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The Songs of Distant Earth

Released: November 14, 1994

Recorded: Roughwood Croft

The Songs of Distant Earth cover

0. CD ROM Track
1. In The Beginning 1:24
2. Let There Be Light 4:52
3. Supernova 3:29
4. Magellan 4:41
5. First Landing 1:16
6. Oceania 3:27
7. Only Time Will Tell 4:19
8. Prayer For The Earth 2:10
9. Lament For Atlantis 2:44
10. The Chamber 1:49
11. Hibernaculum 3:32
12. Tubular World 3:23
13. The Shining Ones 2:59
14. Crystal Clear 5:42
15. The Sunken Forest 2:39
16. Ascension 5:48
17. A New Beginning 1:33

All tracks Written, Produced and Engineered by Mike Oldfield

Assistant Engineers: Gregg Jackman, Steve MacMillan, Tom Newman

Technical Engineer: Richard Barrie

Additional Programming: Eric Cadieux

Additional Rhytmn Loops: Mark Rutherford, Sugar 'J'

Other Artists:
Pandit Dinesh - Tablas
Molly Oldfield - Keyboards

Vocalists: Cori Josias, Ellla Harper, David Nickless, Roame, Members Of 'Veulam Consort', The Tallis Scholars

Extracts from:
Bill Anders quoting from The Book Of Genesis aboard Apollo 8, whilst orbiting the Moon, christmas 1968, with fellow astronauts James Lovell and Frank Borman.
Saami chant - (Ofelas-theme) composed and performed by Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa, for Ofelas (Pathfinder) Film.
Mike Joseph - Self hypnosis tape
Vahine Taihara - Tubuai Choir

Special thanks to Rosa Suarez, Clive Banks, Moira Bellas and Jeremy Parker


Gregg Jackman (assistant engineer)

Also appears in: Voyager

Steve MacMillan (assistant engineer)

Also appears in: Tubular Bells II, Man on the Rocks

Tom Newman (assistant engineer)

Also appears in: Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge, Platinum, Five Miles Out, Islands, Amarok, Heaven's Open, Tubular Bells II, Voyager

Richard Barrie (technical engineer)

Also appears in: QE2, Five Miles Out, Islands, Earth Moving, Amarok, Heaven's Open, Tubular Bells II, Voyager

The Verulam Consort (ensemble)

Roame (musician)

Sugar J (musician)

One of the aliases of producer John Gosling.

Tallis Scholars (musician)

Pandit Dinesh (musician)

Ella Harper (musician)

Cori Josias (musician)

Molly Oldfield (musician)

Mike's oldest daughter.

It's rumoured that Molly's contribution was pressing a key to trigger one of the astronaut samples!

Mark Rutherford (musician)

Eric Cadieux (synth programmer)

Worked with Trevor Horn in 1991 on Marc Almond's album 'Jacky'. It would seem that Horn drafted in Eric Cadieux to work on Tubular Bells II. Has also worked with Joe Satriani, on his album 'Engines of Creation'. Cadieux is credited for digital sound processing, with the digital sound processor getting a namecheck in 'The Bell'. Of course, a digital sound processor can be anything that processes sound digitally...in addition, most processors don't make sounds of their own. What Mike seems to use is a little synthesiser arpeggio which represents the digital sound processor instead.

Also appears in: Tubular Bells II


Electric guitars
1961 Fender Stratocaster, fiesta red Mike once said in an interview (The Raft) that this was his favourite guitar and that he'd never sell it. However, he finally decided to part company with it in December 2007 and sold it through Chandler guitars, fetching £30,000.
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
PRS Signature A particularly high grade, limited edition, version of the Custom 24. In Vintage Yellow.
Photo Photo Photo
Guitar effects
Roland GP-8 Guitar effects processor used for Mike's trademark 90s distorted guitar sound. Sold via ebay in December 2007.
E-Mu Proteus Digital sample playback sound module.
Ensoniq SD-1 [?]
Korg M1 The biggest selling digital keyboard of all time, the Korg M1 was used by many artists after its release in 1988. Mike used this as the master keyboard for his sequencing setup.
Roland D-50 Linear Algorhythmic synthesiser keyboard. [?]
Roland D-550 Linear Algorhythmic Synthesis module. [?]
Roland JD-990 Rackmountable module version of the JD-800, with slightly enhanced synthesis engine, but missing its numerous sliders! Mike used two of these on the album (as seen in the 1994 VH1 interview).
Akai S-1100 Mike owned both an 8MB and a 32MB version. Mike used two of these for playing back the many samples used on the album (as seen in the 1994 VH1 interview).
Coastal Acoustics Boxer T4
Meyer HD-1 Nearfield monitors.
Yamaha NS10 Nearfield monitors.
Studio effects and outboard
Manor Module (mic preamp, EQ, compressor) Taken from the original Audio Developments mixer which was used to record Tubular Bells. Used for Mike's distinctive clean guitar sound.
Eventide DSP-4000 High end digital effects unit, part of Eventide's successful Harmonizer series.
Lexicon 480L [?] Mike mentions a Lexion reverb in the 1995 Sound on Sound interview and is probably referring to this one.
TC Electronic M-5000
Tape recorders
Sony PCM-3348 48 track digital multitrack tape recorder, recording to Ampex 467 1/2" oxide tape.
Mixing desks
AMS Neve Capricorn 33238 Digital mixing desk.
Apple Macintosh Quadra 850 Running EMagic Logic Audio and Digidesign Pro Tools, connected to a 'two page' (usually used to describe a 21" CRT) monitor. It had four sets of Pro Tools hardware, to allow it to handle 16 tracks of audio. As mentioned in Sound on Sound, February 1995.



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