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Heaven's Open

Released: February 18, 1991

Recorded: Roughwood Croft

Heaven's Open cover

1. Make Make 4:16
2. No Dream 6:02
3. Mr. Shame 4:22
4. Gimme Back 4:09
5. Heaven's Open 4:28
6. Music From The Balcony 19:44

"The Band" were:
Simon Phillips, Drums
Dave Levy, Bass
Mickey Simmonds, Hammond, Piano
Michael Oldfield, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Andy Longhurst, Additional Keyboards
Courtney Pine, Saxophones, Bass Clarinet

The "Sassy Choir" were:
Vicki St James, Sylvia Mason-James, Dolly James, Debi Doss, Shirlie Roden, Valerie Etienne
Additional vocal Harmonies by: Anita Hegerland, Nikki 'B' Bentley, Tom Newman

Boffinry: Richard Barrie
Thanks also to: Helena Shenel, Jeremy Parker

"The Digits":
Atari, C-Lab, Fairlight, Akai S 1100, EMU Proteus, Roland D 50, D 550, Korg M1, Steinberg 'Topaz'

"The Mixer": Harrison series X, "The Recorder": Sony 3348, "The Microphone": B & T K

Produced and Engineered by: Thom Newman
Mixed by: Michael Oldfield assisted by Thom Newman
All tracks written and sung by Michael Oldfield


With Heaven's Open, Mike chose to put himself right in the foreground as lead singer. It wasn't his first time singing on record - On Horseback had been the first time on one of his solo records, and he'd sung with Sallyangie before that - but in singing every song on the album, his voice went from taking a bit part to being firmly centre stage. Mike enlisted the help of vocal coach Helena Shenel to get help improve his singing.


Tom Newman (producer, engineer, musician)

Also appears in: Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge, Platinum, Five Miles Out, Islands, Amarok, Tubular Bells II, The Songs of Distant Earth, Voyager

Richard Barrie (technical engineer)

Also appears in: QE2, Five Miles Out, Islands, Earth Moving, Amarok, Tubular Bells II, The Songs of Distant Earth, Voyager

Nikki 'B' Bentley (musician)

Now better known by her real name of Nikki Lamborn, half of the rock duo 'Never the Bride'.

Also appears in: Earth Moving

Debi Doss (musician)

Valerie Etienne (musician)

Anita Hegerland (musician)

Norwegian singer, who became Mike's girlfriend and mother of two of his children, Greta and Noah. She had her first hit single at the age of 9 and, alongside her success in Scandinavia, was known in West Germany for her song with Roy Black, 'Schön ist es auf die Welt zu sein'.

Also appears in: Islands, Earth Moving

Dolly James (musician)

Dave Levy (musician)

Andy Longhurst (musician)

Sylvia Mason-James (musician)

Simon Phillips (musician)

A drummer who started off playing in his father's dixieland band at the age of 12, before going on to work with rock legends like Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend and Gary Moore, as well as being the current drummer for Toto. He met Mike in New York at Tony Roma's Ribs, while on tour with Al DiMeola.

Also appears in: Crises, Discovery, Islands

Courtney Pine (musician)

Shirlie Roden (musician)

Mickey Simmonds (musician)

Also appears in: Islands

Vicki St James (musician)


1970 Hammond L.122 Organ [?] As it's not listed in the sleeve notes, it may equally have been Mickey Simmonds's own Hammond organ used on the album.
E-Mu Proteus Digital sample playback sound module.
Fairlight CMI Series III A further improvement of the CMI system, incorporating 16 bit sampling.
Korg M1 The biggest selling digital keyboard of all time, the Korg M1 was used by many artists after its release in 1988.
Roland D-50 Linear Algorhythmic synthesiser keyboard.
Roland D-550 Linear Algorhythmic Synthesis module.
Akai S-1100 Mike owned both an 8MB and a 32MB version.
Fairlight CMI Series III A further improvement of the CMI system, incorporating 16 bit sampling.
Bruel & Kjaer 4006 Small diaphragm omnidirectional condenser microphone.
Bruel & Kjaer 4011 Small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone.
Bruel & Kjaer 4040 Large diaphragm omnidirectional condenser microphone. Serial Number 001.
Tape recorders
Sony PCM-3348 48 track digital multitrack tape recorder, recording to Ampex 467 1/2" oxide tape.
Mixing desks
Harrison Series X Photo
Atari STacy portable computer Used as part of Mike's late 80s portable sequencing setup, together with the walkman with powered speakers and two Roland MT32 sound modules.
C-Lab Notator Sequencing software for the Atari ST
Hard Disk Recorders
Steinberg Topaz Hard disk recording system.
Computer software
C-Lab Notator Sequencing software for the Atari ST
Steinberg Topaz Hard disk recording system.



Two Sides Sleeve Notes (2012)


  • Make Make
  • No Dream
  • Mr. Shame
  • Gimme Back
  • Heaven's Open


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