Bell

    Art in Heaven (a.k.a. Berlin 2000)

    It is available as PAL and NTSC for $30. A DVD is also considered but the the content, price and delivery date remain opened questions. Art In Heaven is also planning to release the video "A view behind the stage", in which Mike explains how the idea for the Art in Heaven concert came about, and where you can see unique pictures in Mike's studio.
    You can order via the Art In Heaven Online shop. They don't take credit cards, but you can mail them the order form and transfer the payment from your bank to:
    Deutsche Kreditbank AG
    Bank Account: 1525260
    Bank Code: 12030000
    Alternatively, you can buy it from Into Wonderland (45 DEM for PAL, 54 DEM for NTSC), and from Dark Star (£14 or $28) (no credit card either).

    "In 1999, Warner Music Group artists received 73 nominations for Grammy Awards and they accounted for 38 of the year's 200 best-selling albums in the US. Worldwide, 26 Warner Music Group albums sold more than a million units in 1999." Mike Oldfield is among the company's top recording artists, according to Business Wire.

    Dark Star has a cool photo of Mike in front of his Mac and his keyboards in his studio.

    Mike might organize a small European tour around September 2000.

    The Spanish radio station Cadena 100 has an 'Amber Light' promo single released by WEA and containing 3 tracks: Sunlight Shining Through Cloud, Mastermind, Amber Light (edit) (Source: Dark Star).

    The Spanish radio station Cadena 100 says that Mike's new work is planned to be released at the end of this year.

    The Concertina Record (MP3s available), Lea Nicholson’s 1980 album which features Mike Oldfield on the track Kopya has been re-released and is now available for the first time on CD. You can order the CD for £10 incl. shipping & handling at Jamring.com.
    During his time with Virgin in 1976, Lea spent some time with Mike Oldfield at his studio in Througham, Gloucestershire. Kopya was one of the results of these sessions. Mike plays guitar, sleigh bells, and bodhran. Lea, as always, plays concertina.

    Jean-Michel Jarre said in the Spanish newspaper Gaceta Universitaria: "He is part of my generation and we started more or less at the same time. He follows his path, he doesn't care about trends. He is more involved in Celtic, folk and acoustic music. A kind of mix with electronic music."

    EMI (which owns Virgin Music) and Time Warner merged their music businesses, with combined revenues of $8 billion a year, to become the world's second-largest in the field. For now, the catalogs are not merged. Until Tubular Bells II, Mike's records were released by Virgin, they are now released by Warner.

    The French magazine Keyboards (December - Mike is on the cover) has a 2 pages interview where Mike talks about music and computers. Translation.

    Listeners of the Polish radio FAN 100,2 FM voted for their albums of the year 1999:
    1. Camel - Rajaz
    2. Moody Blues - Strange Times
    3. Mike Oldfield - The Millennium Bell
    4. Mike Oldfield - Guitars
    5. Yes - The Ladder

    The French magazine Best rates 'The Millennium Bell' 7/10 and lists in in the best records of 1999.

    Mike was on CNN WorldBeat on Dec 26. The pictures inspired Hans Claesson with a manipulation.

    Mike said on Spanish radio Cadena 100 on 24 Nov that he's working on a new album far from the Tubular Bells concept.

    Mike was on the Steve Wright show on 22 Dec on BBC Radio 2 in UK. You can read the transcript of the interview.

    Mike was on the UK show 'London Tonight' on 15 Dec, where he played an acoustic version of 'In Dulci Jubilo' and 'Silent Night'.

    WEA published an A4 advertisment in El País (Spain's larger newspaper) featuring 'The Millennium Bell'.

    Mike said on the Spanish TV channel TV3 ('La cosa nostra') that he'll be back to Barcelona in July for the forthcoming European tour.

    'The Millennium Bell' is advertised in several Spanish newspapers. Scan of the ad.

    Mike has found a new love with a 22-year old Belgian student named Fanny Vandekerckhove. They met for the first time in Ibiza 4 years ago.

    Here is a picture of the French promotional blurb for 'The Millennium Bell'

    According to the French magazine 'Home Ciné DVD' (issue 18, Nov 1999), the 'Tubular Bells II' and 'Tubular Bells III' DVD is one of the best DVD sales (all categories) in Netherlands.

    The UK show 'Later with Jools Holland' featuring Mike Oldfield has been re-broadcasted on BBC-2 on Sep 18.
    Mike was on the show on Oct 30. He answered an interview and played the 'Tubular Bells' theme on the bells, 'Serpent Dream', 'Secrets', plus 'Far Above The Clouds' (it seems that the music has been remixed on the Sep 18 show).

    "Noel Gallagher, founding member of the group 'Oasis' has "enough" from Great Britain and bought a new villa on the sunny island Ibiza. The price of what was the house of Mike Oldfield was 5,6 Million Marks (about 1.8 Million Pounds). The musician will live there for at least 6 months a year."

    A new DVD containing the 'Tubular Bells II' and 'Tubular Bells III' concerts has been released (scans of cover ) for 59.000 Lit.

    'Sentinel' is called 'Sentimental' on the DVD! Check out the scans.

    The Polish radio Trójka broadcasted an ad for the concert in Poland (MP3 - 300K). 'Tubular Bells' is used as background music.

    During the press conference after the concert in Barcelona (17,500 people), Mike said that the Millennium concert will be recorded and released on CD.

    During the 'Far Above The Clouds' encore at the Hamburg concert (June 25), three female dancers came onto stage and performed a very improvised dance. Adrian Thomas commented when he was asked who they were: "I don't know, and I don't wanna know!". Pictures.

    Mike appeared on VH-1 UK 'Talking Music' on 25 June 1999 during about 7 minutes. There were some musical excerpts. Mike confirmed that the drums on 'Guitars' are played on guitar through a MIDI convertor box.

    The single 'Secrets/Far Above The Clouds' was released on 12th April. You can read the press release. And here is the tracklisting:
    1. Timewriter's Radio Mix
    2. Jam & Spoon Mix
    3. Album Version
    1. Jam & Spoon "Deep Inside The Club" Mix
    2. Timewriter's "Big Bag Of Secrets" Mix
    3. Jam & Spoon "Far Below The Bass" Mix
    Side A. Jam & Spoon Mix
    Side B. Timewriter's "Big Bag Of Secrets" Mix

    You can buy 'Far Above The Clouds' at CD NOW or at Amazon.com.

    Mike Oldfield was on German TV on Dec 10, 1999. He received the 'Die Goldene Europa' award on Nov 22 in Saarbrücken (he already got it in 1987 with 'Islands').

    There was a launch party at the Waterside Inn on 6 August for the release of 'Tubular Bells III'. It was attended by everyone connected with the production of the album, managers, press, etc.
    A special edition of 'Tubular Bells III' was pressed for the event. It comes in a cardboard sleeve with Waterside Inn 6-8-98 printed on the sleeve beneath the bell logo.

    Surf more...  e-mail your links

    Mike Oldfield: UK Top 10 hits

    Paid Notice: Deaths MURRAY, WILLIAM

    Beyond Borders review mentionning the influence The Killing Fields has on James Horner

    Art In Heaven DVD review at digitallyOBSESSED! [Nov 14, 2003]

    Home Entertainment The Guardian article [Aug 2, 2002]

    Tubular Bells Producer/Engineer Opens DSD Mastering Studio

    100 best CDs for Spanish people
    #4: Tubular Bells, #55: Crises, #96: The Songs Of Distant Earth

    Duo Sonare interview at Mike Oldfield: Russian Page

    Tubular Bells II & III DVD review

    According to a BBC article, "Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield on 7"" is the first record bougth by Mark Morriss of The Bluetones.

    Tubular Bells is on Stuart Maconie's critical list, BBC 2 "Radio 2's essential guide to the albums every home should have". [Dec 15]

    One of the Virgin Atlantic Boeings 747 is called Tubular Belle

    The great escapist. Interview w/photo about 'Music VR' and 'Tubular Bells' in The Times [Apr 02]

    David Bedford premiere AAM, Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford [Mar 25] Article in The Observer. Mike is mentionned.

    'The Exorcist' website, with the famous theme in the background

    Killing Fields article at Radio Times

    Carrie Melbourne's interview at Go4London

    Watch Moonlight Shadow video at Launch.com

    Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells is mentionned in a BBC News article called 'Branson: the flamboyant tycoon' [22 Aug 00]

    Notes about the quadraphonics mixes of Boxed.

    Filmography at IMDb

    List of videos and TV appearances.

    musiclink allows MP3 fans to voluntarily tip artists, including MO, for their work.

    MO and Luar Na Lubre are mentionned in a CNN article called 'Bagpipes resonate through rugged coastline of... Spain' [5 Nov 99]

    Ring Out The Old... is an article from Record Collector about the remasters.
    Transcribed by ProMO.

    Photo in a BBC News article about the "merging of talents" of EMI and Warner artists.

    Eric Wenger's 'Possible Places' are a "visual and sonic voyage through imaginary worlds", a sort of non-interactive Sonic VR.

    Biography w/photos in the sports Spanish newspaper MARCA

    TB briefly mentionned in a The Orb interview on radio program 'Echoes' in 1992 (RealAudio)

    TMB interview at Amazon.de

    Incantations Review at Music Street Journal

    TMB review called 'Oldfield's bell-lennium sounds' at CANOE.

    Article about Pepsi and photos of the TBIII concerts on a page about Pepsi in a Wham! web site.

    TMB interview w/photos at terra.es

    RealVideo movie briefly featuring Mike Oldfield on CNN WorldBeat

    Wired articles about Art In Heaven
    Light Show Stirs Dark Memories
    [Dec 14]
    German Light Show Shall Go On
    [Dec 20]

    Interview and photos w/Fanny in SOUND STUDIO about MB and the concert [30 Nov 99]

    EL MUNDO has articles about the concert in Madrid last summer, Guitars, the concerts in Spain last summer, Richard Branson, and TMB.

    Hans Claesson has a translation and scans of an article published in the Swedish 'Aftonbladet' newspaper [28 Jul 99].

    Massive Attack mentions Mike Oldfield in an interview called Massive Agressive.

    Minor planet 5656 has been named in honor of Mike Oldfield.

    More Coverage

    The Bell in the movie Saved, during an exorcism.
    Reference to Mike in Sonerien Du's Puzzle 2 / Amours, Musiques et Vins: "Transmutations ludiques sur le thème précédemment développé, un peu à la manière de Mikael Prat-Coz !" (Prat = Champ, Coz = vieux)
    Sentinel during the men's diving at the Olympics.
    Sample of Tubular Bells in Diam's Brut de femme album, track 'Où je vais?'
    Moonlight Shadow cover by X-Perience. MP3.

    Moonlight Shadow cover by 12 years old Canadian singer Aselin Debison (sample). CD & DVD at Amazon.com.
    Paul Oakenfold has used the Tubular Bells intro on his album "Bunkka" (released in June 2002), track 09 "Get'em up", with vocals by Ice-Cube.
    The Austrian band 'Code 7' has a cover version of Moonlight Shadow.
    Excerpts from Tubular Bells and Ommadawn are used in the DVD 'Hero - The Bobby Moore story'.
    The band 'Novaspace' has a cover version of To France broadcasted on German TV channel Viva.
    The band '1000 Years' covers Moonlight Shadow in the compilation 'Crazy Mix 2002'.
    Groove Coverage has a new dance cover version of Moonlight Shadow in their album Urban, with a video clip that was broadcasted on German TV channel Viva.
    This Morning on ITV [June 08]

    Full page about Changeling focussing on an old photograph of Mike's mother that inspired him to write his memoirs / The Daily Mail WEEKEND magazine [June 02]
    Midweek on BBC Radio 4 [May 30]

    Tubular Bells / 'Tout le monde veut prendre sa place' game on France 2TV channel [May 30]
    Tubular Bells / 'Incroyable talent' on M6 TV channel [Dec 08]
    Broad Sunlit Uplands / During a circus act on 'Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde' on France 2 TV channel [Nov 04]
    Tubular Bells / "These notes changed the life of Richard Branson". The success story of Richard Branson on 'Capital' on M6 TV channel [Jul 23]
    Tubular Bells / Richard Branson talks about Mike and Tubular Bells on 'Tout Le Monde En Parle' on France2 TV channel [Feb 19]
    No Mans Land / during the show 'Incroyable mais vrai' on TF1 TV channel [Jul 04]
    Introduction / during the show 'La première compagnie' on TF1 TV channel [May 21]
    In the Beginning / news segment on Stonehenge on BBC News [Feb 17]
    Tubular Bells was discussed on 'Today', a morning news program [Jan 06]
    'Generation Hit' on M6 TV channel, top 10 singles in Aug 1983, report about Mike Oldfield mentions Tubular Bells, Moonlight Shadow, and Tubular Bells 2003 [Aug 25]
    Tubular Bells / 'Telematin' on France 2 TV Channel [Jul 25]
    2 hour Re-Mix Tubular Bells-Special broadcasted by The "Stadtradio Göttingen" (supported by tubular-world.com and oldfield.de) [Jul 6]

    David Cole interview at LBC on [May 29]

    Interview on'The Album Chart Show' on BBC Radio 2 [May 26]
    Mike Oldfield week-end on M80 radio [May 24-25]
    Chat with Mike on Los40 radio. English translation [May 22]

    Johnnie Walker on BBC Radio 2 [May 19]. Webchat screenshots

    Mike Oldfield special on HR3 [May 15]

    Mike Oldfield special on Radio 21 [May 15]
    Mike Oldfield special on Bayern 2 on [May 11]
    Tubular Bells / 'Fan De' on M6 TV channel, about Billy Crawford in the forthcoming Exorcist movie [Apr 05]

    Special Mike Oldfield / M-80 radio [Mar 15]

    Embers / 'Uno Mattina' on RAI UNO TV channel, about Médecins Sans Frontières [feb 14]

    Moonlight Shadow / '80 à l'heure' on M6 TV channel, question about the actress Romy Schneider [Jan 21]

    Report about the year 1983 and Mike Oldfield / '80 à l'heure' on M6 TV channel
    [Jan 20]

    Tubular Bells / '80 à l'heure' on M6 TV channel, about the movie 'Tatie Danielle' [Jan 09]

    Footage from Let There Be Light / channel promo for Odyssey, a cable channel on Optus, Australia [Jan 06]

    Far Above The Clouds / 'On a tout essayé' on France 2, parody by Maureen Dor and Arnaud Gidoin [Nov 25]

    "The immortal theme from Mike Oldfield" is one of the top 5 reasons to watch The Exorcist Director Cut on Canal+ (program '5 bonnes raison...') [Nov]

    Musical Express on Canal Nostalgia [Nov 10 13:55]
    (Gracias, Angel L. Valero)

    Sentinel / 'Tout le sport' on France 3, about the 'Route du Rhum' transatlantic race [Nov 9 20:19]

    Tubular Bells / 'Combien ça coûte ?' on TF1 [Nov 6]

    Tubular Bells / 'Attention à la marche !' ( Special Halloween ) TF1- question about 'The Exorcist' [Nov 1]

    Sirius / Car magazine 'De 6de Versnelling' on SBS 6 Dutch TV channel [Oct 27]

    Sentinel / Travel program 'Sigurds Verden' on Norwegian TV channel TVNorge [Sep 28]

    Incantations Part 1 / 'Les refrains de la mémoire1982' on France 5 TV channel, about in vitro babies [Sep 15/Sep 20]

    1/2 hour special program with interview about Tres Lunas and Music VR on Sol Musica [Sep 04]

    Article and Tres Lunas review in Q magazine [Aug]

    Interview on BBC radio 2 with Richard Allinson [Aug 15]

    London Wembley Conference Centre 1979 concert on BBC Radio 6 Dream Ticket [Aug 14]

    Sentinel and Moonshine / German documentary about John Irving, on Norwegian TV channel NRK1 [Aug 12]

    Interview on BBC London radio on Lisa I'Anson show, about the re-recording of Tubular Bells, Ibiza, Tres Lunas and MVR [Aug 08]

    In The Sun, showbiz section: "Mike Oldfield's 1973 album is a big seller again thanks to the main theme being used as a soundtrack to the TV advert for VW cars, and it was also used as the theme for The Exorcist". [Jul 22]

    Evacuation / during 'Studio Aperto' on Italia1 TV channel, about a murder, and genetic modifications [Jul 22, 18:40]

    Preview of 3 tracks from Tres Lunas on BBC radio, with an announcement of the release dated for album and single [Jul 21]

    Special "Mike Oldfield" / about Tres Lunas, MVR on Portuguese music channel 'Sol música'. Interview and 3 clips: Pacha Mama, Man In the Rain, and Only Time Will Tell [Jul 21]

    Tubular Bells opening theme / during 'Un gars, une fille', sitcom on France 2 TV channel [Jul 05]

    Mike on La 2 TV channel / Music VR promotion, 'To Be Free' video, some images of Mike in 'La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias' and in his house in UK. [May 30]

    Mike on Cadena 100 radio / Tr3s Lunas launch [May 28-30]

    Mike's short interview about The Killing Fields / documentary about soundtracks on Canal+ [Feb 09]

    Tubular Bells opening / Les Guignols, Canal +, The Exorcist parody [May 13]

    Tubular Bells opening / Volkswagen ad on UK TV for their new Golf diesel [Mar]

    Mike's short interview about The Killing Fields / documentary about soundtracks on Canal+ [Feb 09]

    Cuckoo Song / Les Maternelles, France 5 program about kids. [Feb 02]

    Opening of Tubular Bells / Combien ça coute, TF1 program, about mystical items. [Jan 23]

    The Song of the Sun / Linea Bianca, Rai Uno program about mountain and nature. [Jan 26]

    Dutch station Radio 2 organized a poll for their Top 2000 and broadcasted the songs from 26 Dec to 31 Dec.
    139 Moonlight Shadow
    211 Tubular Bells
    1060 To France
    1133 In Dulci Jubilo. [Dec 2001]

    Moonlight Shadow came 279th in a poll of 'The 600 Best Songs of All Time', voted by listeners of the Perth radio station MIX 94.5. [Jan 03]

    Extracts from Tubular Bells II / astrology program on 'Tempo' TV channel at 21:00 [Jan 02]

    Extract of Hostage / France 2 TV channel, during the weather report [Dec 12]
    (Merci, Laurent Mautre)

    Section of Tubular Bells / ABC (AM702) radio in Sydney, in a send up of an 'Air Guitar' (mime) competition [Dec 06]

    Mastermind / 'El Informal' on TV5 [Nov 07]

    Fragments from The Lake / kids show 'REA' on SVT1 [Nov 07]

    Tubular X / Short video about Dinio on program 'Sabor a tí' on Antena 3 TV channel [Nov 02]

    Few notes of From The Ashes / 'Vildmark' on SCDT1, about a recreation area in the county of Dalarna on the border to Norway [Oct 20]

    Excerpt of Incantations Part 4 / 'Today Tonight' TV program on Channel 7 (Perth) [Sep 26]

    Extract of Muse / 'Big Brother' on Canale 5 [Sep 27]

    The national heart foundation has launched a TV program detailing healthy meals, one of which was introduced to the tune of Tubular Bells and was aptly named Tubular Pork Stir Fry. [Sep 26]

    2min of Tubular Bells / 'Nada Personal' program on Tele 5, about a bullfighter's car accident [Sep 25]

    Review of 'The Millennium Bell' DVD in Record Collector magazine: "technically perfect concert", "fan-only" release.

    Small report about Ibiza on RTL1, with some images of Mike sleeping near the pool overlooking the sea. [Aug 27]

    Tubular Bells intro / 2 times in 'Scary Movie II'

    Let There Be Light / report about aircrafts on 'American Sports' TV program [Aug 05]

    The nocturnal radio program 'Hablar por hablar' ('Talk for the sake of talking'), on Cadena SER, uses New Age, Celtic, Relax type music, like Enya or Mike Oldfield Wild Goose Flaps its Wings . The program helps people who have problems in their life to talk about it.
    [Jul 07]
    Serpent Dream / program 'En otras palabras' (In other words) on Canal 24 Horas [Jul 07]

    Serpent Dream / program 'En otras palabras' (In other words) on Canal 24 Horas [Jul 07]

    Serpent Dream / program 'En otras palabras' (In other words) on Canal 24 Horas [Jul 07]

    50min of The Millennium Bell concert on Czech TV [Jun 24]

    1:35 of Tubular Bells by the band of 'El Club de la Comedia' Tele 5 program [Jun 17]

    Mike Oldfield mentionned during 30sec in 'Souviens-toi du futur' on Histoire [Jun 17]

    15 sec of Wonderful Land / TG2 (RaiDue's evening news), about soccer [Jun 14]

    In Dulci Jubilo and Sailor's Hornpipe (mobile phone melody), "El Informal" on Tele 5 [Jun 11]

    Intro of Tubular Bells / 'El Informal' #666, parody of 'The Exorcist' [May 31]

    Michael Oldfield was mentionned in the Richard Branson's biography on A&E. An imitation of the TB opening theme and a photo of Mike and Richard were used. [May 30]

    The Colombian 'Carouselambra' show mentionned Mike, his birthday, Tubular Bells and Tubular Bells II [May 15]

    The Bell remix / furniture spot on 90.7 FM - Onda Cero [May 04]

    Extract from Tubular Bells / Sabor a tí (Antena 3) [May 02]

    The Top Of The Morning / ad for A+E on ITV TV channel [May 01]

    Tubular Bells remix / ad for The Exorcist on Italia1 TV channel [Apr 30]

    The Wind Chimes / 'Otros Pueblos Milenio' on La 2 TV channel (about tribal towns in Africa) [Apr 22]

    Tubular Bells III live / RAISAT [Apr 17 16:00]

    Moonlight Shadow /Gran Hermano on Tele5, review about the puppy [Apr 15]

    'Tubular Bells' is the riff of the month in Total Guitar magazine

    Man in the Rain, in FERCO (Feria del Comercio de Alcázar de San Juan) [Mar 31]

    2min of Moonlight Shadow / Tele 5 program Gran Hermano ('Big Brother') [Mar 28]

    Big band version of To France / 'Lo + plus' on Canal+ [Mar 27]

    (Poor) piano and guitar version of Tubular Bells / Parody of 'The Exorcist' on 'The Informal 'on Tele 5 [Mar 27]

    1min of Only Time Will Tell & first 15sec of Gimme Back / news about the destruction of MIR space station on TG2 [Mar 19 8:56pm]

    Intro of Tubular Bells / 'The Exorcist' director William Friedkin mentions Tubular Bells, on 'Journal du cinéma' on Canal Plus [Mar 14]

    Let There Be Light / Report about MIR on TV1 [Mar 12]

    Intro of Tubular Bells / ads for 'The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen Before' on pay per view TV [Mar 09]

    Intro of Tubular Bells / commercials for The Exorcist on Triple M radio station in Adelaide [Mar 09]

    Intro of Tubular Bells / announcement of the new radio show for kids "Modern monsters in a city enviornoment" on Swedish State Radio (Sverige Radio) P3 [Feb 26 3:33pm]

    Jewel in the Crown / "Carnavales de Ciudad Real" (TV La Mancha) [Feb 25]

    Mountain Lake / news story from Canale 5's midnight news [Feb 21]

    Lot of MO's music / Radio Fiksz in Budapest [Feb 19]

    Secrets & Far Above The Clouds / 'The Nighthouse Program', Sydney radio station 2MBS FM [Feb 15]

    Excerpt from The Top Of the Morning / everyday on Televisión Ciudad Real [Feb 14]

    Extracts from Guitars / 2nd channel HTV in Croatia, about sailing [Feb 07]

    Extracts from from Tubular Bells III / 'No solo música' on Tele 5 [Feb 01]

    'Stop' from Amarok (10sec) / ad for Kinder chocolate snacks [Jan 29]

    Extract of Magellan / ad for Université Laval at RDS during the Super Bowl [Jan 28]

    Extract of Tubular Bells Part 1 played by the band of the show 'El Club de la Comedia' on Canal+ [Jan 22]

    Secrets and Voyager / jam-e-jam, on Iranian space channel [Jan 11]

    Short extract of Jewel In the Crown / followed by Alan Parson's Project's Mammagamma, on TG2, about the lunar eclipse [Jan 08]

    On 'Expresso newspaper', the leading weekly newspaper in Portugal, interview with Arthur C. Clark where he mentions his friends from around the world: Ted Tuner, James Cameron and Mike Oldfield. [Jan 06]

    Extract of The Songs Of Distant Earth / program about Arthur C. Clarke at 18:15 on La Cinquième. French translation of the lyrics from In The Beginning. Arthur C. Clarke wants to listen to the CD in his car, but it doesn't work and he thinks the electronics is rebelling (in fact , track 1 is a CD-ROM track...) [Dec 31]

    Extract of The Dodge's Palace / program on TVE recapitulating the year 2000 [Dec 25]

    Extract of Tubular Bells Part 1 / final day of 'El Bus' on Antena 3 [Dec 23]

    The Inner Child / 'Frontiere' on RAI, about the Ferrari drivers from 1940 up to now [Dec 22]

    Extract of Tubular Bells / Mírame, during news reporters' review, on Antena 3 [Dec 16]

    Extract of Tubular Bells / El Informal on T5 [Dec 15]

    Last Sondela climax from Amarok / 'Big Brother's Diary - The Last Month' [Dec 14]

    Excerpt from Lake Constance / 'Big Brother' last episode on Kanal 5 TV channel [Dec 14]

    Extract of The Sunkest Forest / 'Galileo' TV program, about underwater caves [Dec 13]

    Excerpt from Evacuation / 'Tomorrow's World' programme, on BBC1, about illegal immigration on the Hong Kong border [Nov 23]

    Extract of Tubular Bells / 'Sabor a tí', during and before a review of 'El Bus' on Antena 3 [Nov 23]

    Tubular X / 'Joy Of X', documentary about Chris Carter, on BBC2 [Nov 12]

    Extract of Tubular Bells / 'Les 7 péches capitaux', documentary about exorcism, on TF1 [Nov 10]

    Extract of Tubular Bells Part 1 / at the end of the Magazine 'Mírame', on Antena 3 [Nov 04]

    Extract of Hibernaculum / documentary about Christ's Sindon [Nov 02]

    Extract of Family Man / 'Ahora', on Antena 3 [Oct 30]

    Extract of Only Time Will Tell / ad for 'Compañeros' series, on Antena 3 [Oct 30]

    Extract of Tubular Bells / Minute Internet on M6, Halloween special [Oct 30]

    Extract of Broad Sunlit Uplands / Promo for the new ITV documentary 'Britain At War In Colour' [Oct 28]

    Extract of Moonlight Shadow / Fast Show, 'Wade, Eco-warrior!' sketch, broadcasted on Comedie [Oct 28]

    Hibernaculum video / BZH DJ on TV Breizh, Soldat Louis'singer chose this video among his 7 choices [Oct 25]

    1min of Tubular Bells / El Informal on T5, report about a soccer coach [Oct 24]

    Four Winds / report about the river Ebro on Visió3 [Oct 24]

    Excerpt of Tubular Bells / La Columna on TV3, about The Exorcist [Oct 20]

    Moonlight Shadow / Corazón de Otoño on TVE1, program about Queen of England [Oct 17]

    Tubular Bells / ads for The Exorcist on TV [Oct 17]

    Excerpt of Tubular Bells III / afternoon program 'Amici miei' on TSI [Oct 10]

    Re-made version of Fly Rose / ad for Ford Focus [Oct 07]

    Ending of The Wind Chimes part 2 / Grande Fratello ('Big Brother') [Oct 05]

    Section of the Shadow On The Wall video / ABC quiz show Flashback, question about Mike Oldfield and Richard Branson called Not The Bells ('Which entrepreneur donated free studio time for MO to record TB?') [Oct 05 18:20]

    Excerpt of Crises / programs announcements on Bayerischer Rundfunk TV [Oct 03]

    Amarok (Africa 3 Finale) / Victory of Perpignan over Beziers at rugby on Canal+ [Oct 01]

    Incantations (Hymn to Diana) / Retirement of the Austalian walker at the Olympics on France 3 [Sep 29]

    The Bell / Olympics on NBC [Sep 29]

    Let There Be Light video / Internet Cafe (shown as an example of computer graphics) [Sep 29]

    Amarok excerpt / promo for new drama 'Tough Love' on ITV music [Sep 24]

    Short excerpts of To France & The Wind Chimes / Grande Fratello ('Big Brother') [Sep 22]

    Loop remix of Oceania / Astrologicheskiy Prognoz (horoscope advisory) [Sep 22]

    Excerpt of Tubular Bells / 21 Cabinet (Russian show about health) [Sep 18]

    Pacha Mama / triathlon at the Olympics on NBC [Sep 17]

    Tubular Bells excerpt + short interview / BBC Radio 4 program about paleontology and the original rock music [Sep 12]

    Etude / El Informal on TV5 [Sep 11]

    30 sec of Lake Constance / finale of Miss Italia [Sep 11]

    End of Far Above The Clouds / Planeta Zemlya ('Planet Earth' in Russian) [Sep 11]

    15 min of Ommadawn / Nostalgia channel (Via Digital) documentaary [Sep 11]

    Beginning of The Source Of Secrets / Telediario 1 on TVE, report about the Universe. [Sep 11]

    Top Of The Morning / Corazón de Verano on TV1 [Sep 09]

    Outcast / REN-TV [Sep 08]

    Beginning of Outcast / ORT, during the preview of a forthcoming soccer match [Sep 05]

    In Dulci Jubilo / Emision Imposible on Tele 5 [Jul 19, Aug 29, Sep 05]

    Several excerpts from The Songs Of Distant Earth / TV Podlipki [Sep 03]

    Beginning of The Bell / Yugoslavian TV during a commercial encouraging people to go voting [Sep 02]

    Embers / Corazón de Verano on TV1 [Aug 31]

    Beginning of Ommadawn Part 2 / SuperQuark, a program about science. It was a short clip concerning the risk of injuries (falling, knocking their head, etc.) that kids may incur into when reaching for objects put in high places... [Aug 26]

    Cochise / Emisión Imposible on Tele 5 [Aug 12]

    Opening of Hergest Ridge / The Essential Guide To Rocks on BBC Knowledge [Aug 01 20:51]

    Excerpts of The Songs Of Distant Earth / report about volcanos on Kabel 1 [Jul 30]

    Tatoo / report about ships on La 2 [Jul 30]

    Let There Be Light / TG1 news on RAI, sreoy about a comet [Jul 24]

    Amarok (49:26, just before the organ part ends) / ad for 'Big Brother' [Jul 19]

    Tubular Bells II / ABC TV in a Four Corners report . The documentary was called 'Hitting Material' and was about the violence gay people face in country towns in Australia. [Jul 17]

    Tubular Bells / story about Richard Branson and Virgin Blue on 'Foreign Correspondent' on ABC TV. Virgin Blue is Richard Branson's new Domestic Flights venture in Australia. [Jun 27]

    Portsmouth / El Informal [Jun 11]

    Extract of Wild Goose Flaps Its Wing / documentary about Kosovo on TVP1 [Jun 09]

    1:30 of Tubular Bells / Bolibompa (story about 2 stone trolls: Boli & Bompa) [Jun 08]

    Extracts from Tubular Bells / program about exorcism on antena 3 [Jun 08]

    Tatoo / children's show to accompany a short film of an English sheepdog playing on a lawn on DR-TV [Jun 06]

    5min of Tubular Bells II / Australian '60 minutes'-like TV documentary 'Four Corners'. It was about Internet domain names. [Jun 05]

    Samples from The Wind Chimes Part 2 / 'Vokroog Sveta' ('Around the World', it's about nature) [Jun 09]

    Mastermind / ad for Gran Hermano (Big Brother) on Tele 5 [Jun 08]

    Women Of Ireland / TV spot (RA sample) for the Peroni beer

    Climax 1 from Amarok / trailer for Bad Girls on ITV

    Interview on the French radio France Inter during the 1 hour show Playlist. [Dec 08, 1999]

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